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Correctional Nursing; MSN student

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    Drexel PMHNP

    Is anyone currently attending the psychiatric/mental health NP program at Drexel University? All information welcome. Thanks in advance!
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    Advanced pathophysiology

    What school are you attending? I read the Incredibly Simple book to prepare. Good luck!
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    MSN at Univ. California at Penn

    Anyone familiar with the program at University of California in Pennsylvania? I'm looking at their grad school but have never heard of it until now. Thanks for any feedback
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    To remain as an RN w MSN or to proceed to be an FNP

    I am in a psych NP program and feeling the same way. I am just entering my second semester but I'm feeling very nervous about the level of responsibility and material to comprehend. I think this is perfectly normal but I definitely get where you're coming from. I was actually comforted by reading your post and the supportive responses. Good luck to you!
  5. 20 hours a week is not an unreasonable expectation for the more challenging, in depth courses. A lot depends on what you bring to the table from your prior studies.
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    CSUDH MSN/FNP fall 2014

    I started adv patho a while back as a non-degree student while waiting to apply to another school. Hopefully they have improved things. I ended up dropping the course because it was a horrific nightmare of disorganization...unbelievably so. It was a VERY challenging course but that was not the primary problem...it was all the technical difficulties and overall course delivery. Hopefully it has improved. If that is any indication of their program in general I would steer clear. Hopefully it was just a fluke?? Good luck.
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    GRE Math HELP!

    I feel your pain. I'm so lame I applied to grad schools that didn't require the GRE. Kahn Academy (on line) has some great math tutorials. Good luck!
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    Nurse Practitioner Mental Health

    I am attending EKU but have not started clinicals yet. I like the program thus far. I was accepted to several online programs and they all required students to find their own preceptors. I recommend contacting some providers in your area and ask to shadow them. That's a great way to begin making connections.
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    Formatting programs for papers?

    PERRLA, and to the person who finds using technology laughable...good luck! I would rather spend my time in graduate school learning the material vs. counting spaces and setting up margins. $30 when I purchased it. I used the APA manual and OWL Purdue A LOT as well. For basic formatting PERRLA is a lifesaver!
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    Any EKU students or graduated EKU'ers?

    I've been trying to connect as well!
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    PMHNP question

    You'll need your BSN. I have yet to see any RN-PMHNP programs out there. You could do a general MSN program then do a PMHNP post cert. Good luck!
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    Questions from Prospective PMHNP

    I'm going for psych NP only. It's a specialized field that's expanding. Go for it!
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    Pmhnp online programs

    I don't know of any programs that provide this option. You could do an RN-MSN bridge program then get a post master's PMHNP. Just a thought. I'm currently in a PMHNP program. I earned my BSN online. Good luck!
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    unemployed NP student

    Go for what you can and know you graduate in just a few months. Sometimes these events are a blessing in disguise. What about home care?? I hate it personally, but there are often positions in that field. How long does unemployment last? Can you make it on that?
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    quit my RN job??

    If you have the means to survive without working do yourself a favor and quit! You can then focus on life and school. Those kiddos need you and you'll be able to balance things better. If I were hiring and someone like yourself were interviewing I would understand that person wanted to dedicate themselves to their education. When you start clinicals it will be like a job anyhow. The balance in life is so important. Give yourself permission to live that balance. Your kids will only be young for a blink of an eye. Good luck to you! And, if you really want to continue to work find a per diem position where you can call the shots.
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    MSN-PMHNP Program Recommendations?

    EKU is going well for me. You might look into their program Online Nursing Programs || Eastern Kentucky University
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    Reviews on USA Psych NP Program

    I cannot speak from experience but was advised by a former student to bypass this particular school. I took their advice and attend EKU. So far I like it a lot.
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    PMHNP Program

    I attend EKU also. It is a PT program over 3 years. The courses are 8 weeks in length so there are 2 per semester initially. I think the clinical component is different. I have only completed 2 courses but I like it so far. They are well organized and prompt; and it's a legitimate brick and mortar school as well. I work FT and manage fine. I'll have to cut back when clinicals start but that's quite a ways in the future.
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    PMHNP ANCC Certification

    So, how did it go???
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    query for psychNPs and wannabe's

    Will PM you
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    Interested also
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    Anyone in Advanced Patho?

    I agree...I'm reviewing whatever I can and the mix only benefits my retention of information. Kahn Academy has some great beginner type videos for a refresher.
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    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    ADN age 38; BSN 52; MSN/PMHNP 55
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    Accepted for PMHNP fall 2014. Any other PMHNP students out there?

    Yes, EKU is Eastern KY Univ. And we arrange our own clinical sites/preceptors.
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    Accepted for PMHNP fall 2014. Any other PMHNP students out there?

    PMHNP online at EKU beginning 2 weeks from today!