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i am going uniform shopping shortly and need some recommendations for shoes. i need these things to last me at least 2 years and i'll be wearing them to work (i work as an aide in LTC) and to school. i also need a reasonable price.

i've seen recommendations for Dansko's the most, but $110 is kinda steep for me...unless someone can attest to them lasting me a LONG time.

my school doesn't allow clogs, by the way.

so, what nursing shoes do you have and what experience do you have with them?



(i can't wait till i can sign off as Carrie,RN! :imbar ) haha

J Lynn

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carrie, you're right about dansko being the most popular. i'm actually looking into buying a pair if i get the 12 hr shift job i'm hoping for. i used klogs brand for school, but since you can't wear those........try ebay. today i went on and found danskos for around $40. some where new, some barely used. just read the discription carefully. i'm a real big thrift store shopper and i hate paying full price for anything......however, when i comes to shoes.....well, if my feet hurt, then i'm miserable. shoes is the area that i would invest in the best. good luck searching.

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DZCarrie, I have a pair of Cherokee shoes and I love them. They weigh absolutely nothing and my feet haven't hurt yet!

Here's a link to the Cherokee shoes that offers - the ones I have may not be available any more, but they're almost identical to the "Jasmine."

Happy shopping! :)


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I just bought a pair of Dansko look alikes and they are pretty comfortable. They are on and people that have bought them say good things about them. They run much less than Dansko at $49.99. They look just like Dansko so we'll see how they hold up.


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Do we really have to buy specail nursing shoes for school and later for work? I didn't think nurses wore nursing shoes anymore. When my son was in NICU some of the nurses wore nursing shoes but the others at least look like they were wearing regular tennis shoes. My cousin is an LVN and I've seen her at work before and she always has on Sketchers.


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When I was accepted to nursing school, my mother-in-law bought me a pair of Clark's off of QVC or some other home shopping network. They have worked out great for my back and feet.


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New Balance 608


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Carrie, I've had the worst time trying to find comfortable shoes. I've been wearing shoes from Shoes for Crews for the last 2 years and they're great!! - I wear the regular sneaker type and they're about $45.

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I wear dansko jette for clinicals. Yeah..they were pricey but they fit very well and provide great support. I can't see that these shoes will ever fall apart!

sometimes I wear just plain white sneakers as well--New Balance...with a very thick sole and support but prefer the Danskos. We can't wear clogs/open back shoes either but we can wear plain white sneakers.


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I'm doing what you're planning on (nsg school and an aide in LTC) and I have found sketchers to be the most comfortable shoes ever. We can't wear clogs either, and our shoes must be prodominately white. At first it was hard to find, I was working retail upon beginning school and I ran into some at that store, Goody's Family Clothing. You can run into them on spreical for like $35 and they last a while. And for that price you could get two pairs and switch them out for the price of the uniform store shoes.


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thanks for feedback on dansko jette, I was thinking about getting one of theirs like those (with that kind of non-clog heel). I live in Florida and never wear closed toe shoes, plus my back hurts alot, etc... so I'm looking to invest in whatever kind of good shoes my school will allow (I'm waiting on my advisor to write me back about that kind of Dansko's... don't want to spend the $$ then her say no!).


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I wear New Balance 810. I have worn Dansko, Birkenstock, Nursemates, and many other brands. I did love Dansko and Birkies, but I can move faster in my New Balance.

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