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  1. MomenTs

    Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist Exam

    What did you do in your clinicals? I am still confused about the role of CNS. As a CNS, where would you work? and what kind of responsibilities would you carry out? Is CNS certification exam available in all states? Or is it only in certain states? Thank you so much for your reply and guidance. Sorry, I didn't have answer for your question, but if you do find an answer, please share.
  2. MomenTs

    graduated 4 years ago, still not a nurse !

    To begin your studying, just use ONE (1) book and stick to it. Don't scatter your mind using 10 different books, then you feel you haven't reached anywhere. 1 Book, stay focused and you can see your progress and it will in turn encourage you to keep studying more. Make a plan. Cover system by system. Saunders is very good. For example if you use Saunders: Do the questions at the back of the chapter first in a manner as if you are sitting in the nclex room and giving your exam. Don't check the answer. Do the exam like you are sitting in your classroom exam room. And then after you finish all those questions. Take a different colour pen or pencil and grade your answers. All the wrong ones cross them and write the correct answer number. And then grade your self as to how much you got in your exam. For example: 20/50: it shows you where you stand. After this, re-read the questions one by one(all the ones: got wrong or right) and look at the answers with your answer sheet. Read the question: then read all the answers again and then look at your answer sheet, and read the correct answer and read it until it gets into your head, the correct answer and question. And then go back and read the the rationales for those answers: all the rationales for a,b,c,d. Repeat this for all the answers. Take notes on values and things that you think are important or you think you need to jot down to remember. Some people do better writing and studying. In that case, have a notebook and write down while studying those rationals. After all your questions are done, you can review the content in the chapter as you need. Or if you think you are completely clueless about that system and read and understand the content well. Do like this for all the systems in your Saunders. After you are finished with your Saunders questions, move on to the CD questions on Saunders and do the same way. Then, if you still have more time venture out into other books and questions. But to begin with just stick with One (1) BOOK and not over stress yourself. Seeing your progress helps you put in more effort. Good luck for your exam and to anyone taking the exam.
  3. MomenTs

    About RN license renewal

    Hey, Don't be worried. You don't have to retake your NCLEX to renew your license. Just call your BON and ask them what all is required from you to renew your license. If not, just google your BON and go to the website and check under the heading RN license renwal. Take care. ------------------- Knowledge is power.
  4. MomenTs

    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    Where are you located? Just follow Suzanne's plan, it really works. If you study NCLEX Saunder's, it's very very helpful. Just practice lots of questions.
  5. Thank you Abby and llg. I will follow your advises and keep my finger crossed & hope everything will work out for the good in the end. God bless you.
  6. Hi all, How are you? I got a following reply from admissions. --------------------------------------------- What does the following statement mean/imply? The Committee has determined that you cannot be matriculated into the program at this time, but may enroll into the school as a non-matriculated student. ... You may be reconsidered for matriculation if you maintain at least a 3.0 (B) grade point average and submit a new online application prior to the deadline for a future semester." What do they mean by matriculated/non matriculated? Does it mean getting admitted on a conditional basis? If so, what would be a wise thing for me to do? Go ahead with the program? Thank you for your kindness.
  7. MomenTs

    email from Vanderbilt

    Is it for spring or fall 2010? Thank you.
  8. MomenTs

    Thinking about grad school

    So, will it be difficult to work 20 hrs/week - 40 hrs/week while taking your grad classes as full time student (let's say 9-12 cr hours)? Is a student having an unrealistic expectation out of himself/herself? Thank you for your answer.
  9. Thank you
  10. MomenTs

    Any updates on Nursing Retrogression?

    Thank you
  11. Hi all, Any new information on retrogression? Thank you.
  12. Hi all, What is the similarity and difference between these two fields? Which one has more job prospects after graduation? Thank you. God bless.
  13. Hi, Do Nursing programs in Universities offer graduate assistantships and teaching assistantshps to graduate nursing students? What are the criterias to get them? Please give pointers to get the assistantship. I've always had a very strong desire to go for my masters, but with no assitantantship, it is starting to look hazy. Does anybody know any universities that offers assitantship? Please share. I will be very grateful to you. And also, which msn program has higher chances of getting you assistantship? Clinical Nurse Specialist or Nurse Practitioner or some other MSN program. Thank you for reading my post. Please answer if you know any information. Every bit helps, coz right now I feel restless! Thank you.
  14. so which of the following msn degree is wise to pursue if you are a F1 student and wanting to work in the U.S. after your graduation: Clinical Nurse Specialsit OR Nurse Practitioner Or some other MSN programs? Someone knowledgeable, please advise. Thank you so much.
  15. MomenTs

    How useful are RN refresher courses?

    could you please provide the name of the school or org. you took your course with Neuve? Thank you much.