Are LPN's allowed to draw blood from PICC lines?

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At your LTC are LPN's allowed to draw blood from PICC lines? I live in Florida and anytime I have contacted my state board for answering any of my questions I never seem to get a straight answer from them. So please tell me what you do at your LTC. Thanks

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Massachusetts-the answer is No

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Thanks to all. I think I will ask my question again in the Florida nurses section and see if they know.

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It depends on the scope of practice in the state where you practice.

In Texas, the answer is YES if the LVN/LPN has IV certification and the facility's policy allows LVNs to perform this skill.

I have IV certification but have never drawn blood out of a PICC line. I am hesitant to do it at work until I find out if I can or can not per Florida state board of nursing. I have sent them an email asking about it but in the past when I have asked questions nobody at the state board can seem to give a yes or no answer. But I will keep trying.

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NC - no

Totally incorrect. I work and live in NC and LPN's can draw blood from a picc or any other central/peripheral access.

If you are going to answer questions like these, please at least know the RIGHT answer before you speak up!

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2) Central Lines. The Board recognizes that through appropriate education and training, a Licensed Practical Nurse is capable of performing intravenous therapy via central lines under the direction of a registered professional nurse as defined in subsection 64B9-12.002(2), F.A.C. Appropriate education and training requires a minimum of four (4) hours of instruction. The requisite four (4) hours of instruction may be included as part of the thirty (30) hours required for intravenous therapy education specified in subsection (4) of this rule. The education and training required in this subsection shall include, at a minimum, didactic and clinical practicum instruction in the following areas:

(a) Central venous anatomy and physiology;(b) CVL site assessment;

© CVL dressing and cap changes;

(d) CVL flushing;

(e) CVL medication and fluid administration;

(f) CVL blood drawing; and

(g) CVL complications and remedial measures.

Upon completion of the intravenous therapy training via central lines, the Licensed Practical Nurse shall be assessed on both theoretical knowledge and practice, as well as clinical practice and competence. The clinical practice assessment must be witnessed by a Registered Nurse who shall file a proficiency statement regarding the Licensed Practical Nurse’s ability to perform intravenous therapy via central lines. The proficiency statement shall be kept in the Licensed Practical Nurse’s personnel file.

I think I found what you need.
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