Anyone in Tennessee???

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Just wondering if there were any nurses or nursing students here from Tennessee? Thanks, Sandy.


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I live a few miles from the TN. border (in KY. ) and I'm originally from Memphis. Where are you in TN?



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I used to live on the Tn/Ky line. I now live in Westmoreland, Tennessee. I've seen lots of people on this site from Ohio, I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone close to me!

Hi -

I live in Nashville.




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I'm a nursing student in Memphis.

Bonnie Blue

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I'm in the Bridge program at Vanderbilt in Nashville. I moved here from Chattanooga where I lived for 8 years.

moni rn

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another nursing student in memphis!

tapper, if you don't mind me asking, what school do you go to?


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I moved from Nashville in'75....guess I don't count eh? lol

Nashville was a great town. I hear Opryland, the amusement park, is gone?


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Are either of you a new LPN student? Denny, are you a nurse? If so, do you think it'd be a very difficult transition going from LPN to RN? Or should RN school be easier after LPN? I'm going for LPN 1st, just to make sure I can handle that program with 3 kids b4 going on to RN. I've heard becoming an RN is lots more difficult. Is there ten times more to learn as an RN? Sorry for all the questioning, just excited and curious. Thanks, Sandy.

Furball, I'm not sure about Opryland, I'm originally from Georgia, so I don't venture far from Westmoreland in fear of getting lost!


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I heard that same thing about Opryland, the amusement park. I lived in Alabama, not far across the Tennessee line for a few years. I miss it and am thinking about Tennessee when I finish my Masters.


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I live in Tennessee and work in Nashville. I just graduated from a BSN program one year ago. I don't know much about LPN programs (can't compare their difficulty), but if you have any questions about RN programs, I might be able to answer. Good luck with your endeavor!:) :) :)


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I am a LPN currently going back for an associate in nursing. I don't actually have to go through the nursing courses until next year since I'm already a LPN. (my college is undergoing changes and will soon offer the LPN-RN "transition" program.) I would really consider going straight for the RN program if that is your goal anyway. It is a personal choice and only you know your situation. Best of luck and WELCOME to nursing!


P.S.- We're going to retire in Tennessee in six more years when hubby retires from the Navy. Thinking more of Nashville area rather than Memphis (my hometown). How do you like it where you are???? I do love it here in SE Kentucky, but the taxes will kill ya (state income, personal property, etc....)!:rolleyes:

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