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  1. Jtejas

    3 days under the belt.

    Ok I was a PCA on my floor before I became a nurse. Wow. In three days, it's been crazy. Whole new respect for nurses. Im allready up to three patients. One day it seemed like I had 5. Not sure how that happened. Frankly right now Im feeling like Im in over my head. I know that won't always be the way it is. Iv'e also come to hate admission, discharge. Man that screw everything up. Specially med rec's OMgoodness. Hello I'm Jtejas:bugeyes:
  2. Jtejas

    Show me the MONEY!!

    Allright, say I was a new graduate in Texas. What might I make? Anyone have any ideas. :)
  3. Jtejas

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Allright, I'm not sure if the computer shut off on 77 or 78. I got 75 and hit enter and thought, oh man. But I sucked it up and took a deep breath and rememberd that no matter what Im in God's hands. Kept focused, did two or threemare, and POW. It shut off. My first thought was oh crud is it break time. Then it says, this concludes or is the end or something like that. Wow. It was AWSOME!!!! I cried. Yep, I'm a big man and I cried, a little. I know, know, know, I did'nt bomb it due to the fact I did what I said I was going to do. It took 4 hrs to get through 70-75 questions. Yes 4 hours. The hard ones I took extra time on and chose the best answer after going through the motions. I had what felt like alot of SATA's, I had 2 or three math problems. I had everything you would expect. Even the crazy question that made you cock your head sideways like a dog, asking," uh, what?" Thank you everyone for encouragement and prayer. The rest of you April test takers. Go forward with confidence. God Bless.:yeah:
  4. Jtejas

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    2hrs 15min.. Not feeling nervous. Hmm this is strange. I usually do. Talk to everyone Later tonight.
  5. Jtejas

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Ok rested with the family, had a good dinner, feel good. I know I won't remember everything. I do know how to get to atleast two answers. Then use the tools. Going to go to bed early. Get up early. Get there with plenty of time. Im going to take my sweet time on the first 20. Then still take the needed time on the other 55 +- questions. I'm not going to analyse the questions Im getting. Im just going to answer them. Ill stay calm and cool the whole way through. I hope to see yall tommorow with the feeling I can say, Jtejas RN here.....:wink2:
  6. Jtejas

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    What is SATA? Can't figure it out....
  7. Jtejas

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Tommorow is the day. Ive kept my work schedule the same to keep a routine so I won't freak out. I tend to lose my breath sort of a couple of days before the test. Since this is my third time my boss, who understands me told me to keep working. Ive reviewed my weak spots. Ive done ncsbn 3 times. Reviewed Kaplan, Mosby, Saunders, Nclex 3000, Lippincots, and nclex made super easy. I decieded to do questions from them all. I put on all the cd's and opened all programs and minimized the boxes. Then I would do, say 25 questions from each. I did this so I could get a variety. I noticed on NCSBN, that it got to where I remembered ALL the answers to the questions. So I abandoned signing up for it again. Great questions and all but what good is it if I remember the answers. Isn't that strange how we can remember hundreds of questions? I think Ive gained alot here at this sight. I get now that some answers are not, AIRWAY, or BREATHING, automatically. I get that if you can get it down to two an they both look right, then you have to hammer it out with all the TOOL's. Look at what the question is asking. ABC apply or not Assessment or not. What is the real priority? Who is the most unstable? Who is the most stable? Is this the right, task to delegate to the right person? Maslow's Perhaps there is more. *** If you have some please share SOON** Then there are what I call plain knowledge questions. Like, conversions, or which patient has high sodium, or what patient has to be npo. I know I can't remember everything. I know I have alot of info in my memory. I know I have alot of knowledge stuffed in my head. I hope I have finally learned enough to put up a shot and score my three points in the last 2 seconds of the final game. :wink2:
  8. Jtejas

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Just a couple days away and the nerves are gettin a little out of control. Staying on tums to keep stomach acid level down. * Need any kind of acronym for Addison / Cushings. And the Thyroid disorders. I know them but seem to choke when under pressure. I use the acronyms alot. Anyone?
  9. Jtejas

    2 right answers then what?

    Advise for finding two, right answers. I know we all go through this. What is your strategy?:typing
  10. Jtejas

    I just finished the NCLEX... I had to have failed...

    I'd bet to. Seems like 75 is the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. Now don't start throwin stones at me everyone...
  11. Jtejas

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Is my name on the list yet for April 3rd...? :stone
  12. Jtejas

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    3rd shot on April 3rd coming up. I'll be coming here often to read the thread before the test. Ive taken NCSBN 3 times, done Saunders and Mosbys and Lipincot's. Still have FEAR in my head over this test. Oh, also did Kaplans.
  13. Jtejas

    El Centro/ Northlake-----Spring 07

    Hi everyone Third semester guy here have any questions send them my way
  14. Need some practice for a test on Thursday.... Thanks
  15. Jtejas

    I need advice for Dallas area schools

    Not to get you down more. But to help in decision making. Im a 3 rd semester student at El Centro. Yes, reading is required. Big time. You do get alot of notes as in power points and such with certain instructors. Here is the scoop on El Centros testing. They have made a test bank of questions. This bank is by now years old. The questions are, well, retarded. It comes down to splitting hairs on these questions, down to just a word that can change the meaning. The questions are also from older versions of books, sometimes over material that you may not have covered. Now here is the real kicker. They purchased this program and want all the teachers to use it.... But not all of them do. Some teachers make their own test's, in those classes the students do alot better. Some don't, and in those classed the failure rate is high. very high. Elcentro's average to pass is 78, yes...78... Its hardcore. I spend 30 to 35 hours a week crammin every week. Im barely keeping up... At ElCenro if you have a 4.0 on your pre reqs and can pass the entrance test your in. A 3.77 might make it depending on amount of appicants. Also now if you get two scores below 78 your on probation... Not sure what that means..... Its a way to help you improve.