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  1. Graduated in Dec.'08. I applied for jobs in December, hoping to at least work as a GN or CNA until I took and passed my NCLEX. I did get a job, started in mid-Jan working as a CNA/GN. I now work fullt-time as a nurse on mostly day shift at the same facility, and love my job. I did initially have to travel about 45min to find this job, but have since moved near my job (now less than 10min away). A friend of mine waited until Summer '09 to take her NCLEX. She applied everywhere, got her license in another state to apply there, and still couldn't land a job. She had no health care experience, but a solid work history. To make a long story short, she's now working at the same facility as mine. She had to start as a CNA (even though she'd passed her NCLEX) because no nursing position was available. After a few months of this, a nursing position opened, and she now works two 12-hour shifts on the weekend. A matter of one semester made a dramatic difference in job opportunities. It's been about a year and a half since I graduated, and I still had to start out as a CNA in order to work my way up. Now, even that seems not an option. SO MANY NURSING PROGRAMS have opened in my area. It's REALLY a shame for the people who paid for private trade schools with the promise of "recession-proof" nursing... The only upside to all this is that it's going to be that nursing is a profession people enter because they GENUINELY want to be nurses and not because of just "having a job".
  2. amjowens

    Spring Arbor University ADN-BSN

    I spoke with an advisor from Spring Arbor University who was visiting my school. She made it sound so smoothe, with one class per week. It sounds like they are very flexible with transferring credits (I'm graduating with my ADN in Dec 2010 God-willing!) Tuition is about $16k for the 1.5-year program. Any information much appreciated! I'm planning a formal tour/sitting down with advisor about my transfer credits, etc. May 17th. Thanks!
  3. amjowens

    Happy, "I love my job!!" stories - do tell...

    I'm in my third semester of my RN program and work full-time as a LPN. I love my job, love school, and wouldn't want to be doing anything other than what I'm doing! There is a lot of negativity not only in nursing, but health care overall. I work very hard at focusing on what I'm doing, day-in-day-out. As I do on this site, I read and listen to the opinions and experiences of others so that I have a basic understanding of what's going on out there, but I stop it there. I hold tight to my goals, and work very hard at meeting mine. I'm an LPN taking it one step at a time to becoming a NP, and so far I'm with a 3.8GPA, in my 3rd semester like I said of RN school, and enjoy my job so much that it doesn't feel like a "job" most days.
  4. I graduated in Dec 2008. I think I was the last graduating class with hope of getting a job after graduation. It was still a struggle, and I ended up getting a job about an hour north of where I live. Since then, I've moved to the area, but I still go to school (for my RN) back where I'm from. A classmate of mine waited to take her NCLEX until May of 2009. She was thinking she needed to study for the exam and was busy in her personal life, so chose to put it off a semester. It's amazing how one semester changed everything! She applied everywhere, still is applying. Right now, she's working at the facility where I am a nurse, but working as a resident care assistant. There's no nursing jobs where I work, but she was willing to take anything even remotely health-related just to have a job and for her resume! It's so sad how the job market is right now. The good new is that just as fast as things changed for the worse, things can change for the better! I volunteered at hospice my last semester of LPN school and this was a topic much talked about in my interview. I highly recommend volunteering if you can't find something.
  5. amjowens

    Relatively new LPN going for RN

    I think it's best to go back asap. I didn't even take my NCLEX yet before starting a regular ADN program, not bridge. I just kept open mind, like all new material so that I didn't get into thinking I "already know". I think that working as a LPN while going to school has been great because I'm out practicing my skills as a nurse while getting intensive, in-depth training on how to expand upon my knowledge/skills. I'm starting my third semester of my program, hope to be finished in Dec 2010. I am so thankful, love what I'm doing. I work full-time and go to school full-time. My classroom courses are online, but clinicals weekly, in addition to skills labs, required hours, etc.
  6. I don't want to leave my full-time job when I graduate, either! I LOVE working as a LPN in assisted living. I'm able to be the kind of nurse I want to be. I am very independent, able to provide the kind of holistic care that I want to, and enjoy getting to know my "patients". I am in my third semester of RN school and know I need to gain hospital experience because I want to continue on toward my nurse practitioner doctorate. I want to stay in geriatrics though, and dream of being a nurse practitioner for different facilities like the one I work at (and including it). I'd like to stay full-time, or at least 32 hours, where I am, then work part-time in a hospital when I graduate. We never know until we try! I can't believe the way things have worked out and continue to, wouldn't have imagined it two years ago!
  7. amjowens

    Looking for a school.....HELP!!!

