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  1. When I was researching RN-BSN online programs there was very little info about Capella's RN-BSN Flexpath program. It just started in Jan 2016. So, I thought I would share my experience with the program for others who are researching now that I'm finished. Why I choose it-As an Excelsior ADN graduate I did not have labs with my Micro and A&P so I would have to take these over with many of the schools. I did not have to with Capella. How their program works for pre-reqs is cores. So, they have a math/science core, humanities core etc. They don't require specific courses, just enough credits in each core. So, I only needed one more course in Humanities to fulfil all the cores. I also did not choose the local college because they required a language, history etc. With Capella, I only needed the 11 Nursing courses and Ethics. I took Bio-Ethics, which I thought was fairly easy and interesting. Cost-I finished the program in 48 weeks, so I paid a total of $10,000. You pay $2500 every 12 weeks. They do not charge a graduation fee, etc. I finished a course every three to four weeks. I worked part-time mostly, except for six weeks of orientation at a new job and I also moved twice in that time period. Pros-NO DISCUSSION BOARDS-I really disliked discussions boards with Excelsior. I thought they were a waste of time and stressed me out trying to get to them on time. With Capella Flexpath you only write papers/powerpoints. They tell you exactly what content they are looking for. Most courses were four papers/powerpoints, one was six and some were five. Each paper is usually 3-4 pages long, with a few longer. The program is completely self-paced. They want something submitted every week, but if you can't you just explain why and submit that. Cons-Sometimes the required content was vague or I didn't understand exactly what they were asking, they have tutors, but I found I had already moved on by time they answered my questions. But you have three opportunities to improve your paper, so it wasn't really an issue. Most times my papers had APA issues, not content issues. I received a 4.0. I hope this helps. I know a lot of people go with WGU, which is similar. However, at the time they were not accepting North Carolina students, and I would have had to take the science courses over due to labs.
  2. I've accepted a contract for montefiore in the bronx the moses divison. I was wondering about the housing, what kinda of housing they offer and the neighborhood. I was thinking about getting my own, but the stipend doesn't go far in NYC. Also, I'm going to be in the OR and I was wondering if they make you take any other test besides the pharmocolgy one. Thanks!
  3. I'm taking an OR assignment at Montefiore in the Bronx. Wondering if anyone has traveled there recently. Wondering about housing and the neighborhood. Thanks!
  4. DeLynn

    First Assignment

    I'm also in the OR and would love to travel to St. Thomas. Let us know how it goes. Do they require scrub and circulate? I only circulate.
  5. DeLynn


    I've been offered a travel position at montefiore Moses. I was wondering how safe the neighborhood is. I'll be traveling alone and I'm a little nervous, especially since I'll be working till 9 at nite. Thanks!
  6. DeLynn

    When to turn in your notice ?

    don't give your notice until you have a signed contract! I just let my recruiter know that I needed to give a two week notice and to have my start date after that. You might miss an opportunity if they want someone earlier, but It's worth it not to burn bridges. If they want you they will have to wait
  7. DeLynn

    Experienced nurse looking for CM work from home...

    I was just hired by concentra. They have several at home positions posted. I'm excited to work from home, I start in two weeks!
  8. DeLynn

    contract question

    I'm about to sign my first contract, but i'm not sure about the per diem part. The actual pay rate is $11.00/hour with a per diem rate of $115.43/day. I'll be working 3 12's, but the hospital is only an hour and 1/2 away, so i will only be staying overnite one or two days. So will I be taxed on the rest of the per diem rate, minus the actual expenses of the 3 days i'll be working? I tried to call my account, but only got an answering machine. Thanks
  9. DeLynn


    Has anyone ever given a verbal yes, but not gone thru with signing the contract? I said yes to a contract on Friday over the phone. I got the written contract on Sat. I thought I would be getting a better rate, was told I'd be making one amount, but then found out, it's "like" i'm making that when you factor in the tax advantage. That, and my husband is having second thoughts about me traveling to NYC alone. Well, now they are saying it's too late to get anyone else, and that I made a verbal contract with them. I don't know what to do now. I'm I really obligated with the verbal contract?
  10. DeLynn

    PBDS for OR?

    I was offered a contact at a hospital that requires the PBDS. But I read that there are 4 speciality tests: NICU, OB, Critical Care and Med/Surg. Which one would I have to take if I work in the OR?