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  1. Dumbest thing a student/newbie ever said/did?

    I can't tell you how many times I have done this in my years of nursing. It happens all the time!! Don't feel bad.
  2. Dumbest thing a student/newbie ever said/did?

    I was precepting a new grad. We were priming the tubing for a pt's g tube feeding that ran via pump. This nurse said to me, "Why can't we just give this IV? Oh I know now, because it is too thick." She was dead serious. She kinda scared me as a nurse...
  3. Frequent Flyers in the ED

    Our documentation system has a pull down menu where we can see all of their visits and notes from each visit after 2004. we have a FF who came here last night for her 37th visit in 2007, plus we found out about 16 visits to a hospital about 15 miles ...
  4. Anyone use Meditech computer charting?

    When I worked on the telemetry unit, we used it for all our order entry, Emar, labs, basically everything except the bedside notes, and bedside assessments. The admission was through meditech and the hospitalists entered their progress notes on it to...
  5. Guess the mispronounced medical term

    There's a nurse that I work with that tells us in report that a pt is alert and orientated times three. Makes my skin crawl!!! my other pet peeve, is heighth. Oh look we are about the same heighth! AHHHH! Not too many come to mind from patients thou...
  6. authorization to treat if pregnant and 15??

    The triage nurse took the hx, I was just kinda observing for this one since I am still on orientation. We went into the room where the pt was crying and stating she had been bleeding huge dark clots at home, much much worse than a period, so the nurs...
  7. Computerized ED charting

    We have a computerized system for documentation and labs, etc in our ER. The only problem I have is that it is not directly linked to the computerized program the inpatient units have (meditech). You can read the ER notes and such from inpatient, but...
  8. I just transferred a few wks ago to the ER from telemetry. I had a pt come in claiming to be having a miscarriage, she was 15. In her hx she stated having an elective abortion in the past. She was brought in by her 16 yr old boyfriend and his dad. Th...
  9. What do you *LOVE* about nursing?

    I love knowing that my job is important, and that I can impact and change lives. I am proud of a profession that challenges me, changes me and helps others. I never know what to expect. I love the fact that I am never done learning. If I could do it ...
  10. Views on New Grads Entering the ER.

    I think that new grads would be okay only if given a very, very exensive orientation. Some ED's have separate sections for acute and subacute in which case a new grad could move into critical situations over time. My ED is a pod system, with a mix o...
  11. What's your average nurse to patient ratio?

    1 nurse and 1 tech for 6 beds. Generally with this pod system they try to assign a good mix of acute and non acute pts, but that doesn't always happen. If you are the only one with beds open, you get whomever. It works out pretty well for us.
  12. Schedules

    That would be really tough, how could you make dr appts or anything? we get ours about 4 weeks at a time..
  13. Need counseling on a life decision

    My advice would be to take nursing school out of the picture for the moment while you decide. It sounds as though you are facing a huge change in your life no matter what... Trying to tackle school full time while settling into a new state, with a fr...
  14. Do you allow Tele patients to leave unit to smoke?

    No, no tele pt is allowed to leave the hospital to smoke. If they have demanded to in the past they have had to sign out AMA. It has only happenned a few times at my hospital that I am aware of. Usually it's the ones who really need a beer that are d...
  15. Learning thread (ER medicine)

    I'm gonna say a murmur, and "j" waves.. Danielle