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  1. Abigail612

    What's $500 dollar NCLEX RN question?

    I'm poor. My resources were mainly ones that I already had and one review course to help keep me organized. It really was worth it to help keep me together. My resources and costs were... NCSBN 3 week course (completed 90% of the material) $50 Mosby's memory cards for Pharmacology (a resource I had from NS $15 used) $0 Mosby's memory cards Pathophysiology (a resource I had from NS $15 used) $0 PrepU Nclex 10,000 (resource from NS) $20 for 6 month extension So all together I spent about $70 on additional material for the NCLEX ($100 if you count the previous resources) and I passed with 75qts. Everybody studies for the NCLEX differently and everybody has different experiences and perceptions of the exam. You just have to do your research on the materials available and select the one that is right for you (whether it is resources you already have or additional one). Then make yourself goals, get focused, and complete your set goals. Finally do not get suckered in by gimmicky adds for expensive resources. I watched few and almost got scared into purchasing the different more expensive courses. If you want to use more expensive resources do it because you believe that the material will meet your personal needs not because you were scared into it. Good luck to future test takers! :)
  2. Abigail612

    health assessment class tips

    What I found helpful was practicing my skills over those subjects and having a friend from the class quiz me asking "why are we performing this skill?" and "what are you looking for?" Leaarning and studying while having tactile applications really helps to cement stuff in your mind. Also find a good study group, they don't have to be your soul means of studying but spending an hour or two a few days a week quizing each other and hashing stuff out can be beneficail. sometimes other students remeber things that you missed or you may be able to bring something to the table, but pick your group wisely, you need a group that will be benificial to you not detrimental. Oh and sometimes text books will offer NCLEX questions either at the end of each chapter or online with an access code, a lot of the time the questions can give you a feel of what you may see on the test. Good luck on your next exam!
  3. Abigail612

    Feeling really unprepared

    Where I work usually a CNA espeically one just out of school usually has two weeks of orientation, the first day or two they just follow and observe and help out here and there. Then after a few days we give them a few patients to be responsible for and to do charts on and we then towards the end we end up spliting the wing three ways (usually only split 2 ways) so that they can get a feel for having an actual assignment while still having my partner and I helping out and giving advice. Just do your best and make the effort and you will do fine :)! Good luck!
  4. Abigail612

    Assessment Check-Off Tips

    I went through mine in a cronilogical order from top to bottom and by pt. postition. I then let my instructor know that I would be going in a different order than what was listed in the hand out so that she would not take off any points. The first time I did it I did not warn her so she would -1 me only to scribble it out, so I warned her the next time that I would be doing it in a different order.
  5. Abigail612

    Not willing to do the dirty work?

    I think that it is very important as a nurse to learn what your CNAs learn. You never know when you may have to pitch in and help. Also you are their suppervisor you have to be able to observe what they are doing and that they a doing it correctly. If not then it is your job to instruct them how to do it properly and how can you do that if you do not learn it yourself? Also as an RN if you discharge a patient to the care of their family or are a home health nurse you may need to instruct the patient and or the family on how to do proper bathing, toileting and other important techniques.
  6. Abigail612

    Health Teaching Topic for Boys and Girls Club

    One thing that some friends of mine did was a hand washing project. They had a beach ball that the kids tossed around and then they put it under a black light ! Kids love that sort of stuff! Good luck
  7. Abigail612

    NANDA vs Ackley?

    I have the Ackley Nursing Diagnosis Handbook and I don't really like it, its not very straight forward and its a bit cumbersom to use. When I had to make a careplan last year I ended up useing my fundamentals book instead! I have heard some people mention that they have NANDA. So to those who have Ackley and or NANDA do you like yours? Would you recomend them? Thanks in advanced!
  8. Abigail612

    CNA: Day vs evening shift- which is better?

    Evening shift and nights shifts tend to be under apreciated as well. Many times day shift leave things undone and so we as evening shift have to clean up after them as well as do our own work. During holidays day shift is usually offered a free turkey dinner for being willing to work the holidays, the evening and night shifts got nothing, when we asked why we did not recieve a meal we were told we did not deserve it because we did not work as hard. Was not impressed !
  9. Abigail612

    Preceptorship Questions...

    Hi, I am hoping to be doing my precetorship next fall and I am thinking of going to EMMC. My questions are is it very likely that I can get a job there after doing my preceptorship, and what unit should I be looking at doing that would look best on my application. I am not looking into getting into any particular unit right now I was just curious what was the most versitile and would look best on an application. I was told by some people either ICU or Med/Surg. Thanks!
  10. Abigail612


    Good Luck! I am sure you will do fine:hug:
  11. Abigail612

    I just killed a tree

    I'm thinking its not, my parents gave it to me because I needed it for school I think it was one of wally world's $30 specials
  12. Abigail612

    I just killed a tree

    Wow my printer goes through 2 ink cartridges for every reem of paper so it costs me $85 for every 500 page that breaks down to .17 cents a page where as the school only costs .03 cents a page or .06 censt double sided!
  13. Abigail612

    What to do?

    What you have planned out looks like a reasonible load so I would just go for it. I would also apply to all the LVN, RN, and BSN programs that you think may be a possibility for you and even ones that you think may not. You never know what school will accept you until you apply! Good luck!
  14. Abigail612

    I just killed a tree

    I acctually found it was cheaper to print things off at the schools librbay as compared to my own. You may want to do the math you may find its cheaper as well.
  15. Abigail612

    Combining Nursing Classes

    I would suggest taking A&PII first the sooner you take it after A&PI the better because you have to rely fairly heavily on what you learned in A&PI. I would take either Stats or Chem with that and then do the other with Micro the next semester.
  16. Just do your pre reqs there isn't any point in wasting time and money on classes you do not need. Thats what I did and it worked out fine, that is one of the many pruposes for community colleges is to get people ready for Universities at a more affordable cost.