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  1. SBT85

    Macon State Nursing Program

    All of the MedSurg courses (I, II, II) were great. I personally despised OB & Peds. I actually thought Peds would interest me but I found it did not(but to each his own). I am partial to MedSurg & it was more interesting so I found I did better & learned A LOT More than in OB. Good luck.
  2. SBT85

    Questions about Macon

    Macon is an ok place to live. However,if you have kids and plan to send them to public school it isn't the best. Warner Robins, Forsyth, or Gray have much better school systems. You can research the statistics and it will show you. The cost of homes are cheaper in those cities also. Macon has many more places to go and things to do than the other cities I mentioned. Do some research; I think you will like the middle GA area overall.
  3. SBT85

    Macon State Nursing Program

    What they told you is what you will go over in lab and get checked off on (trach care, iv start, iv push, iv piggyback, etc).
  4. SBT85

    RN in Georgia

    I concur with SpecialK. New grads are having a very difficult time finding jobs in ATL. I work in Macon (about 1-1.5hr from ATL) and we have quite a few new grads that commute form ATL to Macon in order to work.
  5. SBT85

    Macon State Nursing Program

    I took Medsurg 1 in spring 2008 but i think the 1st test covered respiratory system and preparing pts for surgery. Your professors will send you a reading list via e-mail though sometime b4 XMas. Good luck. I am in the RN-BSN program @ MSC currently. If I can help you let me know.
  6. So I found out my packet was accepted in August/September for the Army Reserves Nurse Corps. I was happy and nervous at the time. My scroll had been delayed until the end of last week when it came back. During the last 2months I hadn't really thought much about it because, in the beginning I was emailing and trying to find out what the hold up was and I received answers like "we just have to wait and get the scroll back." My recruiter and I didn't talk much after the first few weeks of emailing him. When my recruiter called to tell me the scroll was back I was like "oh ok." He was happy and I was at a loss for words. I'm not sure if I still want to do this. Serving my country is a wonderful opportunity and the incentives are nice as well. I'm just not sure if it's for me. I'm really scared that when I get deployed (b/c normally every1 will deploy @ some time or another) I'll get hurt or come back with PTSD, etc. IDK if my mind is playing tricks on me or what. If anyone has any feedback about what I should do, or their experiences as a reserves nurse and/or deployment I would appreciate them. I'm soooooo nervous and scared. I just don't want to make the wrong the decision. Thanks!
  7. SBT85

    Just Got Word!

    Congrats!! I'm supposed to commission on Saturday as well @ 1330. I'm soooo nervous yet excited.
  8. DIC Harwould I tried to look up this source on the web but could not find. If you have a link or something please post it. The reason I ask is because the requirement for the rn-bsn portion of my program is not full-time. We take about 9-11hours per semester. So I would have to take an extra class (ex: PE, art, etc) although I don't need it to graduate.
  9. SBT85

    What to expect from Macon State College ASN

    Yes I graduated in May. I started the rn-bsn program @ msc last month. My biggest suggestion is to study the powerpoints, do lots of practice questions, and when you pick an answer don't second guess yourself. Also don't cram for tests the night before; if you study for exams in advance you will be fine (i hope). I think that if you can get pass the first semester you will be ok. Good luck!
  10. SBT85

    What to expect from Macon State College ASN

    Shjoll, glad things are going well for you this semester. The reason people say its hard is because of the tests and amount of reading. In my class we started the program with 70 people and graduated with 40 and that includes 5 people who reapplied and were readmitted after failing a course previously. Good luck in school and make sure you "critically think" on the exams.
  11. DIC Harwould I am trying to get all my paperwork completed for the reserves also. I am waiting on 1 more recommendation of 5 to be sent and I have to finish the application. It seems like the application is redundant about references although you can't list someone more than once. That is the part that is holding me up. I am hoping to get STRAP and some loan repayment. I start my RN-BSN program on Tuesday the 18th of August. Do you know how the loan repayment works? What documents are needed, etc? I have to have everything turned in to my healthcare recruiter by the 27th. I hope I make the date.
  12. SBT85

    Am I the only new nurse who doesn't hate my job?

    I have been working since the 1st of June & so far I love my job. The pt population is awesome & the teamwork between the staff is great. I love going to work (outside of waking up early). I hope my love for nursing continues & that when I go to nightshift its just as wonderful.
  13. SBT85

    Did you sign a contract for your first job?

    I am a new grad working in neuro ICU. At my hospital if you work in any of the ICUs or the EC you have to sign a 18 month contract, which begins after you are out of orientation. If leaving before the 18month contract is up you have to pay back $2000 prorated. Also the hospital will pay $5000 in student loans; the requirement is to work for 1 year. However, if you are already required to work for 18 months you don't have to work the extra year for the $5000 payment. If you are asked to leave the unit or go to another floor you are not required to pay back the $2000.
  14. SBT85

    What to expect from Macon State College ASN

    The ASN program @ MSC is difficult but doable. There are several posts on this already. You might want to do a search for them. The tests can consist of several chapters and are about 50 ?s each mc, fill in the blank. Clinicals are twice a week (once for fundamentals & once for psych). The instructors are informative and willing to help in anyway. Hope this helps a little. Make sure you do a search on MSC ASN program; there are several threads on here already. Good luck in the program.
  15. SBT85

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    The trick worked!!!!! I passed!!!!! This is 1 of the happiest days of my life!!!!!!
  16. SBT85

    June 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    I just found out I passed!!! I'm so happy....woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief; the stress is over :) :)