    Look into Toledo, OH schools. Lourdes College is in the northern part of Toledo, also Mercy College has an ADN and BSN and is also located relatively close to the border. I work in Ann Arbor, but got my LPN and am starting my third semester of ADN in Toledo. Job opps are better in Michigan, but more schools are in Toledo (or at least, shorter wait lists). Not by chance that too many new grads in Toledo-area, as so many schools.
  8. amjowens

    How many hours do you work?

    I work 40 hours a week. I am in a regular ADN program, not a bridge, and am about to enter my third semester. I have clinical once a week on Monday. My lecture courses are online. I'm taking med-surg II, community health, and mental health. Next semester I'll be with precepting hours to complete along with clinicals. So far the first two semesters I worked full-time and plan to this semester, but with precepting I'll likely cut back to 32 hours? We'll see...I love my job!
  9. amjowens

    RN to BSN or RN to MSN

    I'm considering the same and also graduate in December 2010! I got my LPN in Dec of 08 and went right into a regular ADN program. I had the idea that I'd work as a nurse along the way and earn experience and $! I currently work full-time as a LPN and the experience IS amazing. I'm interested in doing an online ADN-BSN so that I can work as a nurse while doing my BSN. This is what's keeping me from the idea of the ADN-MSN, as I want to work full-time. I'm actively looking into both programs, though. Another consideration is the doctorate that's required for NPs soon. A lot of schools are in transition and I might want to let them work out their stuff while working on my BSN?
  10. amjowens

    LPN - Observation/Question

    I have nothing against a community college! In fact, I finished my LPN at one and am currently about to enter my third semester of RN program at the same community college! I can't say enough good things about my school. I plan to be a nurse practitioner eventually and know I've made the right decision with first two steps of schooling to be as I'm doing.
  11. amjowens

    Please Help! Which job would you choose?!

    I'd go with Hospital B because what matters is YOUR experience and what YOU learn. It sounds as though Hospital A sounds good, but what you want is solid learning experiences for you in a learning-conducive environment. A competitive environment as a new nurse doesn't sound very helpful. You might be able to put down on paper (your resume) a nice-looking name, but you want substance under all that. Congratulations!
  12. amjowens

    What you wished you'd reviewed?

    Conversions, math for meds...the dimensional analysis basics.
  13. amjowens

    Back to school for the less than perfect?

    You might want to take pre-req science courses again and get As. Also, I think the gen population and media is becoming more informed that nursing isn't a recession-proof job, so in a year or so I think nursing school will be more accessible. Right now it's like getting into med school it seems...got to be perfect on paper (which could be seen as a real boost for the profession of nursing in twisted way). Sorry, I just skimmed quickly thought another nursing school want in NOW poster, but see you're already a nurse! Good luck!
  14. amjowens

    did your job give you a holiday gift??

    $75 from administrator and $85 from resident council. Cash.
  15. amjowens

    Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10

    Ann Arbor, MI. Assisted Living. Full-time with benefits, day and evening shifts, 6mo. experience $18/hour.
  16. amjowens

    OU Nursing vs. UMich Nursing

    It doesn't matter where you graduate from in nursing like it might in other fields. To continue on for an advanced degree you've got to have high grades regardless from where you've graduated. If you can afford the extra thousands and you want to attend the U of M for personal reasons then you should go for it, but you'll likely be earning the same as RNs from community colleges, online schools, etc. The only way I think I'd attend U of M in your situation would be if I were interested in research or having a career in academia. Otherwise, as my goal is to be a NP, my plan is for gaining a solid core education, plenty of experience, and I must consider the long haul financially. BTW, congratulations on your being admitted and having the options that you do!