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  1. ZooMommyRN

    Scam Schools And Diploma Mills

    I feel for people that get sucked into these scam schools, but I do not feel sorry for the MA who felt that since she'd gotten good at diagnosing others aches and pains that a simple test and 1400$ would suddenly make her an MD with the right to see patients and prescribe, if it were that easy major medical schools would fold
  2. ZooMommyRN

    I Wasn't Called to Nursing, I Just Showed Up

    Congratulations!! I too "just showed up" at a tiny community college in SW FL, hardest two years of my life! But that started me down the road to where I am now, I work in a level 1 Peds ER and have even been given the opportunity to train new grads :) Love that part, I know the big push is BSN, it's all I hear and yes I will go back for mine when it fits in with my life, until then I'm happy with my ADN so don't let the naysayers put you in a smaller box! Hope to see the I passed thread from you in a few years!!
  3. ZooMommyRN

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    First Job [*]Geographic location - Florida [*]Pay rate 20.80$ [*]In which area / specialty do you work? Med/surg, ICU & ER [*]What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN [*]What type of degree and/or certification do you have? ADN, BLS, PALS, ACLS, TNCC & ENPC [*]How many years of experience do you have? 4 when I left [*]Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? Full time 7 nights per pay period [*]What shift do you work? 7p-7a [*]Do you receive any shift differential? 5% until 11 then 20% until 7a [*]Are you a manager or supervisor? No Current Job [*]Geographic location - Michigan (lower cost of living) [*]Pay rate $30.44 [*]In which area / specialty do you work? Peds ER level 1 [*]What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN [*]What type of degree and/or certification do you have? ADN, BLS, PALS, ACLS, TNCC & ENPC [*]How many years of experience do you have? 6 [*]Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? Full time - 40 hrs 2 12hr shifts and 2 8 hr shifts a week, makes OT attainable now lol [*]What shift do you work? 7p-7a the first year now 11a-11p & 11a-7p [*]Do you receive any shift differential? 1$ per hour nights was 1.50 and we also get quarterly and yearly bonuses [*]Are you a manager or supervisor? No And if you do not want to provide any salary information, that’s perfectly fine, too. Thanks!
  4. ZooMommyRN

    New Grad- ER Position

    Take it! and Congratulations! They will train you like crazy before they turn they loose :)
  5. ZooMommyRN

    Emergency Nursing - Alpha personalities?

    I'd be a bit wary of an ER with an average experience level equal to or less than 2 years just for support reasons, but as far as personalities go I wouldn't say we are all Alpha, type A definately, a wall flower would have a hard time fitting in at most ER's, even in our little corner of the world because after midnight we have 2 nurses and 1 doc
  6. ZooMommyRN

    Should I take a part time position as a new grad??

    PT is better than nothing and most likely your training will be FT hours until they turn you loose, alot of networking and proving your worth can happen in those 3-4 months!
  7. ZooMommyRN

    Finally, I've reached the 'acceptance' stage

    I'd continue with the BSN program, in many areas a new BSN will get hired before a new ADN Good luck!
  8. ZooMommyRN

    Does your nursing school/hospital provide scrubs/uniforms?

    We had 2 sets, but why is that you can't wash/dry a set right after clinicals and just fluff in the am while you shower and toss them on?
  9. ZooMommyRN

    What to do when you literally HATE your classmates?

    Best thing would be to learn how to get along with and respect them as individuals whether you like them or not because they were just as smart as you in order to get into the program, some might even be smarter on paper unless you know without a doubt that you were #1 on the admission list. These people just might be your future co-workers and in some oddball twist of fate *gasp* a manager or supervisor someday. As for the computer issue, that's a crappy situation that needs to be taken up the chain of command, but after that your vent got a little bit on the side of *I am sooooo much better than the rest of my class*
  10. ZooMommyRN

    Advice please! Transfer school needed, but what kind??

    You would have to call each potential school and ask them what courses will transfer and what courses won't, to be eligible to the LPN-BSN you would most likely need to take the NCLEX-PN, which may not even be an option in your state.
  11. ZooMommyRN

    I need some help with this decision-PLZ!!

    the age old days or nights debate is truly a personal decision, I am in ER and love my nights, I've always been a night a person and have no trouble sleeping during the day and my kids can do after school activities, if I were on days they wouldn't be able to do anything because my hubby's schedule is a bit erratic, AC season in FL is pretty much year-round lol I've also worked med/surg & ICU and love nights on any unit, mainly because there are less higher ups running around
  12. ZooMommyRN

    Drinks at the nurses station

    As long as the container has a lid and we tuck it back from the edge we're allowed to have drinks outside the breakroom.
  13. ZooMommyRN

    CNA Moving to FL. from RI... QUESTIONS!!!

    Celebration lists them as patient care techs, it varies from facility to facility but I don't know what the pay rate would be, best way to find out would be call their HR, there are PCT jobs listed currently :) Good Luck!
  14. ZooMommyRN

    Anyone a new grad working at FLorida Hospital or Orlando Health?

    The EKG test should be recognizing basic rhythms and dysrhythmias, grab an EKG made easy book or contact their education dept about purchasing the book they use for EKG/tele training and you'll do fine Good luck :)
  15. The dosage calculations is good, basic pharmacology books like one from the Made Easy series would help, I'd hold off just yet on shoes and see what is required by the school to be in uniform. Good Luck! RNotes is a handy little pocket book to have during clinicals too :)