Anyone Out There Taking Chemistry?

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Hello Everyone

I would like to know is anyone out there taking Chemistry? I will be taking Chemistry this Fall along with Life Span Development. I would like to know how I would go about studying for Chemistry? I went to the Library the other day and I took out some books on Chemistry. I have been reading them so that I can get the feel on what is involved in taking the course.

If there is anyone out there who could assist me I would very much appreciate it. Thank you


Chemistry is hard. I took it in high school so I wouldn't have a problem in college. My professor always said practice practice and practice those math problems. You can study some of the formulas but really practicing at least 15 problems a day will help you remember. Organize chemistry you must study and practice those problems. You will see results. I got an A in that class. It look that class this year in march. First time people it's hard so now try to understand the work and practice. Best of luck. If you love math you wouldn't complain. The labs are fun also. You will get that A.

chemistry isnt so bad, but you do need to study at least a few minutes if not more per day. The math portion wasnt horrible, and at least in my class we only really focused on the math during the first half of the course. we had to memorize the abbreviations of the elements from the periodic table. i would also suggest printing out the periodic table to add notes on which are metals, non metals etc and also which groups they are in... that helped me when i was studying (I am a visual learner). Also check out youtube, their are some great videos that were very helpful when studying, especially on topics that I didnt understand fully during lecture.

good luck, and just remember that this class is just a means to an end. You will do fine, and it will all be worth it in the end.

For me what really made a difference in my understanding chemistry was drawing everything out and then making notes around what I drew. So instead of just describing a valence shell I woudl draw orbitals. Also try to make yourself a nice big periodic table to put above your desk, come on get a giant poster board and a box of colored pencils, perhaps by the time you are done drawing it you will have learned a few important things before your class even starts.

Honestly I hate math and general chem was a bit of a struggle for me because of all the math but the concepts behind the math kept me motivaited to learn. I am so glad I retained most of the information because physiology is a lot of chemistry without as much math, lol.

I'm taking a hybrid chemistry class that meets once a week for about 3 hours. I took chemistry in high school but it has been five years so I have to retake it. Ughhhh. It seems easy enough. I'm a math geek and and lucky that all of our home work is online and we have multiple tryouts to get it right. Get a calculator if you don't have one with an EE button or a 10^x Wal-Mart has cheap ones at good price.

it depends on what chemistry you are taking (101, 102 orrr 110, and 111), and it also depends on your instructor. My professor would teach on a sim board and upload his lecture notes onto his website at the end of the day ( which could still help you! I found that I needed to focus more on the calculations, and repetition is key! I did them over and over again til I had it nailed, and memorized. (Most of the calculations you do in nursing school --> meds, are done in similar formats :))Then I would study the wordy parts of his instruction (definitions, theory, etc.) I just finished all of my chemistry prerequisites, and it can be fun if you let it (just look at calculations as a puzzle, or game). I am super happy that I don't have to take any more chem classes though! lol Forget note cards, or at least I had to, they did nothing for me, but waste valuable time. My learning style is hands on/visual, so i just basically write things over and over again til I can quote them correctly lol

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Practice the problems at the end of the chapter. Make sure you know how the terms and concepts are linked. Try explaining chemistry concepts to a willing person, which will help it sink in to your brain. I don't know what level of chemistry you are taking, but make sure you figure out how to balance equations and calculate molecular masses of the products of the equations. Google Khan Academy for some good videos. Best of luck and happy studying!

It's been about 2-3 years since I have taken chemistry. But from previous posters have a copy of the periodic table I would say is a must. I remember I have to know a lot of charges of different elements and polyatomic ions. Math was a big portion of it as well like converting from different units or grams to mols. You might find the websites I found below to be helpful. It gives an overview of chemistry by category. I have also included a website of ions and different compounds. Hope this helps and Good luck this semester!

I took Chem last year and it was a bit difficult for me, I never liked chem even in high school (even though I got an A). If you feel that chem may be a struggle for you I would just ask the instructor from the get go if he could recomend a tutor and start meeting with them from the begining. That way you can begin the year on a good footing so if you struggle a later in the semester you will have a good grasp of the fundamentals and a few good grades to help get you through ;)! Good luck!

I failed Chemistry in high school but took Chemistry as a major before leaving school. It's a lot of practice. If you're good at math, it'll come a lot easier.

I had to take it again last year since it had been past five years since my last chemistry class in order to satisfy my pre-reqs. My professor was really great and gave us some links online that were helpful to the class.

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I had to take Organic Chemistry as a pre-requisite for the nursing program. It was awful. I struggled in that course and had 2 different tutors to try and help me. One was free provided by my college and I hired a private tutor that I had to pay for. I still could not comprehend most of the material. I ended up getting a B in the course which I truly believe is due in part to the professor taking pity on me.

The only advice I could really give you is STUDY YOUR ASS OFF. Study every waking chance you get and when you have chemistry coming out of your ears, study some more. I don't know if general chemistry is as intense as organic chemistry but either way you don't have an easy road ahead of you, especially if math type topics don't come easy for you.

Really focus on conversion math problems, the elements, study the periodic table of elements and understand what everything means, know the difference between covalent and ionic bonds, also start memorizing the polyatomic ions (you will need to know all of them), and focus on the pH scale. You will need to be able to balance chemical equations as well.

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