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Barnstormin' PMHNP has 4 years experience and specializes in psychiatric.

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  1. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    With much gratitude I ...

    YAY! what a great feeling, eh?
  2. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    Are they exaggerating on sepsis or am i wrong?

    Love these kind of threads!
  3. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    Help selecting pmhnp program

    My Brick & Mortar required an 83 or above for every class in the program. Get a final grade below that and you were out.
  4. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    What Kind of Threads Do You ENJOY Reading?

    I enjoy the posts that have a patient that the Nurse is looking for input on from the other nurses on this board. I am always amazed and fascinated at the clinical knowlege that the many different posters have and how there are so many aspects to patient care. I think that is why the psuedo articles that disguise themselves as clinical facts frustrate me so much. I love nursing and respect the knowlege of my peers and do not like to see this disrespect to the intelligence of nurses.
  5. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    A Newly Defined Type of Constipation: Opioid Induced Constipation

    I agree with all of the above posters.
  6. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    What to ask for in a job interview?

    Contract length Retention bonus Non compete clause
  7. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    What to ask for in a job interview?

    "Who is actually your boss and if there is anyone else who thinks they are." Gotta love this one! SO true.
  8. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    FAQ for Student Nurse Practitioners (Part One)

    I am finishing PMHNP school this May, and this is a great article that answers so many questions I had when starting grad school. It is very accurate and helpful. Students are more fortunate than they know to have BostonFNP as a preceptor.
  9. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    Fnp study

    If you go to the ANCC website they have the books as well as testing info, practice exams etc. As a PMHNP student I only have the one exam option (ANCC), as an FNP you can take the AANP or ANCC. I think their review material is the most appropriate to start with.
  10. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    Fnp study

    I graduate in the spring and I bought the ANCC review and resource manual (PMHNP) this past summer to start reviewing (be proactive is my manta lol). It has everything you need to know presented in an organized and succinct manner. I have been using it for some of my assignments, for clinical reference and for review, it's been incredibly helpful. I don't think you can go wrong in getting it now.
  11. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    New NP Student Tips...Please help!!

    KatieMI is right, study at the MSN level is very different than what you have experienced before. We have many people that know each other and we do not study together. I would recommend giving it some time as far as the friendship thing goes. With your first group project you will make more contacts. Good luck!
  12. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    Registered Nurse Interview (Due ASAP)

    and yet another post taken over and run off the rails......
  13. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    My I'm going to medical school

    BostonFNP, very well said, as usual.
  14. I also lurk on SDN and I find that the posters that detest nurses and APRN's are usually the med students, or PGY's. The attending's with quite a few years under their belts are less threatened by APRN's, they have a better understanding of the RN role and NP role. The third year med students on my unit exude this kind of attitude. Although, they are quite rude to the MD as well, they will barge into his office while he is dictating, or on a phone consult and sit there and wait for him to finish so they can ask questions. I do agree with Jules in that I think that more medical and less nursing theory would be a good thing.
  15. Barnstormin' PMHNP

    Masters of social work vs. BSN

    I know about 4 people that had their bachelors in psych or another field, ended up doing an accelerated RN (1 year) and went directly from there into a 2 year NP program (psych and FNP), all at the same well respected university. It is highly dependent upon your location of course, the whole thing cost them under 30k. It is intense and difficult to work at the same time.
  16. I view my nursing theory classes as a necessary evil that have to be taken in my program. I don't know of a single NP or student that cares about it and uses it in their practice. Nursing theory just sounds so insecure and bombastic, I feel that there is a "nuts and granola" feeling to these theories. It is ridiculous as well to pretend that MD's are not holistic or caring and that nurses have a special gift for empathy.