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Last night I was at work and had to turn a patient who had a million dressings and I knew they needed to be changed. So I told the lpn who was supposed to be takin gcare of that patient and she got a big old attitude and I couldn't figure out why. I thought it was just because the guy had a million decubitus and his dressings take a long time and he didn't feel like doing it. One of the sores is so bad that you can see the entire hip bone. She goes, " I can't do it, " and I said "Why"? "She said because it makes me sick and I will throw up, " I said, " But you're a NURSE!" There's a lot of shit that grosses me out, but I still do it. Anyway, she refused to do it so me and the other CNA did it while she looked away in disgust and gagged. But even though I am a senior in nursing school, as a CNA, I am not allowed to do dressings. The other nurses can't stand her because she does stuff like this all the time. She won't do anything gross. I think maybe she just didn't know how to do it and she was afraid to say because once I worked with her and a trach patient really needed suctioning and I kept telling her but she never did it. Finally, she asked me if I could tell her how to do it. But I couldn't believe her excuse for not doing it was because it grossed her out. The other nurses were ready to KILL her because they had to do everything.


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Document, Document, Document.

This person is not part od the health care team. Her refusal to do certain tasks only increases the workload of the other people on the floor.

You need someone who will be a team player. If she can not do it, then perhaps she should look into another job, like office nursing.

You need to write out the specifics, and ensure a copy gets to the manager of the floor your are working on. Include your concerns as you stated here. As long as no one steps up and voices their concern, this behavior will continue.


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Write down what part of her workload she refuses to do and why, and on what dates and report them to your boss. She needs to be able to complete her assigned duties.

And why was she standing by gagging while you were doing her work? Putting aside the concerns for the patient, she should have been out busting her hump getting the other CNA's work done for her, helping out, since she so obviously dropped her load on someone else.

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And where is the charge nurse? She should be stepping in...not you. You will be getting yourself into trouble here...practicing without a license...

Not caring for her patients is not an option for her and it should have been reported back with the trach patient.


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although in most cases i do not believe in running to the mgr...this is something i would definately bring to their attention. the other posters are right...document.

if this happens to you again get the RN in charge and tell her whats going on.

boy that would be nice to say ...i cant do it, its gross and get away with that. maybe she didnt realize she was getting into a profession that included dealing with gross

Originally posted by thisnurse

\boy that would be nice to say ...i cant do it, its gross and get away with that. maybe she didnt realize she was getting into a profession that included dealing with gross

ITA! I wish I had a dime for everytime something mad me gag!

Tell the charge nurse. This "LPN" is not working in her job description and is neglecting her patient!


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From one student to another, please do not ever put yourself in that situation again!! Even if you know HOW to change the dressings etc... you should not jeopardize your future by working without a license or without proper supervision.

I was wandering?? If she refused to help with the dressing changes, how will she document the size of the ulcers, the drainage amounts, inspect for infection, what dressings were removed or replaced etc...?????

If she documents anything, it will not be accurate, and you should bring this to the supervisors attention.

Hope that this gets resolved quickly, for the sake of the patients and you!:)



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She didn't have to document it because they only do wound care documentation on Wed mornings. The other lpns complained to the charge nurse but she doesn't do anything. The other nurses refused to change the dressing because they had been doing the lpns work all night. I couldn't leave the poor guy like that. I am pretty good at wound care(one of my instructors is an enterostoma therapist)and I knew what to do.I knew it was wrong and I knew I could get in trouble but I just couldn't leave the guy like that.

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Last option to consider if all else fails is to report that nurse to the State Board of Nursing's Legal Department. I've done it once myself for something far worse than that, and they came to investigate. Whatever you NOT let that nurse get away with being such a NONnurse. Those patients deserve far better nursing care than that. :( Good for you for looking out for the patients that way. It shows you'll make a fine nurse one day. :kiss


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Thanks...I need to hear that sometimes. I think I will be a pretty good nurse. On all my evaluations I am always told that I am a "strong patient advocate," Someone's gotta advocate for them. It seems as though a lot of the nurses I encounter cease to give a shit, excuse my language. When I work, it's no longer about me and my problems. It's about the patient. I agree that it is important to take care of yourself, too, but there is a time and a place.

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Although I probably would have done the same as you..... I just wanted to never really know who you work with and one of them could report you for doing what you believe is right, and it'll screw up your chances of getting your nursing license.

You will be a great nurse......


as I can tell, you are already a great patient advocate!


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Last weekend one of my co-workers got written up. Why? As she was running around trying to finish up her shift she noticed an RN handing Tx supplies to a CNA because she didn't want to "deal" with the family so early in the morning. My co-worker ranted, stated that there were 2 RNs & an LPN sitting behind the desk & that The CNA had her own work to do. She went in to the pts room to find out that the RN had given the aide the wrong supplies & applied the wrong Tx. She changed it to the correct one & again voiced her "opinion" to the charge RN who had given the aide the supplies. She was promptly written up for insubordination & unprofessionalism. The RN? No repercussions for her actions.:( Be careful out there!!!

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