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  1. Employer holding pay check

    I disagree with babyNP. I am a NP-attorney. State laws require employers to pay wages within a certain amount of time (usually 30 days). Go to your state Department of Labor website, there is an on-line form you can usually fill out requesting pay...
  2. Did I make the right move?

    All new NPs feel incompetent. I promise. It will get better. The BMT role sounds like a good one -- you can use your background in BMT from your RN role -- but you will be bored fast. The same thing happened to me. I went back to hospice/pallia...
  3. Questionable practices?

    The billing is an issue, unless the MD will also be seeing the patient. Private insurers all work slightly differently, but I don't think that any of them would be happy reimbursing him at MD rates if he never saw the patient.
  4. Confused New NP

    I assume you are a fairly new NP. I would take the first one just to get some treatment experience under your belt. Then you can move off to case management or whatever else you would like to do.
  5. I'm glad I have never rx'd xanax

    I understand that the patient was on valium, but in any event, I have prescribed Xanax as well as Ativan in the geriatric setting many many times. No mass murderers yet. It is an extremely helpful drug and it would be a shame if prescribers stopped...
  6. AANP recert

    That is not the law Dizzijon.
  7. Hospice vs. home health

    Hospice and home health have a lot of similarities. However, hospice is different and that you will get to know your patients and their families much better. You will be with them through the end of their lives, and often when they die, and that lead...
  8. Young hospice/palliative nurse?

    Nonsense. The only thing that a good hospice nurse needs to have is a passion for her patients. It is a calling. It used to be that nurses often went to hospice at the end of their careers because they wanted to be off their feet. That is not the cas...
  9. AANP recert

    I disagree with DizziJohn on this. You are making recommendations within the scope of your NP license. This is treatment in every respect. An RN cannot make these recommendations within the scope of her license. Further, if you make an error, y...
  10. Return to the bedside

    Wow lots of judgments passed here. Like the OP, I also hated being an NP for many of the same reasons. I tried several different jobs and disliked all of them for different reasons. I longed to go back to the bedside. I chose a different option ho...
  11. EKG Resources

    My NP program did not cover EKGs at all, that I remember. That it is rated number one in the country. I had been a tele and critical care nurse so have training from that experience. I have worked in several fields as an NP with no prior experience,...
  12. NP with anosmia

    I use my sense of smell much less as an NP than I did as an RN. You should have no trouble at all! Also, like many people with a lost sense, you will learn to compensate with your other senses. Good luck.
  13. How to go to NP school as an RN?

    You can do whatever you want. It is not true that most NPs (or even a substantial number) went the direct-entry route. That's just nuts in my opinion -- how do you even know you will like nursing? Most NP schools require at least 1 year of RN expe...
  14. Any NP here? Advices please

    You absolutely need a BSN to be admitted to any masters in nursing program. Even if you have 20 degrees in other subjects.
  15. 1099 employment question

    Your taxes as a 1099 employee will be somewhat higher because you must pay a larger share of your social security tax; normally that is shared by your employer, but now you'll be paying for it all yourself. You also have NO benefits -- no health, 40...