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  1. CJ2blpn2017

    what will my duties be?

    Hello, I was a pre-nursing major at CCSU, but the opportunity came up for me to go to Stone Academy nursing program. Is there anyone out there who knows about their nursing program? I took the Accuplacer pre-admissions exam and to my surprise I passed and scored pretty well on the exam. Now all I need to do is apply to the program and meet with financial aid on Monday. The class starts on June 22, 1015. I hope that I get accepted if I do get accepted and go through the program I plan to continue my education towards a BSN program. But mainly what I would like to know what will my duties be as a entry level LPN working in a LTC facility.
  2. CJ2blpn2017

    Stone Academy Nursing program in CT

    Hello, I was a pre-nursing major ,but the opportunity came up for me to apply to a LPN program. I passed the pre-admission exam today so all I have to do is apply to the program and also meet with financial aid. If I get accepted into Stone Academy and make it through I will then finish taking the pre-requites for the BSN program. Does any one out there now about Stone Academy Nursing program in CT if you do, how did you find the program to be?
  3. CJ2blpn2017

    what are my duties going to be

    Hello I was just wondering what would I be doing as an LPN in a LTC facility in CT.
  4. CJ2blpn2017

    I need your help

    Hello I need to take Chemistry 1 this summer because it is a requirement for the pre-nursing program that I want to get into next fall 2016, but I do not have the money to pay out of pocket, and I cannot get financial Aid for the summer because I do not attend school this pass semester. If I would have attended school this spring I would have been able to get financial aid for the Summer. I really want to take chemistry this summer because it would put me ahead and then I could take inorganic/organic for the Fall semester. The reason why I cannot take the chemistry in the Fall is because all the sections for the course are closed as of now I am on the wait list which I cannot be guaranteed a seat in the class. what I would like to know does anyone know of any scholarships/grants and even loans that I could get for the summer? The Chemistry 1 course begins on June 29,2015 which will be a five week course. If there is anyone out there who knows what resources I may tap into for the course.
  5. CJ2blpn2017

    What Should I take?

    Hello, I am going to be taking statistics 215 in the Fall and I am wondering what would be a good course(s) to take with it. I am think about taking A&P 1 along with another course. what do you think?
  6. CJ2blpn2017

    Float Nursing

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone out there is a float nurse? what do you think about float nursing in a hospital? And did you like it? And are there positions in the hospital for entry level RN to be a float nurse?
  7. CJ2blpn2017

    What Would I be doing?

    Hello, I am a pre-nursing major and I would like to know what my responsibilities be as a RN working in a nursing home?
  8. CJ2blpn2017

    Does anyone know?

    Hello I am thinking about applying to Central Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut Nursing program. what I would like to know has anyone out there applied to either one of these programs, or who has went to the program? I know that both of these programs are highly competitive. what did you think about these programs? I am very interested on what you have to say regarding these two programs.
  9. CJ2blpn2017

    A.I. Prince Technical School

    Hello, Happy Holidays To Everyone. I would like to know is there anyone out there who has applied to Prince Tech for the LPN program beginning in August 2015. And would like to get together to study for the TEAS Exam. I will be taking the TEAS exam in March and thought that it would be nice if we could get together and study. I have already started studying for the exam I am using the ATI study guide version 5 for the exam. I was thinking perhaps that along with the study guide there maybe some other resources that could be used to enhance the study guide. I live in the greater Hartford area. I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. CJ2blpn2017

    November/ December 2014 TEAS Exam Takers

    Hello To Everyone, I will be taking the Teas Exam on December 6. 2014. And if I pass the exam I would be in the August 2015 class. What I would also like to know is there anyone out there who plans on attending or who has attended A.I. Prince Technical School? If so, what was your experience like attending there?
  11. CJ2blpn2017

    Where Do You Plan On Going?

    Hello jordinriess, How are you doing? I would like to congratulate you on graduating from USJ. If you do not mind I would like to ask you a few questions about their nursing program. Was getting into the nursing program hard? What was your GPA?. Did you like the program? I know that USJ is a very expensive college Do you think that it is worth the money? How was the clinicals? What is the semester that you started your clinicals Did you start the nursing program out of high school or did you transfer from another college. what are some of the courses that you had to take to get into USJ nursing program? Have you decided on what kind of nurse you want to be? I am planning on going to CCSU in the fall because of the cost with going to USJ How did you pay for the college? Would you recommend going USJ. I live in Hartford which is about twenty minutes from USJ which travel wise would be very good for me to attend. I hope that I am not being too nosy, but I just wanted to get a feel on what it would be like going to USJ. I am sorry that my post is so long. And I would like to thank you in advance for responding to my post.
  12. CJ2blpn2017

    Where Do You Plan On Going?

