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Geena is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. Geena

    We can't go on divert!

    Similar situation - power out and on emergency power, a flood in the lab... But diversion denied... the managing MD of this private physician group running the ED nearly stroked out at the idea. I think there were 40+ LWBS that night.
  2. Geena

    Saudi Arabia

    Re salaries the currency quoted is SAR/ Saudi Riyal. The salaries are paid in Riyal. RN salary in one of the Riyadh hospitals was quoted 14200 SAR / equals USD 3700 for RNs without critical care certification, 15200 SAR/ equals USD 4050 for those who are critical care certified. You don't pay for housing/ utilities. There is no income tax in the KSA. Food is not expensive. What comes to wearing an abaya. It is very light. I never minded wearing one. Nobody stared. I always carried a scarf in my bag and would make a judgement call if around many local men or for example if out and about on Fridays when the Mutawwa (kind of a religious "police") were at their most vigilant. A westerner does not stick out. Saudi's have always bought labour from outside and there are plenty of foreigners around.
  3. Geena

    Saudi Arabia

    Is the hospital in Riyadh or Jeddah? Foreign staff are generally housed on *western compounds* where you can maintain your western lifestyle. You will be able to do your own shopping, you just cannot drive there yourself. Women don't drive in Saudi. Hospitals have regular bus routes set up for major shopping centers and souqs. Getting places was always easy. At work you have translators and you'll quickly be used to using them. You'll pick up spoken Arabic and will be able to talk to your patients in no time! I have a great jog at a UC hospital and I'm really itching to go back to Saudi for a year or two!
  4. Geena

    Saudi Arabia

    riyadh kfsh rn earns sar 14200/ month. with critical care certification sar 15200.
  5. Geena

    Saudi Arabia

    Way back they did hire NA as perfusionists. Update on the previous salary projection though. Current Staff nurse salary equals 2700 euro/ 3900 USD per month. Information from Professional Connections - agency operating from Europe.
  6. Geena

    RP eyes Finland as new destination for nurses

    Your government fixing *things* with countries such as Finland...?I may have misunderstood your post - but we're very proud of our zero tolerance for any kind of corruption. Personally I don't believe in any fixes between our governments here. Good luck to the trial group just don't count on things being *fixed* for you... Cheers!
  7. Geena

    Advice on working in Middle East

    One more thing I did not like about the Saudi/ UAE. They pay the nurses according to the colour of passport. If you come from India or the Philippines the pay is so much less. I'm a nordic and this kind of thing is just a red flag. Bad policy. BTW. Which company do you interview with?
  8. Geena

    Advice on working in Middle East

    Having worked in both Saudi and UAE - I might consider going back to Saudi Arabia. UAE experience was bad because of a very bad hospital/ nursing management. It would be good to talk to someone who actually works there at the moment. In that particular hospital. You'll have tons of people accessing ED for all kinds of ridiculous reasons. Ability to self care is nonexistent. Then again - people come to the ED for stupid reasons here, too and expect to have top service and no waiting. Monthly pay approx 14500 riyals/ 3800 USD per month. Tax free. Usually you don't pay for housing and utilities. Just PM if you want details.
  9. Geena

    Stupidest reason to go to ER

    And I thought it could not get better... Parents bring a four year old after he almost swallowed a mosquito when playing in the park. And? The parents were convinced the kid might get West Nile. I wanted to go home.
  10. Geena

    RP eyes Finland as new destination for nurses

    Not only speak - but write. Now that calls for serious motivation..
  11. Geena

    RP eyes Finland as new destination for nurses

    This is good news. Touchy time though. They are in the middle of a huge industrial action at the moment. 13 000 unionized nurses left their resignations after their demands for a justified pay increase was not met. They're hoping to settle by the 20th November and I have a feeling the nurses are not backing out this time. The cost of living is high as in all the nordic countries. Monthly pay for a RN is approx USD2600. After the taxman takes 35+% and you pay rent and utilities there*s not much left. But it is a lovely country - clean, small population, low crime, good healthcare.
  12. Geena

    13,000 nurses across Finland are threatening to resign

    The pay mentioned is a monthly pay. And considering the cost of living - it is very little. It looks like they are sticking to their guns this time. I think there is three weeks to settle. geena/ finn nurse in ca
  13. Geena

    Know any RN's who became MD's?

    I know two and they're both great ER physicians.
  14. Geena

    Rhode Island Hospital

    Thank you so much for your reply. I apologise, I was not quite clear. The agency I referred to is an agency staffing the hospital from the UK. RNs are employed by the RIH and the agency is just the middle man. I noticed there are no ER vacancies at RIH at the moment - well, not according to their website anyway.
  15. Geena

    Scandinavian Nurses

    One Native Nordic here in California! Relocating to east coast soon - I need my four seasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Geena

    Rhode Island Hospital

    Hi! I know I'm picking up an old thread but! I'm looking into relocating. I remember this agency from last year and was wondering if anybody was placed at RIH. How was your experience with Adevia? I'm hoping to find a good level 1 facility ON THE EAST COAST. I have been in Cali for a year and I miss my four seasons! Hope to hear from you... Geena