Are you having a hard time finding travel jobs?

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I have been traveling for a year now and its getting tough. I work med-surg and there are not many choices out there. Is anyone else finding it the same? All these companies want you to sign up and then they cant find you anything you want! They all say it has not been this bad - ever. Is this true?

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Yep, same boat as you. I am btw 3-4 companies, got nothing...unless Alaska is up your alley lol! I keep getting the economy speech. :icon_roll


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Yes. Really bad at the beginning of the year, I was told it was getting better...maybe not true? There are still jobs there, but it can be difficult.

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Yes i am working with 3 companies and find it extremely difficult. Quite discouraging.

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are there some specialites that are having a harder time finding travel jobs, or is it pretty much all specialties?


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I am looking to get started as a travel nurse. I have been talking to four companies for a month now and I haven't received a bite on anything. I think my app has been submitted to about six places and still nothing. It's making me think twice about trying to become a travel nurse. Does your recruiter have you call the nurse manager to see if you can get an interview or do you just wait for them to call? One of the recruiters had me call and I left a message for the manager and she wants me to keep calling until I get her, but I feel uncomfortable doing that! Any input?

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Yes I know the feeling. I am working with 4-5 companies also and I am getting tired of it. No leads. I feel like I am dealing with used car salesman. They promise something and NO leads. I can sit on my hyde forever. I also wanted to try travel nursing. I was looking forward to it. I am an ICU nurse, I also have done CVICU, CCU as well. But right now the market sucks. I may sit tight for a while and go staff somewhere.

I dont think now is the time for traveling unfortunately. Oh to answer your question...No I wouldn't call the manager unless the manager left you a message on your phone and asked you to call. I have too been submitted to many places but NADA.... So have a plan B :o)


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I am working with 1 company and applied to another and am checking out 2 others. Like all of you I'm getting the same run-around; these companies all want you to sign up but Nothing. I was thinking it was me.

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Nope not just you sister!! I feel like I am dealing with used car salesmen. One recruiter keeps saying "oh things are picking up--I am like picking up my Foot!! We argued on the phone because she was submitting to shifts I DO NOT want. I want days only...and she was submitting me to nights. When she would call back she would leave urgent messages saying oh hurry and call they are interviewing today...Like it was stat...

Come to find out it wasn't I just lit one into her. I felt like this was a hoax and I am very cut and dry and don't like to be told one thing and then find out later is one thing. These recruiters are working on commission and Most of them are NOT they just fit us in to a box so they can make money off our the mean time we are working for work and they are sitting in front of their computer quoting rates and areas that are available...then one hour later you find out its taken.

I always wanted to travel nurse,but it is not my dream and sure as hell isn't worth this run around. Just can't do it Good luck Fellow nurses :o).


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i've been traveling for over 4 years and yes the market is really tight right now but a lot has to do with your attitude and flexibility. while i tried the multiple companies at once, i have found that if you're with a respectable company that is contracted with a lot of hospitals you are going to have a better chance at getting an assignment. plus if you're rigid with what you want in an assignment then you're going to have problems. i'm flexible with my managers and i'm willing to go anywhere and work any shift. i've been an icu nurse for 5 years and it's my philosophy that as an icu nurse i should be able to handle anything. if your recruiter gives you the number to a manager or suggests that you should call, then do it! you have to sell yourself to these managers because for every opening there are 20+ people applying. i got my current assignment in the pacu by being flexible, working with my manager, and selling myself. good luck!

I agree with u about the attitude and flexibility. I've been considering travel nursing, but am confused as to which agency has the best reputation. Once I filled out the forms online, I've had agencies from all over calling how do I know who to sign up with? I'm leary about up and quiting my present job to try traveling, but I'm just not satisfied where I am. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks


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r/t post question: "are there some specialites that are having a harder time finding travel jobs, or is it pretty much all specialties?"

yes, this is a bad time for the industry. it's success is based on demand. in today's economy, demand has dwindled dramatically. don't know about other specialties but, psychiatric specialties are few and far between. if you want an assignment, you'd better be licensed in multiple states, be experienced and prepared to expediently act at the drop of a hat. i too have had the same experiences as many of you.

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