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J Lynn has 2 years experience and specializes in Endocrinology.

Married with 2 daughters

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  1. J Lynn


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  2. J Lynn

    A day in the life of an LPN

    I work in an office: I run in about 8am after dropping the kids off, turn on exam room lights, sign refill requests from pharmacies, get our first patient in at 8:30, weigh them, take BP and pulse, write down reason for visit, check their meds, and on to the next patient. After doc sees them, I put orders in comp. for blood work and order proceedures if need be. In between doing that, I'm calling patients back with lab results (or getting yelled at b/c I haven't called them back yet). On a slow day I can actually eat something or drink coffee, on a busy day, we see about 11 pts in the AM and the same in the PM. We get one hour lunch (usually a drug rep brings us lunch). In the meantime, I'm usually dodging calls from certain pts. We stop seeing pts at 3pm. I then rap up on my orders and calls till 4:30...then leave and go get the kids and do my errans.
  3. J Lynn

    How are your patients scheduled?

    When I called in to my peds office, they would fit me in without asking why and I would usually see the NP when one was available. Fortunitly, my peds office hardly has just "check ups" so I'm always able to get in, even if there will be a wait. Now, in my office, we fit people in what ever the symptom. I usually let the doc handle how severe something is. We leave a few spots open during the day for those people.
  4. J Lynn

    Advice for new clinic job

    I agree about the medications. They will love you for life if you can get them some help on their meds.
  5. J Lynn

    WesternCareerCollege.. need advice/info!

    Try posting in the California forum....just a thought . Have a good day.
  6. J Lynn

    "I never saw a nurse do all that!"

    Thank you for that post. I go in the office everyday...take a deep breath...and get ready for my 20+ patients demanding my attention. I have to say that I love it!!! My day is very fullfilling. Thanks again.
  7. J Lynn

    How do you find an office/outpatient job?

    Some offices post ads in the newspaper, some you just have to hear from word of mouth. I found my job in the newspaper. I would also ask anyone who knows someone working in an office to put the word out there and before you know it, you got the inside scoop on a job. Good luck!
  8. J Lynn

    nuring homesdeaths in new orleans area

    I think the family of these residents should bear some responsibility for not evacuating those who were able.
  9. J Lynn

    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    Passed at 105.
  10. J Lynn

    Just checked my results

    congrats!!!!! :balloons:
  11. J Lynn

    I Passed Boards!!!!!!

    i know, i know............i have an interview monday. i'll let ya'll know what happens. jnette....you changed your aviator again.......it's cute. my computer has been down since sunday due to that trojan virus. i had to reinstall windows........it was a mess.
  12. J Lynn

    I Passed Boards!!!!!!

    The best pointer I can give you is..........absorb all you can in nursing school b/c the NCLEX books only help a little.
  13. J Lynn

    I Passed Boards!!!!!!

    Thank you blessedwoman! I have an interview next Monday with the hospital I had been wanting to work at........I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.
  14. J Lynn

    Post op care for 4 yr old-Is this normal?

    That is a troubling thought to know that a child was sent home while not fully awake from anesthesia. Before I went to nursing school, I probably wouldn't have known it was strange. I hope he's ok now.
  15. J Lynn

    When Student Nurse becomes the PT

    Passed out....huh.:chuckle I don't know why, but it always seems that we could watch mutilation happen to anyone else but ourselves.
  16. J Lynn

    my baby sister has breast cancer

    Leslie, Sorry to hear about your sister. I have a younger sister that I'm very close with and she had a canerous nodule removed from her thyroid. It made me think of what I would have done if I lost her. She's my best friend. I'll pray for the both of you and your family to stay strong and hopeful. God already has a plan for her and I pray that she accepts it no matter what the outcome is.

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