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ZooMommyRN has 12 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, ICU, ER, Peds ER-CPEN.

Love my job in the land of little people!

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  1. ZooMommyRN

    RN to BSN in Michigan?

    It hasnt been too bad so far, my hardest course so was biochem, i took stats 10 years ago and managed to remember enough to test out after a few weeks. There is a lot of chance for help and instructors have been quick to respond to questions. If you have a community college nearby it may be cheaper to take the science classes in a traditional setting.
  2. ZooMommyRN

    RN to BSN in Michigan?

    All BSN programs I have seen require those. Most ADN programs also include microbiology as well, I honestly dont think you will find a BSN program without those either as a prerequisite or as part of the program.
  3. ZooMommyRN

    RN to BSN in Michigan?

    I am about 1/2 way through Western Governor's BSN and like it so far, it is CCNE accredited, same as UM, MSU, EMU etc
  4. ZooMommyRN

    U of M Flint/Ann Arbor

    A BSN is almost required now to get in at U of M now that they have been awarded magnet status, as far as where the degree comes from, that would vary among management, our unit has hired new grads from all over and seems that we get less UM grads than non UM grads, not sure about other units though as this is a pretty large nursing community.
  5. ZooMommyRN

    Samuel Merritt Online MSN FNP

    I came up to about 67K since it's $1,353 per unit and you need 55 to graduate and that's not counting any other fees, full tuition $75,538 is according to theirs but I don't see where room and board is figured in especially as it's online, I'd talk to someone over the phone first before agreeing to that kind of financial commitment, they have CCNE accreditation so that's a plus, not sure what state you are in but many colleges here in MI have programs set up that are blended with the majority online and some class meetings that are friendly to students working full time that would require a smaller financial commitment, that is the equivalent of a second mortgage so you have to weigh that against the pay increase for your area, I honestly have no idea what NP gets paid in my area but several co-workers were freaked out about 50K in loans vs. what they were going to be making starting out. Good luck in whatever you choose :)
  6. ZooMommyRN

    Is earwax removal an emergency?

    That's a typical day in my world lol
  7. ZooMommyRN

    Samuel Merritt Online MSN FNP

    wow I just did the math for this program as I hadn't heard of them before and just had a run of SVT, is this your only option? And I thought the local university $44,000ish was a lot (this from someone who until just this year drug her heels at obtaining the BSN)
  8. Best way to get accurate information would be to call the CA BON, I'm sure they also have lots of information and FAQ on their webpage as well, good luck!
  9. ZooMommyRN

    What is your opinion on calling in "sick"

    No one questions Diarrhea seriously though, they aren't allowed to ask specifics here when you call off, if you are actually sick and get a doctor's note all missed days just count as one.
  10. ZooMommyRN

    Are new grads prepared for the bedside?

    My biggest frustration is that I have had some hit the unit with the mentality that they are instantly better than someone because they have a BSN, most don't even realize their preceptors are primarily ADN nurses because we are the ones with the most experience on the unit. I also get frustrated when they start applying to NP programs before they even finish their orientation and learn how to BE a nurse.
  11. ZooMommyRN

    Do Columbus new grad jobs exist?

    My husband's family is down between Dayton & Cinci, when we visit they try recruiting me so we'll move closer, but since I don't hold my BSN yet I am seriously limited and would be looking at a sizable pay cut, I was told Kettering hires ADN in BSN programs, but the majority of hospitals in that area are shifting towards or have already attained magnet status. I am working on my BSN through WGU (cousin who works outside Dayton is dong the same program as it's the one recommended by her employer) I was lucky to snag the job I have now before magnet became a goal at my current employer as well, but even my area in SE MI and NW OH are hyper focused on hiring BSN over ADN regardless of experience. While you are searching look into a BSN program, WGU requires you be working for their RN-BSN (worth it to take any job you can get to finish the program and move on) but it's one of the most affordable I've found yet and holds the same accreditation as the major universities up here, including the one I work for.
  12. ZooMommyRN

    RN to BSN EMU or WMU

    I opted to do online through WGU, so far I've finished two classes since starting in July. My manager is working to get it approved to tuition reimbursement since it's CCNE accredited like UM-FLint, EMU etc but they are competency based, prove you know it and move on. Even if I don't get tuition support, I can complete the program in 1 year it'll end up being cheaper than EMU after tuition support. EMU's program actually used to cost more, first time I looked into several years ago it was closer to the 13K mark, they since opened an agreement with UM employees and I noticed it was cheaper. UM-Flint is still crazy expensive to me as I get no financial gain at work for getting my BSN
  13. ZooMommyRN

    LPN relocating to Florida

    Anywhere near a major University should have a bridge program, you'll have to wait it out for a year or pay astronomical out of state fees, as for pay, I didn't come close to that as an RN in FL so I left and moved north, COL was pretty high and we were 2+ hrs south of Orlando, good nursing school for me, not so good schools for the kids. After 5 years of minimal to no pay raises and worsening benefits we headed back to MI, pay is much better with lower COL. Good luck but pay is dismal across the board in FL
  14. ZooMommyRN

    University of Michigan

    You can switch, there are also other areas near downtown that you can utilize with a blue pass as well
  15. ZooMommyRN

    University of Michigan

    I work Days and have a blue pass, it's about 65$ a month, I picked blue when I first hired in on nights that way I wouldn't miss the money since I never had it if that makes sense, parking at night is a lot easier and with the cheap (around $20 a month) yellow pass you can park in many of the structures right by the hospital at night. Buses don't run on weekends and have odd schedules during the holidays. I you think you might want to move to days at some point it's best to just bite the bullet and get blue from the get go, also makes parking during CNO a bit easier too. And depending on the unit some units start you out on dayshift for orientation and then switch you to your shift mid way.
  16. ZooMommyRN

    Anyone here work at Univ of Mich?

    They have a completely separate peds hospital, they outgrew the old one so when they built the new one 5 years ago they open a completely new PEDs ER. My coworkers in Florida thought I was joking when I put in my resignation and told then I took a position in a PEDs trauma ER lol

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