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  1. ? about student nursing in TN

    ebonygirl, i am sorry, but i don't remember how far back they went. my advice would be to ask the dean of your nursing program. sorry that i couldn't help more.
  2. Anyone working for St. Jude?

    congrats on starting nursing school and thanks for being a paramedic for so long. i worked in the er for a while, and i realize what an awesome job y'all really do. about st. jude, i have never personally worked there, but we went on a recruitment...
  3. middle TN

    memphis gal, here! sorry to butt in. :uhoh21: i used to live in middle tn: springfield. i guess that still counts. i am considering about coming back up for grad school. i need y'all's expert advice. i am planning on doing both programs at on...
  4. I need Help

    hey mel, i hope i am not too late, but here is a link that should answer all of your questions: good luck with your report!
  5. I Got A Job! I'm Coming To Tn! :)

    congrats on the new job! welcome to tn!
  6. Weigh in Time Ladies

    this is a great idea! would you like for me to "stick" this to the top of student nursing? just let me know! i am currently 135 lbs & 5'6''. my goal is to be 125 by next summer. my husband & i are doing ivf, & we want to be in the bes...
  7. I am so bummed!

    i am sorry that you have to wait an additional semester. i am sure it is frustrating. i wish i could add something more to what has been said, but the experts have said it all. ( rule!!) listen to their great advice & good luc...
  8. What are you doing to prepare for school?

    well, let's see: 1) fall cleaning (because i won't have time to really clean during the semester) :imbar 2) finishing up study guide questions for fall semester 3) working as many hours in both jobs (because once school starts, i won't be able to...
  9. Nursing specialties... any ideas?

    l & d, but ultimate goal is to become a women's health np/cnm.
  10. Starting Dates

    whew, i guess i am the late one here! :) my classes start aug 28th, & i am in my 2nd semester of a 4 semester program. good luck to everyone!
  11. Finally Got My Results

    congratulations!!! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:
  12. nursing will be my 2nd career, or will it be my 3rd? i am currently a wellness manager for a corporate exercise facility, but when i was working on my degree (sports medicine), i was an athletic trainer for our football & basketball team. i am a...
  13. :wavey: Your school books

    oversized backpack ... my husband thinks i am nuts carrying around that much weight.
  14. New students...what is your fall schedule like?

    for the 1st half of the semester: ob ob clinical for the 2nd half of the semester: adult health i ahi clinical for the whole semester: pharmacology
  15. When do you start classes?

    classes start aug 28th for my 2nd semester. this semester is ob & adult health i. it is going to be difficult, but i can't wait for it begin!