Are you working part time/full time and going to school at the same time?


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i am currently going through the transition program. in school 3 days a week and clinicals 2 days a week. working at the hospital on fri nite and sat nite. not working working on sun nites only because of school on monday. well, not at the hospital on sunday nites. work sunday and monday nite 12 hours sitting with a elderly patient. that way i can have some study time away from home without interruption. yes i do work 12 hours on fri and sat nites at hospital. this will be this way for 4 more wks. then i will go back to fri-sun nite at hospital. and still will be sitting during the week only because school will not last all day.


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O my Gosh. Good luck to you, and pray, pray, pray. You sound like you have a well thought out plan, so you'll make it!


thanks! i needed a reminder to pray.......

get caught up with things and forget how important that is

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I just recently took two 16's (Saturday and Sunday) while I am in RN school. I know I'll have enough time-- I'm just worried when I finish school that I will have lost some skills, and hospitals won't want to hire me due to being out of acute care for (at the time of graduation) a year.

Any thoughts? Comments?



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I'm working 40 hours a week in a biotech lab, and in my third full time year of a Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing.

Everyone tells me I'm crazy, but I'm graduating debt-free, and I maintain a 3.85+ gpa.

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