Anyone use Meditech computer charting?


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Meditech was my first experience with computer charting. I used to think it really sucked until I had to learn other systems. Now it doesn't seem like it was so bad. I think all systems have their positive and their negative aspects. Meditech did seem tedious, but really once you get used to it it is a pretty simple system to use.

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I Have used meditech in two different hospitals now. In the first hospital it was on the floor and it was the PCS version...I really thought it was an ok system although lots of repetitive info....

Now I use it in the ED which is the EDM version, it has MANY quirks in it that PCS version did not. The main issue is that there is no "spread sheet" option in EDM which makes charting things like VS and frequent Neuro checks a thousand times easier.....



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LOL! I have to agree with the people who say they "hate" Meditech. I've used some really REALLY old computer charting programs that were actually MUCH easier to use than Meditech, and then I decided maybe Meditech isn't SO bad.

Now I'm working in an ER that uses CareManager -- OH MY. I love it. So easy - charting, completing orders, order entry -- everything is SO easy! I think it's by McKesson -- either way, it's totally headache free!


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HATE it!!!. Clinacc is sooooooooo much better!

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I think its a pain in the kiester....I know there has to be a more intuitive program out there....

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we are getting ready to go to it in the ER

I aint the best at them thar puters


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There are two versions of Meditech.

One is called Magic and it the older version, although they are still updating and I think selling it.

The new one is called Client Server (CS) and its probably the one users like using.

We have it and everyone seems to like it quite a bit.

Many hospitals are using it now since its not the best system (means big $) but good compromise based on price and functionality.

I heard Epic is the best but its like $20 million to put that in but only $5 million to put a full Meditech system in.


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I am personally very very fond of the Wellsoft system. Have used Meditech and was rather unimpressed, it has a lot of redundancies. Have also now used electronic T an dwhile it looks funny when you are doing the charting, it preints out a very coherent looking chart, I was more impressed after I printed a chart than before.

But I wont go so far as to hate the thing.


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It is what you build it to be


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my old hospital used meditech to do med scanning & I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. I have no experience as far as charting on it. My new hospital uses McKesson as their computer charting & I HATE it. Its doubule & trip charting. Not very user friendly at all. . .nor does it have computer med scanning. Not wise, not wise at all.

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Last year, Meditech received a huge upgrade. I like that it feels less MS-DOS ish when using it, but I do miss the keyboard shortcuts I got used to using. Entering orders still hasn't changed much, and retrieving reports is annoying, in that it previews first before I can print it. It's not perfect, never will be.

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I HATE Meditech....and I do mean hate it! We had Ibex before we downgraded to Meditech.:mad: Ibex was very user friendly, and I really liked it. Money had to be the reason Meditech was chosen. It may be ok for the floors, but not for the ER. I just get mad thinking about it! Oh did I mention I hate Meditech????

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