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So I need some advice if anyone can help. I should be graduating in May with my ADN if all goes as planned this semester (praying that it will), but i'm unsure of whether I should start applying for jobs. I applied for one RN residency that begins in August but i'm apprehensive of whether i should continue in my job search. I keep thinking what if I get a job offer and I don't pass boards....what the heck would I do then. This has got me kind of shaken up about what to do. If anyone has any opinions, thoughts, etc I would be very appreciative to hear them. Thanks!! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

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Apply now. Many new grad positions assume that most new grads finish up in May/June, so positions tend to start in the summer months.

Interviews for May grads at the local academic medical centers near me have started already. Positions in L&D, Peds, and in ICUs tend to be committed ib March/April for those who are graduating. So if you want one of these 'sought-after' units, definitely apply now. Employers are used to some folks not passing NCLEX on the first try, and many will hold a position for you for an extra month/two.


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APPLY NOW! Most recruiters will work with you if for some reason you don't pass. Instead of RN orientation; some will let you be a tech until your next exam. You will be suprised how fast jobs will be filled regardless of the shortage; hospitals can only handle so many fellows at one time. I had my job two months before I graduated and I am still waiting to take my boards. So start now...get your practice with intviewing if anything. It will give you a chance to see what is available to you! Go for it!!:)

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How do you apply now? Only specific jobs are posted at the sites I see. Wouldn't they want someone right away? Do you submit your resume with a cover letter saying for May? Do you do that online?


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I looked for positions at various hospitals in the area online. I filled out the application and submitted a resume (no cover letter unless requested). The application asks for experience, or in this case it would be a place for graduation date. A lot of hospitals that I applied to for example Hospital offered a student nurse fellowship day where you went and met with recruiters for each unit hiring...not all hospitals do this though. The place I applied at now I put my application in for RN 1 positions (

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