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  1. Geslina

    Hating Nursing Currently

    I feel your pain. I've been a nurse for 5 years, and I still have nights where I lock myself in the bathroom and cry. I have never been good under stress, and I find nursing to be the most stressful job I've ever had. It's not so much the general work, or even the constantly being understaffed - it's all the ridiculously redundant charting, which takes up so much time. Add that to the pressure to finish before your shift is up, because your employer doesn't want to pay OT, and it just makes me angry. A lot of time doing charting and other paperwork that could be spent with patients. Seems the state and their love of forcing all this paperwork has sucked all the joy out of nursing.
  2. Geslina

    Verbal orders for narcotics

    The day shift nurse, who had left for the day, called the patient's MD from home and got verbal orders for PRN narcotics for a patient on a sub acute floor. I'm supposing she didn't have time to do this during her shift. This nurse then calls the nursing supervisor and gives her the orders. The supervisor writes them down, and passes them on to the 2nd shift floor nurse who has that patient with the request to write the orders. The orders were for four narcotics, including OxyContin. What would you do? It's not possible at this point to reach the doctor personally.
  3. I work with the elderly, and currently have 3 former nurses in my care, and there have been several in the past. I find that it can go either way, but mostly they are nice...and very understanding of how busy we are!
  4. Geslina

    New nurse. What do I need?

    Sharpies. Highlighters. Hand cream. A little notepad. A good quality tote bag or backpack. Lots and lots and LOTS of pens. You wil find that you spend a lot of time looking for lost pens. I bought those little pocket protector thingees, but find I never use them, I just make sure I buy scrubs with lots of pockets and stuff everything in them. other helpful hints: if you wear it, buy makeup that lasts, you won't have time or want to be bothered with touch ups. If you have long hair, you can wear it up or in a ponytail...otherwise, invest in an easy shorter haircut style. If your hospital doesn't require a uniform, cute scrubs are a plus. It may sound superficial, but I am a firm believer that when you look good, you feel more confident, so I do spend a lot on quality scrubs that are flattering to my figure. And people DO notice - both staff and patients. How you present yourself matters, because that is what people's first impressions of us start with.
  5. I failed the last semester in my program...and I wasn't alone. We started out with almost 200 in our class and just under 60 made it to the end. I was devastated to fail, being so close to the end. But our program was crazy - the last 2 semesters, we only had two tests: a midterm and a final. Imagine the sheer amount of information you had to be confident on, had to remember, for only 2 tests. You had no real chance to fight for your grade. The program's rational for so few tests was that they were "preparing" us for the state board, where we would only have one shot. Which made no sense, because being in school and learning is different than taking the NCLEX. But whatever. I went into the nursing program on the deans list, but graduated, finally, with a C. It was brutal, hardest thing I ever did. I aced the NCLEX, though. It was easy compared to school. if you want to reapply, you just need to go to the school and tell them. I had to wait a year, and do the last semester with the class behind me. Luckily, because of all the students who failed in my class, they increased the number of tests.
  6. Geslina

    Nurse Sues for Lunch Breaks

    Wow. I haven't taken a lunch break in 3 years. I barely take my 15's either, because I like to get out of there at the end of my shift. i tried to get paid for them in the beginning, and was just told that I HAD to take lunch breaks. Puts you in a bind, because they don't like to pay OT where I work either. So, I just eat while I chart, at the end of my shift. It's become routine. Just another wonderful aspect of nursing, haha.
  7. Geslina

    The Opioid Crisis hits LTC

    Sounds like where I work, we will take ANYONE. Even rapists and murderers. No one cares, as long as the beds are full. I've seen patients whose medical hx clearly states problems with addiction, but the MD, no questions asked, will write scripts for whatever they want, and then I'm stuck having to give it to them when they are in "severe pain" q 4 hours. Yeah, sitting in your WC, licking potato chip salt off your fingers while watching TV and talking on the phone, and you need 2 Percocet for severe pain. What can I do about it? I know the patient isn't in severe pain, but we are taught that pain is what the patient says it is....
  8. Geslina

    Surplus of Nurses - should I think twice?

    Haha, have to say I agree. Given a second chance, I'd have chosen another career. It's not that being a nurse is so bad, it's the daily staffing shortages, the constantly growing state documentation requirements, the lack of time to give patients any emotional or spiritual attention - i could go on and on.....I feeling like someone is standing over me at work with a whip, telling me to get it all done, get it all done faster, get it all done better, get it all done with less help, and God help you if you make a mistake....I've had lots of different jobs in my life, many of them stressful, but without a doubt, nursing is the MOST stressful. I swear, nursing will probably take 20 years off my life.
  9. Geslina

    Bullied for reporting a med error by another nurse

    Ha! Our current manager always wants to be the good guy. Someone was just fired, and the next day the nurse called me and told me that management told her she was out of there because I had reported something she did, which is an outright lie. And there is nothing I can do about it. I work for a bunch of backstabbing witches. I'm sick thinking a single mother with kids to support thinks she lost her job because of ME.
  10. Geslina

    Bullied for reporting a med error by another nurse

    I hate finding med errors, because we are legally obligated to report them. I've had to report a few, and I've made a few myself. If it's something I can fix without reporting it, I try to....but if there is nothing you can do about it, you have no choice but to report it.
  11. Geslina

    Ugghhh, another new nurse...

    My supervisor was doing an evaluation on a new nurse, ands the new nurse told her that she looked up to me and hoped to be the kind of nurse I was someday. And beleive me, I'm hardly Super Nurse. I was really touched by it, though, and it made me strive to be better. I think your new nurse could have been sincere.
  12. Geslina

    A Rough Nursing Shift...

    Ahhh, that's me every single night. Sad that almost every problem that makes nursing overwhelming could be solved with just a little extra staff.
  13. Geslina

    Good grief...I came up Positive

    Wait...I'm confused...why with 16 years of sobriety are u even IN a monitoring program?.
  14. Geslina

    Kicked off unit when Joint Commission arrives

    The joint commission coming is serious stuff. Everyone is under enormous pressure, including CNAs. There will be enough to worry about for the facility without having "beginners" around. It's hard enough under survey scrutiny for seasoned staff, and the ratings that places get are very important. They can't risk having a student make a mistake, even an innocent one. Possibly the joint commission has rules about no students as well, because you are not official staff, which is what they are there to evaluate. Just bad timing for your group, I guess.
  15. Geslina

    First week- will I die of boredom?

    Haha. Honey, you will be soon be so far up the creek in mind numbing unbelievably overwhelming amounts of information to memorize that you will look longingly back on your days of boredom and nursing for dummies fundamentals. Enjoy the calm before the worst storm you've ever been through.
  16. Geslina

    How to document sleeping on night shift

    I put "pt sleeping comfortably, call bell in reach"