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  1. Whoever told you this are not your friends!!! Real friends should have faith in each other. Although I do not know you, I believe anyone can make it through nursing school if they put their hearts and mind to it. As for your 9 chapter reading assignment before class start without a syllabus... OUCH! Have you called the school to see when you will be getting the syllabus?
  2. nurse4forever

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    Got an A in microbiology... and an A in college comp 2.... but would have been happy with a B since I'm not too fond of writing argumentative papers
  3. nurse4forever

    Nursing School: Things To Know Before You Start!

    Me too... I would love to know what other books I should have. I already purchased Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination and Fundamentals Success: A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking. Because we are not required to take a separate pharmacology class, I also bought Pharmacology for Nursing Care textbook to read this summer before starting the ADN program this fall.
  4. nurse4forever

    Pax Admission Test - Failed

    Actually, the study guide helped me with the physics part of the test. Did you get the study guide?
  5. nurse4forever

    PAX entrance exam

    Do not spend too much time on the questions since it is timed. My sister-in-law just took it today and didn't make the 60 percentile needed for the ADN program at the school. Now she has to wait 6 months to retake it. When I took it last year, I didn't do so well on the verbal section but did well on the math and science part. I would also suggest you use study guide to review the physics part. There were quite a few questions regarding physics.
  6. nurse4forever

    How are you going to spend your Thanksgiving break?

    I'll be spending my Thanksgiving working on my 8-10 page research paper for Human Growth & Development class, study for final exams for A&P II, Organic Chem II, and my Gerontology class. I can't wait until after finals... I am going to relax for a whole a month!!!
  7. nurse4forever

    What classes are you taking in the Spring?

    In the Spring, I'm just taking microbiology w/ lab and college comp II. Those are the only classes I need to take and then off to Nursing classes in the Fall. I am excited and scared at the same time to be starting next Fall.
  8. nurse4forever

    oh where's my luck?????

    Don't give up! If nursing is your passion, then you should pursue it no matter what is standing in the way. Why not apply to other schools that is not on a lottery system? So what if you have to wait? My school is first come, first serve. The wait is not bad (2 years)... atleast it is a guarantee that you will eventually get in. Also, you have a chance to move up the list and start sooner because many applicants drop off the list to either a different school or can not maintain their GPA. I'm glad my school has a waitlist. It gives me time to work on all the non-nursing courses so when I start the nursing program, all I have are the nursing courses to focus on. Good luck!!!
  9. nurse4forever

    what is harder, A&P or Chemistry?

    I think O-chem is much easier than A&P. I've also heard that if you take chemistry before A&P, you do much better in A&P. Last semester I took O-Chem 1 and A&P 1 and got A's in both. This semester, I'm taking O-Chem 2 and A&P 2... I study harder for A&P than I do for chem and currenty have a high A in chem but a very low A in A&P. My professor in A&P 2 (one of the hardest A&P professors at my school) is constantly reminding us to not worry so much about our grade. As long as we know the material and can apply it, we will do better when we get into our programs. Hang in there... I'm pretty sure you will do fine in your chemistry class!
  10. nurse4forever

    anyone take chemistry without college algebra and do good

    Basic algebra is all you need for chemistry. I'm pretty sure you will do fine with just intro to algebra. As long as you know how to do conversions (mg=g, ect., moles to mass, mass to moles) and work your scientific calculator (ex. exponents, log).
  11. nurse4forever

    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    meghanTK and VannVann2008... I'm pretty sure you will have enough points to get in fall 2011. Just keep taking those classes and use all the resources you can. I find that youtube videos help me understand certain physiology for a&P much better than the textbooks. studentnurseCT... I know the wait for the acceptance letter is killing you. Good luck to you! I hope you get accepted to all the programs you applied to so you can choose which one you want to go to.
  12. nurse4forever

    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    At my school, it's first come, first serve. To apply and get on the waitlist... we only need a 3.0 gpa with 12 credits or more. Get a C or better in intro to a&p, intro to chem, intro to algebra (or test out). Get atleast a 60 percentile on the pax test. While on the waitlist, we can take any of the non-nursing courses and keep a 2.5 gpa. The waitlist is about 2 years because they only accept 60 students every fall. Applicants are always moved up the list because students are dropping or transfering to a new school. How is the application process through your school?
  13. nurse4forever

    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    Hi VannVann... I was accepted to start the ADN program Fall 2011 at my school. I'm super nervous. I will have all my non-nursing courses completed by the time I start the nursing program. This semester I'm taking A&PII w/lab, O-chem II w/lab, Human Growth & Development, Intro to Gerontology. Spring semester, I am taking Microbiology w/lab and college comp II. What classes are you taking right now or have to take still?
  14. nurse4forever

    Patho and Chem?

    I do not see why not? There are many people who take chem and bio class together. I've taken A&P1 with lab and Organic Chem1 with lab and got As in both classes. I'm taking A&P2 with lab and Organic Chem2 with lab right now with 2 other classes and is doing fine. Patho has no lab and I plan on taking it with Microbiology with lab in the spring.
  15. nurse4forever

    I need some guidance!

    I think you should stick with the general ed courses at the community college, then apply for the RN program. Not that many places are hiring LPNs anymore. Also, they are making current LPNs go back to school to become RN. You want to go to a school where credits will transfer especially if you want to eventually get your BSN or MSN later in life. Good luck to you. I wish I had thought about pursuing a career instead of a job when I graduated from high school.