anyone take chemistry without college algebra and do good

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I'm getting in A in beginning algebra and hate the thought of putting off chemistry any longer but it seems to be a pre-req for a lot of colleges to take college algebra first. I can take chemistry with a lab at an online Junior college (educan) but I don't want to get my self into a situation where I'm lost and get a bad grade.

Any advice.

Beginning algebra is enough. You'll need to be able to convert things from one unit to another (basically fractions although it can look scary to a nonmathy type) and add and subtract to balance chemical equations (2 Hydrogen atoms plus 1 Oxygen atom = 1 H2O molecule).

Anyway, that was all the math in the chem class I took. Your mileage may vary.

I am currently taking Chemistry and College Algebra together. I don't use anything from my Algebra class in my Chem class. That being said, be sure you are comfortable with things such as cross multiplying, solving equations, multiplication, division, percents, etcetera. That is really all I use in my Chem class math wise. There are several people in my class who are rusty with their math and it has bit them, but if you are taking beginning algebra you will be okay. Some of the math is confusing in chem, but once you get the hang of it you will be fine. Good luck.


I took my chemistry class having no previous background in chem and having only completed beginning algebra. I still managed to ace the course and I do not consider myself math savvy at all.

The actual math of the course is basic-- multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting. You've just got to learn when and how to use them to solve problems. The problems themselves consisted of word problems, equations, and conversions. Don't let the fancy shmancy chemistry terminology intimidate you because when it comes right to it, the math is a piece of cake.

I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck. :)

I took Chemistry and then Algebra and did fine. I didn't use Algebra in my Chem class either.

I did but I had algebra in high school. That was enough for me.

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I wouldn't recommend taking Chemistry online. That's just my 2 cents, but I believe science courses should be taken in a live classroom setting. The math isn't difficult, but it also depends upon your comfort levels, as well as simply "getting" the concepts. I took chemistry with some very brilliant people, and quite a few of us had problems towards the very end of the semester with Mols, balancing complicated equations, etc.

Good luck!!

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Did not take algebra before chemistry and still did well. I don't believe it is necessary.

NB: anyone take chemistry without college algebra and do well :uhoh3:

I am taking an introductory algebra class (think 9th grade algebra) along side my Chemistry class. I have had no trouble so far. As long as you have basic algebraic concepts down, you'll be just fine. "college" level algebra not necessary I'm sure.

Going with the hive on this one. I am taking my math classes now (super basic math and stats) but took chem last spring and did just fine (although I had friends in that class that really struggled and they had A's in Calc and Statics (not satistics)). For the second semester of chem a better understanding of math comes into play, but for Chem 101 (or whatever a school calls its first college level chem course) its all "plug and chug"

Basic algebra is all you need for chemistry. I'm pretty sure you will do fine with just intro to algebra. As long as you know how to do conversions (mg=g, ect., moles to mass, mass to moles) and work your scientific calculator (ex. exponents, log).

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