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jeepgirl has 4 years experience as a LPN, NP and specializes in Pediatrics, Nursing Education.

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  1. HI! We are running up against some issues were administration is becoming very - focused on collections and revenue. I work in a government type setting. As a NP, I see anywhere from 14 (slow days) to approximately 20 patients per day (sometimes more). I'd say average is 16-18. Anyway, I feel that as an NP, we are very primary care focused and we focus on prevention, education, and well child care. Also, I end up doing a lot of things other NP's done - I do workups for admission (including starting IV therapy and starting orders), prolonged visits for ill visits (such as long therapies / asthma workups). Administration is saying that we should see around 25-30 a day. Im just trying to see some real life examples out there. Thanks in advance!
  2. jeepgirl

    How to get stool smell off of your hands?

    I'm pretty sure it has to do with the friction and breakdown of the latex proteins.
  3. jeepgirl

    How to get stool smell off of your hands?

    Don't double glove - it weakens the integrity of the glove...
  4. jeepgirl

    Free removal of stitches... in the ER

    that sounds great! i wish more places did this... you don't know how many people i see walking around in walmart with nasty stitches. i remember i sat behind a girl in my stats class one year that got stitches and didn't get them removed for months - and the skin had grown over them. and when she did get them removed, she had a big nasty gash on her ankle. if she had just gotten them taken out when she needed too, it wouldn't have been so ugly!
  5. jeepgirl

    Free removal of stitches... in the ER

    maybe they include it in the first ER charge if stitches are required. however, i don't think it is ethical to charge for services not already rendered. so i don't know!
  6. jeepgirl

    any PNPs out there??

    I am a PNP. I would suggest you shadow a PNP before making a decision.
  7. Yeah, go for the PNP-PC/PNP-AC dual program if that is what you want. I "heard" that if your job is mainly inpatient or acute care, that JACHO is really pushing for the ACUTE CARE certifications... And many times, if you are a PNP-PC and working in a setting such as the PICU or NICU (not well nursery, or general peds) that is working outside of your scope and many states will come down on you - and your facility - hard for letting you work in those settings. Good luck! At the NAPNAP conference, there was a wonderful session on JUST this. Go for the PNP-AC if you have the opportunity and that is the only thing you want to do! But the PC will give you the ability to go almost anywhere else.
  8. jeepgirl

    The future of NP (practice / privileges) ??

    LOL in your case, if you had just gotten the PNP, wouldn't you have been golden??!
  9. jeepgirl

    The future of NP (practice / privileges) ??

    Wow, I guess I am lucky. I am a PNP-PC and in my new job I will not only be covering office, but ER and hospital call. Totally, full on an equal in terms of responsibility, but just differing for the types of cases I will follow.
  10. jeepgirl

    Homework Questions (but not the "gimme the answer" kind.)

    Wow, I always thought the point was to actually talk to the APN in person and have a conversation with them. Damn, I guess I did it all wrong in grad school.
  11. jeepgirl

    CNA trying to hit me up for drugs.

    its your license. your vulnerable and dependent patients she may be stealing from. i hope your conscious is clear
  12. jeepgirl

    Dirty needle stick...and I'm 20 weeks pregnant...

    if your source patient was negative, i believe that is a good sign. do your follow up and keep your chin up. stress for that baby is worse than your chances for catching these diseases from a needle stick...especially if you had gotten your Hep B's etc. Why don't people freak out about hep b? would... its the biggest transmitter in the healthcare world. of course HIV is scary, but you can get hep B from a needlestick... get your vaccinations, people!
  13. jeepgirl

    A Doctor lied to make me look bad!

    tiredMD, this is WHY we do provider to provider consults... because of this sort of behavior. i am so sorry this happened to you. when i consult with another provider, i do my best to be as courteous as possible, but sometimes the other provider can be in a crappy mood. and sometimes, it makes people feel BETTER to do this sort of thing... because they are ugly on the inside. i am sorry that this happened to you.
  14. jeepgirl

    CNA trying to hit me up for drugs.

