Anyone graduated early?


Okay, So I've heard so much about nursing as a career; I've turned and commitedd to becoming a RN. But What i've limited to figuring out is what is the most important thing for me to do at such a young age to benefit myself until i get to college.

Heres a little about me and my situation:

I'm fifteen years old. I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was twelve. I am a triplet (makes going to college a tad bit harder). I want to be a RN.

Options I've already consitered: I figured I could drop out and get my GED. I figured I could take college and finish highschool at the same time. I've even considered just finishing highschool very quick and moving to college.

I'm in need of advice.

If you've dropped out and became a nurse. I need your advice especially. Anyone who has graduate early?

Please just give the best advice you can,

I would appreciate it.

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Hi and welcome,

I'd hate to advocate quitting high school and instead would suggest you inquire about taking classes at your local community college while you finish high school. That way you could be earning credits for your pre-reqs that you will need for nursing. Good luck.

P.S. why does being a triplet make it harder to go to college?

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I'm with Jules in saying don't drop out of high school. My suggestion is see if your high school has any post secondary programs where they send you to college classes part of the day. If so I would definately see what kinds of pre-reqs I could get out of the way.

Also look at becoming a CNA this way you can get some experience under your belt.

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Well, as you prob know college is very exspensive. So with two other sibilings that have to college also, is very difficult.

Thanks for the advice both of you.


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Do you have any classes you can take, such as prereqs in HS in the afternoons? They will get you closer to your prereqs. For example, I look psych and english in HS which counted towards my prereqs for nursing school. You could work a part-time job and save money for college. There are any federal programs that will loan you money for college.

I graduated early for my bachelors degree by going through the summers. The material moved at a faster pace but it was still very doable. I completed 3 semesters a year instead of two, which shaved a 9 months off my original graduate date. I don't know how this works where you are and what program you are going into, but its very possible you will have something similar. Do some research.

Whatever you do, do not quit HS. It seems that maybe there is another issue you are not mentioning to consider this. Don't be so quick to grow up, we can all tell ya its not really all its cracked up to be.


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although i dropped out of high school when i was 16 because i got pregnant-i totally regret it now. because i found out at 19-20 that i wanted to become a nurse-not realizing that i could have saved myself the issue of having to take a semester of algebra, biology, and chemistry. if i had stayed in high school, i wouldn't have to.

i got my ged immediately after, but i wish i knew then, what i know now. i'm happy to hear your enthusiasm-i think having an idea of what you want to do now is great. at the same time, i do hope that you will take the awesome advice that you have gotten from this board.

i don't know how it is georgia, but maybe you could research your local hospitals. where i live, they cater a lot to the high schoolers by having them shadow nurses, giving them paid internships, and grants from their hospital to apply to nursing school.

best of luck to you:wink2:

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most programs won't accept you until you are 18 due to liability issues, go back to HS and knock it out of the park, get the best grades you possibly can, GA has what I think is called the Hope scholarship and it will help you pay for alot of college expenses, but you have to finish with a HS diploma and grades to back it up, while the GED is a fast route, it's almost like cutting corners, and in nursing there are no corners to be cut when it comes to getting thru school, you will jump thru untold numbers of hoops and sometimes have instructors who when they say jump you just smile and say how high. Good luck and work hard, if you truly want it, you'll find a way, but finishing HS will be your first step

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Well, as you prob know college is very exspensive. So with two other sibilings that have to college also, is very difficult.

Thanks for the advice both of you.

Also, when it comes to financial, the more kids in college at the same time from the same family, the more aid your family can qualify for.


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dont you dare drop out of highschool, finish it. community colleges are not that expensive if money is the problem

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some schools have scholarships for twin/triplet sets if they will ALL go to the same college - the college my hubby works basically has a scholarship that pays all tuition, fees and boarding (the twin / triplet set must room or apartment together).

Good luck!

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As a mom of kids your age---dont drop out. Stay in school and get in some health classes. My 16 year old actually is in a Health Ocupation program whre she got her CNA and is taking college level A&P that is accepted by our local nursing school--she is taking it for free through the High School.

Also---check with your guidence counselor, some colleges actually offer reduced tuition rate to exsisiting high schoolers.

As far as it being exp to go to school as a triplet. It can actually cheaper--the more people in your household to go to college at one time the better financial aide you your main goal is to make sure your sibling attend college--any college the same years you do. Better yet get your mom or dad to go to college part time while you and your siblings are in and then you will have 4 people in one household going to school---HUGE DISCOUNTS you will get...

Not to mention there are oddles of scholarships targeted for nurses out there.

Best of luck---

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Just another thing to consider, is that Nursing programs look at your high school transcripts, class rank and GPA. If you drop out to get your GED, it may not look so good when considering the stiff competition to get accepted into nursing. With so many applicants and so little spots, you want your overall application to be it's best. Stay in high school! Congrats on your decision to choose nursing.

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