    Hello Everyone, After much pondering on whether to go for LPN or RN. I decided that I want to go for RN. I have to retake some science classes ,but that's ok I will have to reach for at least a B+ or higher this time around I think that I can do it. I would like to continue towards a BSN. After I finish taking my pre-requites I would like to apply to CCSU, Southern, UCONN and Saint joseph. I would like to know if anyone out there plans on applying to any of the above mentioned nursing programs. If you applied and were accepted how do you like that particular program? I would like to thank you for reading a my post. I look forward to hearing from you.
  13. CJ2blpn2017

    LPN OR RN Route

    Hello everyone, My name is Carmen. I have a question should I go the LPN route and then due RN. I am struggling some what is my science classes. I took Human biology and I received a B. and I took A&P and received an F and chemistry I received a c. which I know is not good for trying to get into a Nursing Program. The only good thing with the chemistry and A&P is that When I take them over I will know what to expect. My plan is to go to CCSU in the Fall 2013 and take my pre-requites for their pre-nursing program and then hopefully apply to the nursing program. Is their anyone who knows about CCSU'S nursing program. The other route would be to take try and get into an LPN program. I have looked into Stone Academy I have signed up to take their pre-admissions test next Thursday. Stone Academy also requires a lot their program is based on a point system. And I will not know if I am accepted in their program until the first week in August. I really want to become a nurse this is where my passion lies. I have spoken with several people both inside the nursing profession and out side the profession. And they informed me that becoming a RN is going to be a struggle but that I can do it if I work hard enough. I was also informed that I not do the LPN Program because my options are limited for where I can work once I graduate. I am not sure as yet what type of nursing I want to go into. I have been reading the post for pre-nursing students and I have found them very helpful i.e. Chemistry and A&P. I am definitely going to follow the advise that have been posted. IF I choose to go to CCSU in the Fall I plan on taking A&P 1 along with Chemistry I really think that I can do it this time. I am single and I have no children. So why can't I do it? So with all that said I would appreciate any feedback that you may have for me. Thank you carmen
  14. CJ2blpn2017

    RN What Nursing Program?

    HI Everyone, I am courious as to what nursing programs are you applying to or have been accepted to?. I am applying to Goodwin College, Capital Community College and Naugatuck Valley Community College along with Saint Joseph University and University Of Connecticut. I figure the more colleges that I apply to the better my chances will be to get into a nursing program. I am looking more at attending a BSN Program thoughI will not rule out a ADN program and then continue towards a BSN. I have looked into the courses that I will need for both programs. And even though the BSN program requires a few more courses than that of an ADN program it may be worth it in the long run to take those courses and get the BSN. I called the state of CONN Dept Of Public Health that assess the qaulity of nursing programs in the state. And the women with whom I spoke with said to me that "The trend has been that the hospitals in the state are hiring the BSN prepared nurse over than a ADN nurse. What are your thoughts about this "trend ". I look forward to your thoughts about this subject. Carmen
  15. CJ2blpn2017

    Anyone Out There Taking Chemistry?

    Hello Everyone I would like to know is anyone out there taking Chemistry? I will be taking Chemistry this Fall along with Life Span Development. I would like to know how I would go about studying for Chemistry? I went to the Library the other day and I took out some books on Chemistry. I have been reading them so that I can get the feel on what is involved in taking the course. If there is anyone out there who could assist me I would very much appreciate it. Thank you carmen
  16. CJ2blpn2017

    Where Do You Plan On going?

    Hello Everyone I have a question what nursing program(s) in Ct have you applied to or thought about applying to? And what influenced your decision to pick a particular nursing program(s)? I am in the process of taking the pre-requites at Goodwin College for their Nursing program. Though I do not think that I will apply to it. I think that I want to apply to a four year BSN program. Any way the colleges that I am looking into are UCONN, Southern, and Saint joseph. And if for some reason I cannot afford a four year college I would then apply to Capital Community College and Naugatuck Valley Community College. I know it sounds like alot of colleges that I am applying to but I figure that the more that I apply to the better chance that I wiill get into one of the nursing programs. Don't you think so? Carmen