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Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?


I just started my NNP program (on-line). I work 2 nights/week and have 2 small kids. My first semester is Statistics, Pharm and Pathophys. Does that seem about right? Thankfully the kids go to school/daycare so I do have some days free to read but it seems like there's something due every day. Also, I've been out of nursing school for 15 years and the Pharm/Patho classes are "across the lifespan" so I'm studying things I've completely forgotten while in the NICU. Sorry, just whinging a bit. I consider myself a bright person but wow - it really is a lot.

lhflanurseNP, APRN

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Ouch! I would be overwhelmed!!!!! All three are VERY intense subjects. I took Pharm with Research Methods and barely survived, can't imagine adding Statistics (gave me the shingles). Good luck!!!!!

zmansc, ASN, RN

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Wow, that does seem like a tough course load for first term in grad school. That would be three courses that would be time intensive, combining them with work and family would be very difficult. If you can do that, more power to you!

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My brick and mortar first semester has Pathophysiology, Health assessment (with a 3 hour lab additional) quantitative analysis and a community health systems. Am I stressed? Yup.

Although, I am not trying to discourage you but I would drop one of them . Is it late to drop without being charged? These are very heavy time-consuming classes especially pharm and patho. The essence of taking classes is to pass them. I never dropped a class halfway, I would stick it out and pass. But I plan them in a way that won't be so heavy. You could have taken either pharm or patho, statistics and another less stressful class (if you must take 3 classes). Again, everything depends on how each individual handles stuff. You can stick it out if you feel pretty confident that you can do all three. Good luck!

zmansc, ASN, RN

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If it's too late to drop, is their any way you can get some shifts covered to give you more study time? PTO and flexible work scheduled help alot when your in school! lol


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That combination of courses sounds extreme. I can't even imagine! Best of luck to you. I take one class over 8 weeks and love it.

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It seems that you may have been judged as lacking quite enough statistics to be ready for a higher-level Research Methods course, and so while everyone else has 2 tough courses, you've been "gifted" with the opportunity to make it up concurrently so as to be ready for an upcoming Research class. In such a case, it would be more merciful for the school to tell you what you'd be facing, and offer you options, such as taking it alone in advance by delaying admission for a semester, or taking it an another accredited institution and applying for transfer credit. So just dropping it may not be an option, depending on when that Research class is required. If there is at least one semester between, after this one, and the course needed in that semester are any easier, it might be good to drop. You have the text and can still study a little here and there if you get a minute. If it's too late, then I wonder if your work manager and family could give you an extra "Educational Leave Day" form your regular job or duties for the semester, especially if you return the favor at work in some way when you can? Do you have PTO time you could use? Even 2 days a month might help a lot, if they're spent in the library.

My school also required patho and pharm together. Because of prerequisite requirements, students cannot begin the clinical sequence until both are completed, so if you drop one, you must wait until it is offered again which delays your entire sequence. It was very, very brutal, even for students who are not working and have young children at home.

Well the semester ended today and I made it - lowest grade was 89%. Definitely a few rough moments but doable!


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yay for you! hang in there, you obviously made it. now enjoy the holidays and breathe a bit until it starts up again next semester!


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Congratulations, that may be the hardest semester due to the intensity of those classes. I just finished my FNP last week and can tell you that the time flew by. Everyone told me to do whatever it takes because it goes fast and it did. The best piece of advice I could give would be to finish everything as early as you can to avoid last minute papers or clinical requirements. And get study materials (CD's and books) for the boards now. I started putting in just a few minutes a day into studying for the boards as soon as my program started. AANP gave me 3 hours to take it and I finished in 1.5, I'm sure it's due to the getting prepared from the start.

Good luck to you!!!

This gives me hope, as I just applied to an NNP program. I am nervous yet excited about the possibilities. You are likely graduated by now... So good luck to you

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I work 5 days a week full time and I did patho and health assessment last semester and nearly had a coronary! It was extremely overwhelming and I could just not do a lot of the reading they set. Thankfully I had a good system for patho or I would have just cried. This semester I'm doing pharm and already feeling a little overwhelmed. I like the content and feel academically prepared, it's just the lack of time due to working 5 days a week. Sometimes I just want a break but we're only 3 weeks in so I have to deal. Sometimes I question my decision but I signed up for this and there's no backing out now. I hope it will be worth it in the end. It's good to know there are others out there in the same boat.

I don't know how you do it working 5 days a week! I barely could get through doing 2 nights/week!

This gives me hope, as I just applied to an NNP program. I am nervous yet excited about the possibilities. You are likely graduated by now... So good luck to you

Hi! I'm done in May - very nervous but excited too! Good luck in your program!