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zmansc is a ASN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. zmansc

    Not Hiring New Grads in ER's

    Personally, I went straight into the ED. Many have argued that new grads should not go directly to specialty areas, and my hospital has even made this change recently. I think it's wrong, but I'm already in so I'm not going to argue that point with o...
  2. zmansc

    67 Medications Every New ER Nurse Must Master!

    Seems more in that vein. I haven't looked at both to reconcile the differences, but the much more organized list is to my way of thinking much easier to grasp, especially for new to the ED nurses. I like your idea of posts on each med, or catego...
  3. zmansc

    11am-11pm ER nurse help!

    At our facility the traffic picks up around 10a, so the 10-10 and 11-11 shifts were very hard to fill, as you came in and had to hit the ground running. The 7a-7p shift nurses usually had time to stock the rooms, check the crash carts, and ease into ...
  4. zmansc

    67 Medications Every New ER Nurse Must Master!

    I'd say a fair portion of this list either isn't used at all, or is so rarely used that only a very cursory knowledge is necessary and listing all of the medications as if they are all of equal value is somewhat misleading. I do think this list and t...
  5. zmansc

    Frontier question

    Angel is from the same folks that made BlackBoard, they have alot in common. Yes, FNU did switch from Angel to Canvas, as Angel & Blackboard have many issues and Canvas is one of the better learning management tools available these days. The swit...
  6. zmansc


    WGU has an online NP program, or would you be taking a different track for WGU? I ask because I didn't see one when I looked. Many online and B&M programs require some level of assistance from the student in identifying the preceptor. This can be...
  7. zmansc

    New grad in underserved, urban ER?

    To me the issues at hand are: 1) Can you as a new grad assimilate directly to the ED, or do you need to work in Med/Surg first? 2) The commute, adding 1hr each way to a 12 hr shift, makes it a 14hr day, very tough especially with taking care of the k...
  8. zmansc

    Can I work in a hospital as a FNP?

    An FNP can work anywhere that is within their state's scope of practice law (with caveat below). So, by that, the question to you would be, what does your state's scope of practice law say in regards to this? The caveat to this is: does your loc...
  9. zmansc

    Frontier question

    As with any program, your specific situation may be different than mine, so I certainly think you should consider your options, however, for me I feel the FNU program was the best choice available by far. The program goes to great lengths to make sur...
  10. zmansc

    Getting Paid to Precept Students

    My school will not allow a student to use one of these services, but it does pay a small honorarium to the preceptor(s) when the student completes their clinical practicum. Personally, I'd love to see a clearinghouse run and managed by an independent...
  11. zmansc

    Can a new APRN only work PT or PRN?

    There are DNP programs for nursing education. That would qualify you as having a DNP and you wouldn't have to work or be an APRN. If you are saying that you want/need both a DNP and to be an APRN, in that case I do not know what the options would be ...
  12. zmansc

    online NP schools..

    I believe the OP is from FL. Frontier has a online program that would require you to do two campus visits. There are several students in my cohort that are from FL and they split about 50/50 between driving to campus and flying. Personally, I would n...
  13. zmansc

    Frontier question

    I'm in the FNP program, not the CNM (CNEP) program at FNU, so I would double check with the admissions folks at FNU to verify. However, my program has a requirement that I not precept at the same facility I'm employed at, so I think you would be able...
  14. zmansc

    Nebraska joins ranks of states with independent NP practice

    Re Nebraska: I believe the requirement of 2000 hr is with either a physician or an NP. Re NY: NY passed a bill last year that the NY NPs believe gives them full practice authority, however there were a few modifications from what the AANP wanted the ...
  15. 1) While male NPs may be few and far between, I seriously doubt that is going to help your admissions, of course my school started in midwifery, so my opinion on that may be biased! lol 2) What is your GPA now? There are plenty of ADN-BSN programs th...