Anyone take Statistics?


I have to take it and I HATE HATE HATE algebra. Does this mean I will fail Stats?

If I hate and am not very good at alegebra, is it a lost cause? I'd hate to think that this ONE class will stand in my way of applying to the Nursing school I really want to get into, (which unfortunately requires a general STATS class.) But I can't even remember what is involved in statistics. The last time I dealt with it was 10 years ago in undergrad when I was in a PSYCH class.

Can anyone elaborate on what to expect?


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I had to take it for my first BS. I hated it. I got a C and was glad for that. I think if you have the right teacher it isn't to bad but it's not an easy class.


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Probably the easiest math course I took ever. Don't worry about it.

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It's pretty much cook-book math. There are a bunch of equations which apply to specific data sets and you must simply be able to pick the appropriate equation, plug in the correct data, and determine the answer.


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Definitely the hardest part to Stats is, not the math, but picking the correct formula to use. If you have that part down, the formulas are manageable.


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I was very intimidated when I took Stats last spring, especially with the professor being merciless and demanding! I always made C's in algebra and calculus, but I actually got an A in Stats. I was even the only one in the class who would get up and work problems out on the board. I surprised myself everyday and the class was a real confidence booster. The prof even wrote me a recommendation for nursing school (*fingers crossed!!! won't know my fate for another few weeks!). The post above about it being a cook-book math class was dead on. It's all about formulas, so if you can remember which formulas to use for which data, you'll have no problem. It looks a lot more daunting than it is. Good luck!


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I loved stats! The easiest class ever!!! I even took the advaced level in college and aced the class. The easies math class ever. Just read the book! Let me know if you need help..


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I get different opinions every time I ask that question too! I'm taking this course next semester and I'm worried as well!! hopefully we both can pull an A as some people have :)


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Loved Statistics--easiest math course I ever took--got a 96 on the final--Don't be afraid of it--I thought it would be hard too--but it wasn't--Good Luck!!!


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I had an awesome statistics teacher. All we had to do was memorize the scientific calculator. One of the easiest A I've ever gotten.

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I'm in Algebra right now and will be taking Stats in the spring. Even though I wasn't the OP, I appreciate everyone's comments. I was hoping stats was easier than algebra. Algebra is evil!! I just want someone to tell me when will knowing how to figure out an asymptote ever SAVE MY LIFE?! :chuckle


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Stats math is simple. But my class had a very heavy workload and we had take home tests and people still had trouble. I got an A for both the class and lab. Just know that you will probably have a lot of work but it can be managed. Don't worry about the math. good Luck

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