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thegreenmile has 22 years experience and specializes in Mental Health/School Nursing/Corrections.

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  1. One thing i dont understand(at the nurses' station)

    Mmm..mmm... Just sayin, Medical terminology is "not" understood by patients, visitors and laymen, but we medical personnel use it all day long.
  2. Long... Turmultuous Nursing Career

    Hi Emergent RN, I hear ya, I do miss the free entertainment that's for sure, patients always blindside you with the "element of surprise" no matter how many things you've seen or heard. Thank you for your support and encouragement to jump back in a...
  3. Long... Turmultuous Nursing Career

    @llg Thats exactly part of "who I've been". The Risk Taker. Never doscile. Not letting the grass grow under my feet too long. Single and Self-Governing. Mind and body are telling me it's likely time to stop and smell the roses instead of vaulti...
  4. Long... Turmultuous Nursing Career

    @NurseBeth Thanks so much Nurse Beth. In a way I do regret my zealous nature and thirst for knowledge/experiences back then, as it has landed me in a hard place for retirement years. The excitement of those experiences have NOT paid off in the l...
  5. Long... Turmultuous Nursing Career

    I've been an R.N. for 25yrs. I got out in 2014 due to "burnout", all at my own doing pretty much. I was very curious & excited with my new autonomy, so I wasn't about to be "stuck" in one job the rest of my days, there were way too many opportuni...
  6. Sure didn't expect this!

    OC_An Khe, thanks for caring. I've been a travel nurse. I don't meet requirements any longer. You must have experience in the field in the past 2 yrs that you apply to or TN recruiters don't even consider you. I've been a School Nurse for the pas...
  7. Sure didn't expect this!

    Who's your employer Libby?
  8. Sure didn't expect this!

    Fellow nurses...the outpouring of responses warms my heart, thank you all for your support. That is the precious beauty of "allnurses". I've done everything from ICU, MH, Occupational Nursing, Home Health, Hospice, Consulting, OR, Travel and more. ...
  9. Sure didn't expect this!

    exactly ​morte!
  10. Sure didn't expect this!

    Been an R.N. for 22+ years, am 56 yrs old. In June 2014, had a motorcycle accident with a pretty severe tri-malleolar fx w/syndesmotic injury. It put me down, NWB for 12 weeks. When released by the surgeon to RTW, (after begging her) my employer di...
  11. Best Nursing Shoes/Sneakers

    A totally new concept that I've come across is at Feather weight, breathable, like wearing nothing at all! But I found that placing an insole inside is best for me...try em' ladies!
  12. Can barely survive on this salary

    ]I certainly understand, I make way less than you do and recently made a futile error because I placed value on the wrong things. I was offered FT at my per diem job, $3/hr more, some great bennies, better hours and a 10 minute commute. Unfortunate...
  13. My journey into travel nursing!

    Oh, by the way TravelBug, I've submitted an app for licensing to USVI last month as well. Wishing you the best.
  14. My journey into travel nursing!

    I too, have just signed my very first contract. I'm a Psych Specialist and got my first job in Corrections in N.C. I've been exploring travel for years and finally took the leap. I arrived by car last Sat. I enjoyed the journey here and have been...
  15. Been to St. Thomas USVI?

    hi 4notmore: I lost that contract, they gave it to someone already licensed in the VI. Needless to say, I'm going to obtain my license now, Mailing it tomorrow, even if I never use it. I've been trying to land my 1st contract for months, never trave...