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  1. kittykatty

    Passed boards! Have several job offers, which one to take????

    Hey Tony Congratualtions on the VA job!! I just applied for one in my area and I was wondering? How long does the process take? From reading your posts it looks like it took 6 weeks for you? that's pretty quick--Anyway the job I am applying for says day shift and rotating to evening shifts. My question is what is considered evening shift at VA and how often do you rotate? Thanks
  2. kittykatty

    Nursing Career: Can My Back Take It?

    HI Just wondering if they mentioned which hospitals have lift teams? Which cities? Seems like a great idea to me.
  3. kittykatty

    MDS Nurses: do the other departments respect MDS?

    HI Lisa I am very much interested in MDS--You mention you did a year of floor nursing--what specialty? Med-Surg? Did the company that hired you think 1 year of floor nursing was enough? Any insight would be appreciated. Did you have to take a pay cut from the hospital? Are you aorking in a LTC facility? Good Luck.
  4. kittykatty

    Nurse performs tracheotomy

    So I have to assume since these flight nurses had the protocols to do the trach and the training--then if they made the decision not to do it they would have been sued also--right? So damned if you do and damned if you don't--How scary---Let's hope we see tort reform soon.
  5. kittykatty

    Disgusting Nurses!! SICK of my status as a CNA

    HI Blackheartednurse--Are you saying you are an RN working as a transporter? How come? Aren't there any new grad positions for you at your hospital? Where are you working? It's very hard to find a new grad position here (Delaware)--Wonder if I could get a transporter job until I can land a nursing job--Just curious. Kat
  6. kittykatty

    help picking between two jobs

    I'd take the 2nd one becuase of the med tech. Either 1 sounds great though. Can I have the one you don't want? I'm indelaware and can't find a thing.
  7. kittykatty

    Should I be a CNA -- I'm 44yrs old!!! Is it too late for me?

    Forgive me for saying but... if you have 40 credits with a 3.8 you are ready for nursing school. JMHO
  8. "Speaking of changes, I read in yesterday's NY Times, that the Supreme Court, with its "conservative" majority, just made it more difficult to prosecute an employer for age discrimination by removing one of the requirements" Hate to tell you this but the Supreme Court does not have a Conservative Majority---I'm afraid you'll have to blame the Libs for this one.
  9. kittykatty

    Should I be a CNA -- I'm 44yrs old!!! Is it too late for me?

    chrys check with the college that is giving this course --they may have a scholorship or grant that would help with the costs. If you do decide take the time to go to the school and get the list of books you will need--get the ISBN numbers from them and then go online to e-bay or half.com and get them cheap. I never paid full price for any of my nursing books and I saved a fortune.
  10. kittykatty

    3 job offers..one psych..don't know what to do.

    HI I would go for whatever you feel would make you happy and fulfilled. Can I ask where on the east coast you live? Good luck with your choice and how lucky to have 3 jobs to choose from.
  11. kittykatty

    Should I be a CNA -- I'm 44yrs old!!! Is it too late for me?

    Go for it:yeah: I graduated at 49 with honors and I worked a hard physical job in an auto factory at the time. I always wanted to be a nurse and to get a degree but I always had to work to support my family. I finally decided to take the plunge and go head first. I remember the 1st day of school thinking --Oh my can I do this? My doubts didn't last long though because I knew that I could do it. If I could work in 110 degree heat and build a car I knew I could go to school. Best thing I ever did for myself but I have to admit that for the 3 years that it took me I did nothing but study and work--it was a complete devotion to school. Total committment--but in the end it paid off. Good Luck with whatever you decide and have fun with it. NJ should have alot of schools or programs for CNA--I think I would skip the CNA and either do the LPN or RN. Just my .
  12. kittykatty

    New Grad-Recovery Room Position

    HI Bec17 Where are you at? Around here new grads can't get anything near the ER,ICU,PACU or wherever. I wish I could get in PACU. Thanks
  13. kittykatty

    Refresher course and TPAPN?

    HI what is tpapn?
  14. kittykatty

    Veterans - End of Life Booklet

    FLmomof5--Thanks for taking the time to explain to everyone ALL of the facets of the proposed healthcare plan. Everything you say is very true. Is it the responsibility of the US Government to help us with our EOL issues? NO!!! My father died in a VA hospital in 1992--One night after work I went to visit him--He seemed fine to me--lucid and talkative. As I was leaving his nurse told me she had a "feeling" that he would die soon and that I should prepare myself for it. When I asked her how could she possibly know if he would die soon she said, "I have been a nurse for 15 years and I just know these things". Two days later I was called into the medical directors office and the DR started asking me questions about did I know if my Dad wanted extended care or not. I refused to answer but I promised to ask my Dad the next time I saw him and get back to the DR. Within 48 hours of that conversation he was out of the nursing home unit and moved to another unit to die--official cause of death sepsis--but I have never been happy with that explanation. If I had known then about the VA's attitude about EOL issues I would have protested more--I have always felt since the day he died that they somehow speeded up his death--but I will never know. What I do know is that the Medical Director had the attitude that my Dad would be better off dying--I can still see his smiling face--how surreal. I don't want anyone else to go through the feelings of guilt that I have to this day that I did not fight hard enough for him--no one has the right to decide when someone else should die--not even the US Government--God help us all if we are left to their designation of who is viable to live and who is not.
  15. kittykatty

    I violated HIPAA while talking about the news!

    HI Can I ask what is CILA? DSP? amd DD? Thanks Sounds like your girl likes to try to hurt you for some reason. HUGS
  16. kittykatty

    And when I thought the job hunt couldn't get any worse....

    Carolladybelle--That is soooo interesting because I was always led to believe that those tests were impossible to beat. By lieing on them do you mean you give the answer that you think they are looking for rather than the true answer that you would normally give? Just curious in case I run into one on my job quests.