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  1. michaRN

    UK nurse waiting for 10 years for USA

    Thank you so much and to you also will continue to pursue our dreams.
  2. michaRN

    UK nurse waiting for 10 years for USA

    I got my british citizenship Long time ago. I don’t think it will affect as they are different countries different applications
  3. michaRN

    UK nurse waiting for 10 years for USA

    Hi! Im still in the Uk. Awaiting medical and interview. Hoping Visa Bulletin becomes active. What I’ve heard salary wise is better in the 🇺🇸 better pay than here.
  4. michaRN

    Working as a nurse in UK vs USA

    Continue your US application. I've been in this country for 14 years and salary remains low. Even if you move up a band 6 and above, salary remains low and expenses are getting higher. I am in process of my USA dream.
  5. michaRN

    UK nurse waiting for 10 years for USA

    Hello! It's been awhile. Update on my post. I've got my priority date approved February 2018 í ½í±í ½í±í ½í±
  6. hi i pm with..hope everything wil be okay with the next time..Trust n yourself
  7. michaRN

    Happy Birthday Suzanne

  8. michaRN

    Saunder's comprehensive review

    i agree to that..yes, saunders book and CD have enough coverage of all drugs. classify them and know thier basic side effects and adverse effect generally..
  9. michaRN

    What to do before taking the NCLEX!

    congratulations!!I totally agree with you.."Ask and you will receive"...
  10. michaRN

    I Passed: I Am Soooo Happy

  11. michaRN

    Answering SATA Questions (Select All That Apply)

    answering the SATA was not that easy, but with the help of those who posted the tips here helped me during my exam last tues...Thanks to all of you did spend they're time to help other nclex test takers..
  12. michaRN

    August 2008 Nclex Testtaker

    i got less 10 Q's of SATA 3-4 dosage calculations and the rest was prioritization,and delegation, 1 drag and paste..
  13. michaRN

    I took the NCLEX-RN Monday...

    hi I also failed the first time using saunders but was lacking in strategies and I was very anxiuos failed with 75 Q's. I regroup myself and used the saunders book and CD for content again and I read kaplan strategies as well thats all and please Pray to God for comfort..you dont have to used other references but its up to you which work for you...You can do it next time just plan your study days..
  14. michaRN

    265 questions on nclex bad or good?

    Congratulation xsocalx!!!
  15. michaRN

    taking nclex at 8AM

    congratulations!what a relief?
  16. michaRN

    graduated B.S.N. almost 3 yrs.ago-ok for nclex?

    why that long?start doing the book now take time slowly at least 1-2 chapters per day..keep going dont wait too long!!go on open the book..dont waste time..