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RyanCarolinaBoy has 11 years experience and specializes in ICU.

Multiple years of experience in a variety of ICU settings (CV, Neuro, Trauma/Surg). 

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  1. RyanCarolinaBoy

    can level 1 trauma IMCU/SICU Step-down experience get you into CRNA school?

    Short answer-NO. Working IMC does not qualify one to adequately train for CRNA school. Knowing vent management, sedation support, and gtt titrations are all key aspects taught at the ICU level that you simply don’t do/see on IMC-regardless of location.
  2. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Time to step down from management?

    When you say your personality was suited for non-management roles...please describe? As in not liking to “have” to be the voice of authority?
  3. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Time to step down from management?

    To those who of you who have served in formal leadership positions (nurse manager, clinical supervisor, etc) what was the breaking point or decision factors that led you to step back down into a staff RN role? was it one specific thing or a combination of events/items?
  4. RyanCarolinaBoy

    heparin drips

    Agreed. Every facility I've ever worked runs NS with heparin gtts
  5. RyanCarolinaBoy

    NC advanced degrees

    The portion of this scenario that is unreasonable is the fact that the Board of Governor who is responsible for granting those requests to online or out of state schools is extremely slow and not motivated to grant those schools the ability to enroll NC students. I have talked to admission counselors at multiple colleges who state that NC is difficult to work with and not worth the red tape. I have been told That the compliance paperwork has been submitted for up to one year ago and they are simply being told that it takes time. That signals to me a board that simply would rather not do what is in the best interest of the studengs, but would simply delay the process. One cannot tell me that ALL of the programs that are online or out of state are subpar. I would rather live in a state that is flexible and attempts to work for their students by granting access to as many college choices as possible rather than one that seeks to force it's students to attend the state college university system simply due to lack of access.
  6. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Tell me about Appleton

    Sent u a pm :)
  7. RyanCarolinaBoy

    NC advanced degrees

    The real problem is that The state of North Carolina does not see any revenue generated from schools outside of the state. So some years back they clamped down on schools outside the state under the guise of "the best interests" of students. It is a crock. Instead of granting nurses mobility options and increasing access to advanced degrees, it has severely limited options to residents of the state. One of many reasons my wife and I moved out of state. All of this hype about decreasing diploma mills is bull, it's simply a way to keep student dollars in state.
  8. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Report vent turned mega vent

    Eh, this quote sounds like a newerish nurse replying. Honestlyn if it's THAT important to you to find out if "the patient" is on tele, feel free to look up the order in the computer. I agree with the OP. I personally hate it when nurses try to use my report to gather their complete assessment. I am not there to do your patients assessment, do it yourself, dear.
  9. RyanCarolinaBoy

    How would you interpet this order?

    If it is not clearly stated as Q 12 hours, then that 2x day could be 5 minutes apart for all I care. If the Md wants to get specific, then it should state q 12 hours, otherwise it's up to the nurses professional judegement. Spliting hairs over something this ridiculous is one of my frustrations with nursing. Just use common sense and go on about your day!
  10. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Thinking about quitting my job

    While I understand your need for a paycheck, this place does not sound like it is safe for your license. My professional advice to you is quit. Quit now, without so much as a notice. That is simply unsafe for you and your patients. So sorry you are having to go through that! Good luck!
  11. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Husband just got into ASN program -- should he pursue it?

    This is true. It IS his decision. but his spouse (rightfully so) earned a voice in the vote when they exchanged "I do". This is a right of marriage. And I did not catch that from the OP. Rather a question of what should they do as a team.
  12. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Husband just got into ASN program -- should he pursue it?

    You must not be married to say something this dense and inconsiderate. No, it is NOT totally up to the husband. I am married, and ANY decision this life altering made by myself OR my wife is a joint decision. To the OP, personally I would recommend that he complete the ADN program. A bird in the hand is better than two in the Bush. There are many area in the country still hiring adn new grads. Perhaps as soon as he graduated you could both find a job somewhere and he could work as a rn adn while pursuing his bsn. Congrats to him by the way!
  13. RyanCarolinaBoy

    what to do if you are told not to come back to clinical site?

    My advice? Own it. No offence, but to play the wounded vet card with your school is probably not going to b to your advantage. All I am hearing is that you are trying to justify why you were sitting during clinical rotations. Own up, set up the action plan and graduate.
  14. This post will possibly earn you some scathing comments. I work er and ICU both. And this post serves no point except to promote division among areas of nursing.
  15. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Essentials of Critical Care Orientation

    This is an online class called essentials of critical care orientation. I have taken it some years back as a new RN. I though it was a great intro to icu nursing concepts. If you are looking to get into critical care as a new nurse, then this class is probably a great thing.