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RyanCarolinaBoy has 15 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN and specializes in ICU.

Multiple years of experience in a variety of ICU settings (CV, Neuro, Trauma/Surg). 

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  1. RyanCarolinaBoy

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    Law...this ole ADN versus BSN debate just keeps on raging, year after year. can I just reply that if you are going to use data to back your statements, please make sure it is peer reviewed articles. one thing about nursing “together we are stronger”. I have seen many great CNAs, LPNs, ADNs and BSNs in my years. I have learned something from many of individuals in each role. I would encourage you to rethink the attitude that BSN is superior in confidence. Competence is fluid and is determined by a multitude of factors. Having precepted new graduates with ADN and BSN, there is no difference in the clinical acute care arena. Neither is superior when starting as a new grad.
  2. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Just Say “NO” to Nurse Staffing Laws

    Well, I have personally worked in many different healthcare environments, both profit as well as not-for-profit back in my travel nurse days. I can attest to the fact that, in my experience, the for profit sector is literally that-FOR profit. Supplies, education, and staffing bare bones. in contrast, by and large, the not for profit sector seems to have more supplies, better (newer) equipment, and staffed better. Companies such as the largest for profit system in America love to boast of their commitment to outcomes and “excellence”. Yet when you dig deep, you find they are understaffed, and have a high proportion of new grads in their skill mix due to nurses moving on once they have gained experience. btw-that “robust” word sounds like a corporate HCA word. It gets tossed around frequently in the “for profit” world.
  3. RyanCarolinaBoy

    New Ohio law would let families put cameras in nursing home rooms

    Considering the level of abuse that is present in elder care facilities, I think it is a great option to have a camera present. Honestly, if you are just doing your job-it shouldn’t bother you. If it’s my loved one, you can BET I’d have a happy little camera sitting right there to monitor how they are treated. I’ve seen some god awful situations come in from the local nursing homes to the hospital before. just a sign of the times-increased transparency. And if it keeps a loved one a little safer from the potential abuse subjected from nursing homes-I’m all for it.
  4. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Open Book Pals Testing

    Ummm...is there going to be an OPEN BOOK on the crash cart when you are the responding RN responsible to code a patient using the concepts covered on the exam? pardon my bluntness, but if you don’t plan to know the concepts inside and out, your certification is useless.
  5. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Just Say “NO” to Nurse Staffing Laws

    I have considered this issue from multiple angles again and again. Having worked in staffing (direct care) as well as leadership roles (manager/director), I fully support legislated action to FORCE mandated ratios. I have seen the evils for-profit healthcare can do to the bedside RN. Ratios are unheard of. As a manager, I vividly remember the shift in which I was in staffing with THREE acutely I’ll ICU patients (two vented and the third one who should have been). and sorry, the arguments about supplies be d****d. Cut the overhead and supplies will still find their way. Perhaps the senior leadership bonuses should be reduced instead.
  6. RyanCarolinaBoy

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    No offense, but you are using research data cited from articles that are 20 years old. This information is not accurate in my opinion. Please find (and utilize) up to date research if you wish to be accurate. I find that as a man in nursing, you are probably not giving the most up to date statistics on this. I see lots of guy nurses around these days and I don’t hear any of this information you mention.
  7. RyanCarolinaBoy

    can level 1 trauma IMCU/SICU Step-down experience get you into CRNA school?

    Short answer-NO. Working IMC does not qualify one to adequately train for CRNA school. Knowing vent management, sedation support, and gtt titrations are all key aspects taught at the ICU level that you simply don’t do/see on IMC-regardless of location.
  8. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Time to step down from management?

    When you say your personality was suited for non-management roles...please describe? As in not liking to “have” to be the voice of authority?
  9. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Time to step down from management?

    To those who of you who have served in formal leadership positions (nurse manager, clinical supervisor, etc) what was the breaking point or decision factors that led you to step back down into a staff RN role? was it one specific thing or a combination of events/items?
  10. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Essentials of Critical Care Orientation

    This is an online class called essentials of critical care orientation. I have taken it some years back as a new RN. I though it was a great intro to icu nursing concepts. If you are looking to get into critical care as a new nurse, then this class is probably a great thing.
  11. RyanCarolinaBoy

    I'm a little lost (maybe a lot lost)

    Don't over think it. You simply need to evaluate and identify the values and principles supported by this theory. Then examine your OWN values and beliefs, and clearly state how they line up (or dont). It is easy to go off track, but keep it simple. Write how you use values and principles of this theory in your e Friday practice.
  12. RyanCarolinaBoy

    My I'm going to medical school

    Umm...ok? Move along to medical school so is mere humans can complete our msn degrees in peace, please.
  13. RyanCarolinaBoy

    ICU Male Nurses - Scrub Question

    Check out carhartt scrubs. I work icu and that's all I wear.
  14. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Nurses don't know the lab

    Lol. Same amount of education????? As if. You in lab only have to know that the k is 2.1. I on the other hand have to know why the k is so low, the intervention, the appropriate follow up, oh and how to treat the patients heart that is now in vtach from said k level. No indeed, we are NOT on the same level.
  15. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Need to vent

    Well I'm a guy so I like to keep it simple. If I'm doing the lpns admission and the lpn is sitting in the back chatting while a call light is ringing, we are going to have a very blunt and direct talk about the concept of teamwork. It is not worth growing frustrated over, simply directly tell them to do their job. It eliminates the passive agressiveness that is so commen in nursing. Problem solved.
  16. RyanCarolinaBoy

    Vent Training

    To the person that stated you do not need to work vents because rt does it...incorrect. I work icu, and more than once have I adjusted my vent settings. I think that every rn working in ICU with vents should know basic parameters and weaning guidelines. If rt puts my pt on a cpap trial and they go into distress. Of course I'm going to put them back on pressure support if need be while waiting. If they desat, absolutely will turn the fio2 up. I appreciate RT and all they do, but that is my pt, and I dang well better know how to run the vent if need be. It scares me that nurses think they DONT need to know those things.

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