    Sweetheart... SHE ASKED YOU TO STEAL FROM YOUR HUBBY. This has gone on far too long. You have to say something. Job or not. It's gone wayyyy too far now. Burying your head in the sand is NOT going to make it go away, sweetheart! I know, it totally sucks big ones!! I would not want to be in your shoes right now!! I think that what Leslie suggested is the right thing to do. Make an appointment with the DON and go in and sit down and talk with her. PERSONALLY. And give her a letter, in writing, giving your version of the events and outlining your concerns at the same time. IN WRITING. Professional letter. That way you have proof if it ever comes back to you for the state board of nursing. Please, please please... take my advice on this. Cover your bottom. Talk to her and write the letter, using it as a guide to help you cover everything you wanted to say in your coversation so you do not miss any important topics AND to later validate the date, time, and what you talked about regarding this issue. You keep a copy of it for your records at home. please let us know what happened. i am so worried about you and this issue... it made my stomach ball up in a knot. i always see your posts when i read and smile... golytely is my least favorite treatment to have to give, and there are actually hard candies called "golytely"... so i always buy them for my friends and hand them out. please take care.
  15. jeepgirl

    CNA trying to hit me up for drugs.

    do you realize that by not telling someone in charge that can remove this person from the clinical setting that you are putting your own license on the line? thats your livelyhood!
  16. jeepgirl

    why on earth would I want to be a nurse?!

    I don't think it is fair for techs to be treated in this manner either. I worked in an ICU when I was in school for a short while... same senario. Run your butt off for 12 hours while the nurses scream at you to do more. I ran around three pods, like crazy, trying to do stuff that was technically outside a NA scope of practice because I was a "Student assistant". When I would ask for RN assistance (because I was tech, right?) I got crappy and snarky replies. I left after 4 months of that crap, and did not sign up for many shifts the last month or so because the whole enviroment there was just BAD. I felt liable and I was not going to work on THEIR licenses. An ICU that was supposed to have three techs, they would send the other two to other areas and leave me to run like a chicken with my head cut off to do all three areas... and the nurses would get ticked that I wouldn't be doing everything for them (right down to their blood glucoses... many of which came due all at the same time. If I am not there, there is a good reason... do it yourself!). Oh, and I had to play "unit clerk" too... it was total BS. Night shift had to do the vent patient baths, total care, and most of the nurses refused to assist with that as well, so you didn't get any assistance turning total care patients with many lines (which I think is a total liability), and often they would sit there and read magazines and play on the computer... and of course, they would have some excuse as to why they could not assist. There were so many reasons as to why they sooo abused their techs. I think that being an ICU nurse is very difficult and is a highly skilled position... when they went to work, they went to WORK. But I swear, some of them were really mean to their techs and they really abused them as well, not putting a hand in when they could have. Maybe it was just the culture of the unit at the time. It was a long time ago, and i have heard things have changed. Then as a new grad, I worked on pediatrics. Total opposite. The nurses doing absolutely everything for their patients, and not asking for enough help from the techs. This often lead to the nurses being overwhelmed and often late to clock out, etc. The techs were lazy, mouthy, and were entitled as well... not all of them, we had two that were WONDERFUL, but we had some that were just OBNOXIOUS. And of course, the worst one would TRAIN the new ones and she would say "I make the nurses do X X and X and if they ask me to do it I tell them to do it themselves" (can you see my jaw dropping?!). General stuff like that, and not wanting to go and get up off the internet. And getting upset if you're like... I just came out of XX room, he is vomiting, I need to get some medication for him, can you take him this emesis basin? Totally out of line. Different hospital too. The whole role thing between the CNA and licensed staff is a hard and blurred line in some places when it comes to providing direct care. I try to take the whole "we are a team" and we work together approach. When I worked oncology and pallative care, generally, everyone got along together GREAT and we had no problems... we had clearly defined roles, knew what we were to do during a shift, but we all worked like we were equals and a team (if that makes sense). Where I see problems is where people try to shove responsibilities off on one another and try to take advantage of each other... and thats when the heartache starts!! No one should be overworked while another person sits on their booty and reads magazines all day... if you don't get a break, I don't get a break... if you don't get lunch, I don't get lunch. We work as a team!