Anyone use Meditech computer charting?


We are starting out with Meditech charting soon. Experiences?


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*shrugs* It's a pretty good system; can't complain too much. Not terribly hard to learn, I don't think.


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I found there is a learning curve with Meditech,but I not only had to learnMeditech at that time, but also how to use a computer. my age is showing.....

Seriously I have been using Meditech for a number of years now, and I think it has simplified many aspects of the job. I say, give it a try and go to any classes you can to become comfortable with the program!!! Good luck and best wishes!!! It's not as bad as you think!!!:balloons:


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Thanks for the replies. I am computer literate, I was just worried because my hospital tends to choose systems that are already behind the times. Thanks for the good words!


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I HATE MEDITECH. Yes, the word Hate is appropriate. Stupid Stupid Computer system. I am 100% convinced it was designed by someone who knew nothing about computers. I'm sure once you know it, its no biggie, but I've had to go through the learning curve twice now, and was VERY unimpressed both times. (Beginning & End of nursing school at different clinical sites).

I am SOOOO glad my new workplace does not use this system.

Best of luck to you, 'cause I know if it was me, I'd sure need all the luck I could get.


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There is most likely a better system out there. However this is the only one I know. It is not hard but it is tedious. Once you start using it, you know there is alot of room for improvement, but still easy enough to chart info.

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Been using MEDITECH for four months now. It's nothing too complicated, rather repetitive. What annoys me is that it does not flow at all and you end up having to put the same information in several different places. I can't say I hate it but there probably are better programmes for ED.


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When I worked on the telemetry unit, we used it for all our order entry, Emar, labs, basically everything except the bedside notes, and bedside assessments. The admission was through meditech and the hospitalists entered their progress notes on it too. It was fine. I had never used a different program for that extensive amt of use, so really not much to compare it to. It's alot of F11 and F12, F9 for lookup, etc. But you get used to it fairly quickly. Now that I am in the ED, we use meditech for order entry and moxing (email), eveything else goes through the computerized T system. Problem being that info from T system cannot be tranferred to the meditech. So when they leave us to go to the floor, they do the admission and have to hand type all the 100's of meds they take, after we just typed all the same stuff in the ed. I think some things should be able to be transferred, or copied and pasted....:uhoh3:

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We've been using Meditech for 7+ years. I like it. I don't have experience with any other charting systems to compare it to.


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I HATE Meditech with every ounce of my being. :angryfire:angryfire


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One brief phrase :MEDITECH SUCKS! Like others, I aboslutely abhor it and everything about it. Good luck dealing with it, you will need it!!!!!!


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On a travel assignment specifically to provide more manpower during a Meditech startup. This new Meditech is the beta they are testing..and it seems to be a WHOLE lot better than 2.7. The info flows pretty well and yep, there's still a lot of F11 and F12 but bedside notes and assessments go well and everybody in the house including ED started at the same time. I really don't see much trouble with this one and if you have any computer skills at all, it's easy.

If you want a headache.....try Last Word or the old Cerner system before they upgraded.

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