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XPO in the med question confused me. Did that meant X PO?

YES! Same here... the "X" aspect confused me.... I would have expected to see that acutal number as oppsed to Roman numeral....


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Hello April Test takers.....

My test is on April 3rd (A week from Today.... ewwwww) i need all the prayers and moral support that i can get from all of you......

i'm nervous..... and distracted in many ways.... got done with Suzzane's 2nd tip this morning.... but just found out that my mom has a renal cyst and they are going to do biopsy to rule out cancer..... please pray for me so i can pass this exam and one less thing to worry....

good luck to you all

The Lord will see you through and watch over your family. I will be praying for you on April 3rd! Stay focused and you will be fine.


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GOODLUCK TO EVERYBODY's ongoing exams!

I'll pray for u all! :wink2: :)


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4 more days before APRIL guys!!! we can do this!!! :whe!:

travel soon

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what do you mean? Please explain :confused:

X = 10


It just means grains 10 (gr x). Good Luck.:)


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Is my name on the list yet for April 3rd...?



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4 more days before april guys!!! we can do this!!! :whe!:

i want everyone in this april group to pass with flying colors


michaRN, RN

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Lets all 1055196mhy2auh1ws.gif

and 28173z0hjiodsva.gif to all of us...


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Your colourful replies definitely was a treat on a hectic day guys. Thank you much.

Thank you to everyone who answered to med question. It did help. God bless.



Fat embolism: complication of Fracture (femur) - What is the desired POSITION, when you suspect a fat emblism in a client? Please answer with your rationale. Thanks.

My answer and reasoning: Left side lying - Rationale: to prevent it from getting to the lungs (We definitely do this positionf or air embolism) I am most probably thinking totally off.

Books answer: High fowler

Why would you place someone with fat embolism on HIGH Fowler's position? Someoen pelase shed a light.


Next question:

I have reworded it.

Elderly client admitted to nursing home. She is occasionally confused and her gait is unsteady often. What action should you take?

Now based on the above information, what intervetion would you as RN focus on?

A) Answer that focuses on stimulatin the client's sensory (mental/visual stiumlation)


B) Answer that focuses on an intervention preventing fall and injury?

Please post your reply and the reason u picked the particular answer.


P. 195 - 43 Kaplan Strategy Book.

I still need to go thru ur med notes Genny. I am tempted to read the content :(, I should just focus on questions right?


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for the elderly that is confused , the intervnetion for me would be to prevent falls, her safety.


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for the elderly that is confused , the intervnetion for me would be to prevent falls, her safety.

that is what I thought too. A/C to the book it's: the sensory one. Rationale: Provide visual stimulation to reduce sensory deprivation. Reading that question, how is one to figure out, the client has Alzhiemers? That stupid idiot (sorry) her gait is often unsteady KILLED ME.

The questions are KILLING me :banghead::crying2::bugeyes::uhoh3::uhoh21:


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If you ever need to hire somebody to twist your BRAIN left and right, or want someone to go insane, hire the nclex question creators

Sorry guys, had to vent

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