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  1. With much gratitude I ...

    YAY! what a great feeling, eh?
  2. Are they exaggerating on sepsis or am i wrong?

    Love these kind of threads!
  3. Help selecting pmhnp program

    My Brick & Mortar required an 83 or above for every class in the program. Get a final grade below that and you were out.
  4. What Kind of Threads Do You ENJOY Reading?

    I enjoy the posts that have a patient that the Nurse is looking for input on from the other nurses on this board. I am always amazed and fascinated at the clinical knowlege that the many different posters have and how there are so many aspects to pa...
  5. Alphabet Soup

    Actually in NY they can practice without being board certified.
  6. Are Five Alternatives to ADHD Medication Right For You Or Your Child?

    I agree. After some soul searching on my part, I realize that I object to the appearance of it being presented as a scholarly article which it clearly is not. It would be a better fit if it was titled as an entertainment piece and a disclaimer was ...
  7. Are Five Alternatives to ADHD Medication Right For You Or Your Child?

    "Effect on the developing brain – The main concerns about the use of stimulants is their effect on the developing brain of the child. Constant use can lead to consequences that can be irreparable after the brain stops developing because stimulants ...
  8. Are Five Alternatives to ADHD Medication Right For You Or Your Child?

    The title may be asking a question, but the body of the article makes many "claims", many of which I find to be incorrect and show a definite lack of research and supporting literature to said statements. As a PMHNP I find this "article" disturbing ...
  9. PM me when you want
  10. I'm in tears--to accept or decline?

    You should be paid for being in a "teaching/assisting" position, it only benefits her as it stands now. YOU are losing valuable time with your son and studies. As far as being a Leader to other student mentors, I imagine there is additional time th...
  11. How old is too old to safely practice?

    Great article, Thanks Juan. He is an inspiration.
  12. I have a kind, generous heart.

  13. How old is too old to safely practice?

    My preceptor is in his early 70's and is sharp and very capable. He is safer than the late 40 something psychiatrist on the team, he is up to date on EBP and Meds and is always sharing something new with me. He is the backbone of our very busy and ...
  14. 7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    So sorry for your loss MMJ.
  15. How to pass the ANCC for Psych NP

    The ANCC has released the 4th edition of their PMHNP exam review book. It now has a few additional chapters covering research and policy, ethics etc. I HIGHLY recomend you get this book if you don't already have it. I used it plus fitzgerald. I e...