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  1. Bonnie Blue

    Tell me about your state!!

    I live in Nashville so I will try to answer some of your questions. Your conference is at the Opryland Hotel. It is away from the city but has lots to do onsite. There are several bars and Opry Mills is a huge outlet mall. The hotel runs shuttles to the Wild Horse Saloon which where CMT started. It snows maybe 2-3 times during the winter. There are usually more false alarms than actual events. We rarely dip below 10 degrees in the winter, highs in 30-40s. Things start to warm up in late Feb, early March. We have great shopping, lots of live music and not all of it is country, arts etc. Nashville is about 90 minutes from Chattanooga. 3-4 hours from Knoxville and the Smokies, and 4-5 hours to Memphis. Huntsville and Atlanta are also within easy driving distance. Cost of living varies depending on where you live, some parts of town are pricier others. I live near Vandy, myself. I pay $810 for a 2 B, 2 B apartment. I have a roommate to split costs with. Help this helps Bonnie Blue
  2. Bonnie Blue

    Alcoholic Male, should i do nursing?

    Devin, I have 18 years + of recovery. I have earned a BS, MS and a MSN in that time. I would strongly suggest that you work on staying clean and sober for right now. You could probably get a job as a tech in treatment facility after 6 months clean time. After a year, when your body has recovered somewhat and your life more stable then pursue your education. LPN training is a great place to start. There are also Psych-Mental Health NPs so that could be a long term goal if you want to stay in the addictions field. Good luck and remember one day at a time. Bonnie Blue
  3. You need to get the tele experience to be effective in cardiac rehab. You need to know your rhythms. Also, cardiac rehab jobs are highly prized and as a new grad you would be going up against RNs with experience. You might see if the rehab department would hire you as a PRN person. And get ACLS certified also. I would also suggest you check out the American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Specialist certification. Most programs have and want certified personnel. This would also give you a leg up on any positions that come open. Hope this helps. Bonnie Blue
  4. Bonnie Blue

    List of Specialties

    These are the specialties listed in certification catalog from the american nurses credentialing center: Acute Care, Adult, Family, Gerontological, Pediatric, Psych/mental health. There are also: neo-natal and women's health which are certified by different groups. There are also nurse-midwives who have NP training. To find schools check some of the links here.
  5. Bonnie Blue

    Landing a job outside the hospital

    In response to your question, yes and no. I spent almost a month on days with a very experienced nurse. Then I went to nights, again, with an experienced nurse. I felt supported and comfortable asking questions. I had trouble staying focused and I made some med errors. I am not sure I should even try to get another job as a nurse right now. The pickings were pretty slim in Sunday's paper but I will keep looking.
  6. On Friday, I resigned from my med-surg job at a local hospital. I lasted six months. I liked the patients and my co-workers but I was not a good hospital nurse. I am a new grad so I don't have the one year of experience that alot of places want. Any suggestions on what to do next? I need to find a job within the next month. Thanks
  7. Bonnie Blue

    Your Worst Mistake

    I am a new grad working on a med surg floor. I made a med error today. This is not the first time I have made an error in the six months I have worked on the floor. I owned up to it but I am just sick. I have tried soo hard not to let this happen. I write down when my meds are due, I check and re-check the MAR and still I have made several errors in time I have been working. Please don't crucify me. I have talked to my head nurse about it and will go in again tomorrow voluntarily to try and do something. I want the experience that comes from working on a med-surg floor but I am afraid I am really going to hurt someone.
  8. Bonnie Blue

    I'm just so proud to be here!

    Burp, I've heard this too. Although, I went to open house for them about 2 months ago and flat out asked about those issues. I was told that it used to be like that but since they've had a change of personnel, it's better. I already work PRN at ST so going full-time makes sense to me. I may end up in special care or telemetry if the CC class fills up before I can get in. I just need to start working full-time!
  9. Bonnie Blue

    I'm just so proud to be here!

    Newly minted Vandy grad in the Music City here. I'm hoping to work in the pods at St. Thomas. Want to put my time in before working as a NP
  10. Bonnie Blue

    NP vs PA -- a travesty ????

    Check out my resisdent hours post. To recapitulate: Starting July 1, residents will be limited to working 80 hours a week. Which means, teaching hospitals will need mid-level providers to fill in the gaps. I know that the nurse recruitment dept. here had a big job fair this week to recruit ACNPs.
  11. Bonnie Blue

    I am a slacker

    Count me in the slacker goup! I have a paper due Friday which needs major revsion. (I HATE APA STYLE!) Here I am goofing around online!
  12. Bonnie Blue

    New to nursing

    Way to go! I wish you all the best. I think you're in because of your skills and abilities, not your gender or color. At least, I hope so. ;-) Take advantage of any and all learning opportunities. Grand rounds at the hospital, AACN chapter meetings, anything to get you ahead.
  13. Bonnie Blue

    HOLY GOD Tuition is $18,500 a year ! ! !

    After finishing my program at Vandy, I will be 75K in the hole. But, I have my license and my MSN in two years.
  14. Bonnie Blue

    Today was the day!!!!!!!!

    :D Congratulations, Tonya. Make sure you reward yourself! You deserve it!:biggringi
  15. Bonnie Blue

    Get ready for nursing school?

    I picked up this pocket one and have found it to be really good. "Practical Guide to health assessment through the lifespan." Mildred Hogstel and Linda Curry. This book covers taking a history and doing a physical assessment for newborns through seniors.
  16. Bonnie Blue

    I am not accepted!

    Is there an immigrant or refugee organization where you live? Look for resources geared to immigrants. Catholic Charities and other church organizations may also have resources for you. You shouldn't be trying to do this alone. PS. I do know that Catholic Charities won't try to convert you.