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mtsteelhorse has 16 years experience and specializes in Correctional Nursing; MSN student.

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  1. Hello there, I saw your posts about EKU Psych program, and I am currently waiting to hear back.  I too am a correctional nurse, I wanted to see if there was any way I could ask you some questions regarding EKU's program.  Thank you very much  

  2. mtsteelhorse

    Psych NP - USA, UND, EKU ?

    I am attending EKU and so far, so good. I am half-way through the program and clinical rotations begin next month. I like the layout of the program. Most courses are 8 weeks in length with different start times. I don't know how it compares to other programs. The entire program is online with proctored exams. I will get into the real meat of the psych material spring semester. I have heard UND is very good. I would steer clear of USA based on many, many bad reviews I've heard over the past few years. If anyone has had a good experience with USA please correct me!
  3. mtsteelhorse

    New Grad: from oncology to psychiatry

    One of the great advantages we have as nurses is that we can change specialties. I think many people drawn to working with patients with mental illness have personal experience. If you feel passionate about psych then perhaps it's time to make a change.
  4. mtsteelhorse

    Who is working while completing NP?

    I work FT M-Th and attend a part-time online PMHNP program. I will likely change my days to include weekend hours when clinicals start next month. I use some vacation days to study.
  5. I'm sure there is some variability and admission boards look at the overall qualifications of applicants. In general a 3.5 gpa tends to be a good goal to shoot for. Good luck to you!
  6. mtsteelhorse

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    ADN at 38, BSN at 51, MSN will be completed by age 56 in 2017.
  7. mtsteelhorse

    Common Nursing Complaints & Psych NP's - Not As Bad?

    PMHNP programs are geared towards medication management based on diagnosis and symptoms. There is little therapy involved. The psych courses focus on mental illness and diagnostics/treatment.
  8. mtsteelhorse

    Advanced patho/stats

    I had to take stats to complete my online BSN. I am so terrified of numbers I searched for the easiest online class I could find. If you're good with numbers and formulas you should be fine. I am not. I have not had to take stats in grad school. IMO Adv Patho is easier in grad school but I suspect it depends on where you attend. My class was clinically focused and broader in concepts than I expected. I have heard this from other students as well. It wasn't by any means easy, but grad school builds on the foundation established in undergrad. To me, that foundation was more tedious and challenging than graduate level courses. Grad school is a ton of work but is based on bringing your previous education to the table rather than re-inventing the wheel. I hope this helps!
  9. mtsteelhorse

    Advanced pathophysiology

    What school are you attending? I read the Incredibly Simple book to prepare. Good luck!
  10. mtsteelhorse

    EKU online FNP program

    I am an EKU MSN student in the PMHNP program and I love it. I started last summer. I work FT and it's doable. I was accepted at SLU and Drexel. So glad I opted for EKU. I've had no issues and have completed 4 courses. It's a good school. I like that it's also a credible brick and mortar institution. Good luck with your decision. I think you'll be pleased with EKU.
  11. mtsteelhorse

    PMHNP- Drexel or EKU

    Call each school to see if you can attend if you live in MA. Determine the cost of attending each school. Is this an issue for you? I was accepted at both schools and a few others. Ultimately I chose EKU. Drexel requires on campus visits several times throughout the program. I work FT and have a family. This was not realistic for me. EKU is completely online. Yes, you find preceptors for both programs. EKU is a much more affordable option for me and so far I like it very much. Feel free to PM if you need info.
  12. mtsteelhorse

    To remain as an RN w MSN or to proceed to be an FNP

    I am in a psych NP program and feeling the same way. I am just entering my second semester but I'm feeling very nervous about the level of responsibility and material to comprehend. I think this is perfectly normal but I definitely get where you're coming from. I was actually comforted by reading your post and the supportive responses. Good luck to you!
  13. 20 hours a week is not an unreasonable expectation for the more challenging, in depth courses. A lot depends on what you bring to the table from your prior studies.
  14. mtsteelhorse

    CSUDH MSN/FNP fall 2014

    I started adv patho a while back as a non-degree student while waiting to apply to another school. Hopefully they have improved things. I ended up dropping the course because it was a horrific nightmare of disorganization...unbelievably so. It was a VERY challenging course but that was not the primary problem...it was all the technical difficulties and overall course delivery. Hopefully it has improved. If that is any indication of their program in general I would steer clear. Hopefully it was just a fluke?? Good luck.
  15. mtsteelhorse

    GRE Math HELP!

    I feel your pain. I'm so lame I applied to grad schools that didn't require the GRE. Kahn Academy (on line) has some great math tutorials. Good luck!
  16. mtsteelhorse

    Nurse Practitioner Mental Health

    I am attending EKU but have not started clinicals yet. I like the program thus far. I was accepted to several online programs and they all required students to find their own preceptors. I recommend contacting some providers in your area and ask to shadow them. That's a great way to begin making connections.