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  1. stefanyjoy

    Is my husband being unreasonable?

    I don't think it's fair to your older children to have them assume parenting roles. My mother was a night shift nurse and I always had to hold down the fort, and yes, there were emergencies sometimes. I am in agreement with your husband, sorry.
  2. stefanyjoy

    To all the students about to start nursing school...

    Thank you for this post. I start nursing school tomorrow. I feel scared ******** and unprepared. I have to work 25-30 hrs a week and I'm a single parent. Hi to the General Nursing Student board though, feels nice to finally post in here...
  3. stefanyjoy

    Tips on getting an A in A&P1?

    Aside from studying a bunch, I also used Mr Ford's videos online Mr. Ford's Anatomy and Physiology -- worth the $5 per lesson. When my eyes were too tired I would just play his videos over and over, it stuck. I made a high A and didn't even have to take the final.
  4. stefanyjoy

    First day of CNA clinical - Elder abuse?

    Curious as to why some people would think I would make something like this up. I work full time, am a part time student, was just accepted into NS for this fall, plus I am a single parent. I have a lot better things to do with my time than to troll a nursing message board. I come here for advice, feedback, information and a funny story after a long day. To those wondering, the unit I was doing my clinical on was for mainly Medicare/Medicaid recipients (they actually had a seperate hall for people with private insurance - in the front of the building - so it looked all plush at first glance). I'm guessing the little family I did see visit just didn't have any other options. I know a lot of them did complain about it smelling like poop all the time in the halls. Most of the residents I was assigned to did not have family that visited, which is why they stuck them with the CNA students.
  5. stefanyjoy

    Does a CNA have to wipe butts?

    Don't feed the trolls...
  6. I'm so afraid I'll be so nervous I will forget everything! My CNA class really sucked, the instructors could never agree on anything and always gave conflicting information. I just feel so unprepared Do the evaluators do anything to try to get people to relax or is it going to be a really rough 30 minutes?
  7. stefanyjoy

    Need help with homework for Anatomy

    They don't?
  8. stefanyjoy

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Oh my god, I just got chills all over.
  9. :barf01: I've made it through many of the stories on this thread, but I think this one finally broke me down. My tummy is very sour!
  10. stefanyjoy

    Dev Psych Research Topic Ideas?

    Hey everyone! So for some reason I'm having a really hard time trying to narrow down a research topic for a paper in Dev Psych. The instructor is very flexible and is allowing us to research anything do to with dev. psych as long as there are at least 5 reliable references, and should be about ~5 pages in length, so there does need to be a lot of information out there on the topic. I don't know why I am having such a hard time choosing! I think developmental psych is interesting, so you'd think I'd have thought of something by now. I thought maybe if I throw some ideas around here, someone could give me some kind of direction or ideas of things to research? -I am interested in developmental toys for children, and longitutinal studies that implicate how certain toys or types of play impact a child's cognitive development (i.e, blocks have been linked with better math skills in the middle school years, fantasy play and the effect on children, etc) but I am worried I won't be able to find enough references, or stretch it out to 5 pages without getting wordy or repetitive. -I also am interested in researching short term vs. long term memory studies, and tactics to increase the liklihood that information is stored in long term memory (I have a personal interest in this to help me gain new ideas for studying). But is this too broad of a topic? I also have to find a way to incorporate colleague collaboration.... should I do a questionnaire or something? Any ideas would be most appreciated!
  11. stefanyjoy

    Student caught stealing....

    It is beyond me why anyone would work so hard to get through the training of becoming a nurse to ruin it all by stealing a few dollars. This student clearly has mental issues and shouldn't be a nurse.
  12. stefanyjoy

    They won't pay me my money!

    This happened to my husband and we contacted the labor board. They called the employer that same day and he had a check very shortly :)
  13. stefanyjoy

    The nursing shortage is nonexistent

    There is a nursing "shortage" -- but hospitals and providers are learning to "do more with less!" as the motto goes -- for every post about somone not being able to find work, there are 3 posts about problems arising due to overworked nurses with too many patients. More nurses are needed, just no one willing to hire. Pretty depressing, but the same goes with most any other career right now. This is why people who become nurses should actually want to BE nurses, not just entering the field because finding a job will be easy. Hopefully that will be the case within a few years, but I wonder if those people are actually satisfied with their careers once they do have a job?
  14. I'm completely over it today, just needed to vent. Campus finals start tomorrow and I'm feeling the pressure. I just hope other people who took the same online final I did took the time to go over their answers instead of accepting a lower grade due to the teacher's error.
  15. Happy end of semester everyone! This semester I took a General Psychology course completely online through my local community college. It was kind of too easy -- the professor only made us answer 2 short-answer questions per week, with an open-book test every other week. I turned in all my assignments early and made A's on all the exams. Well, the professor either does not speak english as a first language, or otherwise is really not mentally capable of being an instructor. All his e-mails are filled with typos and sometimes do not even make sense. His short answer questions would also be presented in either very awkward sentences or copied straight from the book. Last night I took the online final (early). It was about 50 questions that came straight from the book, nothing out of the ordinary. I double- and triple-checked each question, taking extra special time on the questions that were worded improperly. When I submitted it, I was shocked. It came back as a 72! I went over the "wrong" answers and determined that something was wrong with his answer key, because the answers that the test said were correct, were definitely NOT correct (the main benefit to identifying and diagnosing mental disorders is so "client's insurance companies will pay for them"? uh, no.) In an e-mail, I submitted to him all the questions that the test said were "wrong" and defended my answers with direct quotes & page numbers from the book. This is the response I received: Hey Stephine, (not how my name is spelled) I did go back give you credit for your answers .Taking a behaviorl course online is so different than taking the course as a seated class. If you have to take Sociology, I would suggest you take it in the classroom. This course can be difficult for some students to undertand. Hope you have enjoyed the course and happy holidays! He did change the grade from a 72 to a 94 but w.t.f @ insinuating that an online course might be over my head? I made an A in that class and turned in every assignment! I don't know why, but this just made me livid. I know the man isn't the brightest crayon in the box, and I really shouldn't let this get to me, but I'm already dealing with a lot of insecurities about myself prior to nursing, and this just chapped my a$$! What do you guys think, should I mention this on his evaluation? I already feel better sharing this. Thank you, AN :)
  16. stefanyjoy

    How long does CNAs' paychecks lasted?

    Just sign them over to me and I'll cash them for you.