Are you working part time/full time and going to school at the same time?


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I am working full time as an LVN in med/surg right now and am in the LVN-RN transition course at San Diego City College. In the fall I will once again be a full time nursing student! :D Yay!!! I have been an LVN on the ward for 7 months now so still learning so many things. :)

My predicament is this: several instructors have mentioned to our class to not work while attending the program. But working gives me so much good experience! Plus I have to provide medical coverage for my family (DH, and three kids). I was thinking of going part-time and just working Saturday, Sunday and going to school and doing clinicals during the week. There is no class on Friday but students can come practice skills in the lab.

What are you doing while in school? Are you still working your LVN job? Or did you quit entirely? Many of the students in my class say they are going PD. I would lose my insurance if I did that. I"m hoping my plan of just working 12 hr shifts on the weekend would work out but I am hesitant.

How are you doing it?

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Classes are generally held two days a week and clinicals are held two days a week. Friday is free to come to lab if you want to practice stuff or turn in assignments.

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I work tues/fri/sat nights -- and they told us we can't work while in school. I'm working full time, in school full time, and as long as I make a 90 on the final, I get an "A" for the class. So it's possible. Not pleasant, but possible.

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Yep. I work 12 hour shifts on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.

AS said above... not pleasant, but doable....

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I worked about 30 hours a week during LPN and RN school. It irritates me when they act like you can shut your whole life down for school. Wasn't necessary imo. Good luck!


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I am doing an extra semester of the RN program (doing the regular, not bridge) because the regular program offers an option of doing classroom work online. So, just one clinical day per week. Of course still intensive studying, but to work full-time is very do-able, whereas if I'd done the bridge, the class requirements take out 4 days at least, then when to study around work? It seems backward, as in, the LPN-RN should be MORE flexible. Not at my school. So, just finishing first semester of RN program, working full-time, and I am getting As! It all depends on your situation!


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Just my two cents. I have been an LPN since August 2008. I am working in LTC baylor shift sat and sun from 7am to 7pm. I am in RN school currently. I go to school 2 days a week and i start clinicals in aug. I think working has given me hands on experience that is priceless when it comes to clinic and knowledge hands on. I think instructors telling students not to work is not reality for a lot of students. Everyones situation is different. My working takes a lot of stress off my husband and in todays economy i think it is hard to ask anyone to quit their job to go to school, even if you would like to. I am one hundred percent committed to school as well as my job.

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I work 24 hours a week at an LTAC and am taking 14 hours in RN school. Sometimes I think I'm crazy, but other times it's not too bad :-P


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I work two 16-hour weekend double shifts per week, every Saturday and Sunday, as an LVN at a nursing home. I attend an RN program during the week which is located out of state. While I don't want to work right now, I really don't want to pull too much money from my savings to pay the bills while in school.


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I am just finishing my ASN-RN after 4 years , 2 yrs pre reqs and 2 yrs program, and I have been working part-time nights the whole time. I work 9p-7a fri/sat nights homecare plus an additional shift mid week on weeks my load was a bit lighter. Prior to going back to school, for 11 years I only worked acute care ( med/surg, ER, minor injury clinic), but doing Homecare is very student friendly for a few reasons; I can sit and study virtually undisturbed all night, I can doze off/nap while my client is sleeping, I can work the night before a class day (which I could never do if up and working all night in another setting where I wasnt resting) and.....well that's all I can think of now, i'm sure there are other benefits! LOL Anyways, It might be worth your consideration. I should add, I never liked homecare, still dont. I am a "people person" who would much rather work acute care or at least be with peers and colleagues, but doing this has allowed me to be a successful student and still help to support my family. It all boils down to how committed you are and how much you are willing to sacrifice to be successful. I personnally was willing to do basically whatever it took and G-D willing I'll graduate in 14 days!!!! Best of luck to you


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I work full time nights as a LPN, which gives me some down time to do a little studying. I try to take an extra day off each month using my legal holidays. I go to school about 3/4 time. One full day of clinical (9 hours) and 6 more hours of class time. But I am taking the summer off after 3 1/2 years of going to school part time. I have one more semester left in the fall.

When I first started in the nursing program we had to take a week "transition" course to get the LPNs ready to join a class in the 2nd semester. I was told that working 40 hours was a "concern" by the instructor. Unfortunately she wasn't so concerned as to pay my bills. :lol It isn't easy to work and go to school - I also have kids still at home (10 and 15), but it is doable. Everyone is different and has a level they can function at. You may need to experiment with shifts and hours as you progress through school. Good luck!


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i will be starting my lpn to rn transition course on may 21. I will be working fulltime this semester. since we meet once a week.

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