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  1. congrats! I had only a year experience when I was hired by a company to be Director of Nursing... I stayed their for sometime and I did an EXCELLENT job because I felt I had something to prove and because I was just so grateful that they hired me! Now I am working as a Healthcare Administrator for another company..... congrats! I think the other posters are jealous....
  2. Please help! Does University of Maryland ask clinical questions, please help with sample questions that have been asked in the past! Thanks.
  3. jenrn2008

    Updates on funding for CRNA programs

    yes i am interested to know too. I start in Oct 2010. I need assiatance and am willing to sign a contract in DC, VA, MD or TX hospitals if needed.
  4. jenrn2008

    Tuition Assistance while in CRNA school

    Yes I am ! Infact, we are planning to move to the DC, MD, PA area when I graduate... do you have any leads?
  5. jenrn2008

    Tuition Assistance while in CRNA school

    Hi, I am starting CRNA school in a few months and I am wondering if there are any medical facilities or hospitals willing to provide tuition assistance will I am in school in exchange for a committment to work upon graduation. Does anyone have any information that they have come across? I am already in more than enough student debt and I really need a break! Thanks.
  6. jenrn2008

    Need spreadsheets or worksheets please!

    Please send me one TOO!!! I am new to the position, and have minimum experience! RN, BSN, CCRN, MPA
  7. jenrn2008

    ROLL CALL: University of Miami Fall 2010

    It was not bad. It last about 10-15 minutes. They asked about the difference between Anesthesiologist and CRNA. They ask questions specific to your unit. Make sure you know what receptors are stimulated but what vasopressor ex: levophed is stimulated by alpha and beta adrenergic receptors. kNow what each do... alpha increases hear rate; beta increases myocardial contractility. kNow your strengths and weakness... they may ask what your hobbies are (to let you know you will not able to do them while in school).....what else..... I think thats about it..... it was not that bad. they are really nice! you will be fine.
  8. jenrn2008


    does anyone know how the interview process is?
  9. jenrn2008

    Online BSN to CRNA school

    i don't think it makes a difference.
  10. i started working in icu (and as a nurse period) from june 2008....to september 2009. i have a yr and three months experience. i will be starting crna school in august 2010.
  11. jenrn2008

    To those that have gotten into CRNA school....

    you are a strong candidate. I will be attending University of Miami in the Fall. GPA 3.6; Science GPA 4.0, GRE: N/A because I have a Masters in Administration (3.4 GPA), BA in Sociology 3.2 CCRN, ACLS, PALS, BLS 1 yr exp 4 LORS one from a surgical resident Shadowed a crna who wrote me an LOR LOR from Dean of my BSN nursing school LOR from my Clinical Supervisor that's it! applied to 6 schools.... got interview requests for all six! But didn't attend all interviews. Got into two schools.
  12. jenrn2008

    ROLL CALL: University of Miami Fall 2010

    I just wanted to start a thread for students who will be attending University of Miami in FALL 2010 for the CRNA program. Where can I find housing (3 bedroom apartment)? Should I live in Coral Gables or Miami? Lets introduce ourselves and get to know each other!!!
  13. I am working as Director of Nursing for an agency but I am working prn in the ICU once a week so I will have about two yrs exp when I start.
  14. i have only one year... i applied to seven schools... got interview requests for six... got into three already and have three interviews this month.
  15. jenrn2008

    The Worst Nursing Job You Ever Had

    Grady Memeorial Hospital.... Why? every reason you can think of.
  16. jenrn2008

    University of Maryland

    they emailed me yesterday for an interview.