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  1. Neonatal NP Programs

    I went to Creighton and thought it was a good program overall (they are now only DNP). I would contact your state BON first, however, and get a list of approved programs before applying to any one in specific. Not all programs are allowed in all st...
  2. Nicu nurse trying to decide between nnp and pnp

    I thought briefly about PNP but didn't think my NICU experience really prepared me for it (I'm of the mind that NP students should have several years experience in the field before school; I know there are different opinions on that). In some respec...
  3. NICU Parent ID and Access

    We have access badges so parents can let themselves in. We give out 2 at the beginning (not to anyone that may have CPS involvement); any shenanigans and they get them taken away. I was against it at first, wanting "more control" over the door but ...
  4. Covered Up a Narcotic Med Error

    I read that as "I figured it out before making a 2nd error," but yes, I was unclear on that too.
  5. NPI number

    I just used the hospital's address - I will say it took me 3-4 weeks to get it when I applied 1 1/2 years ago - hope yours is faster!
  6. Umbilical Cord Cutting

    I can understand why you'd be stressed out but it doesn't sound like there were any ill effects, even if there was some small blood loss (I'm assuming you grabbed the stump quickly?). In memory of Tom Petty I'll quote you one of my favorite songs "C...
  7. Need some insight...

    1. Do you have access to a PT/OT that can assess his nippling? 2. When I was a bedside RN and needed a response, I would phrase it "I am concerned about x, y, z. Help me understand why you're not concerned." Sometimes it takes a direct challeng...
  8. I feel so stupid in the NICU, will I ever be good enough?

    First of all - I'm kind of glad you're scared and worried, it lets me know you realize what is at stake! I felt the exact same way - I remember going home one morning just thinking I would never get it, I was in over my head, etc, etc. Now I'm an N...
  9. IUGR and SUA at 37 weeks

    Per TOS we can't give any advice -- these are all great questions and I'd encourage you to speak with your OB (maybe they could arrange a NICU consult?) Hope all will be well with your daughter, I'm sorry you're going through this!
  10. I agree, some of the policies are not ones I'm familiar with or have a real rationale for, but the OP did state they had a high infection rate with IV starts/administration. I can't begin to guess the "why" behind these policies, but if OP did a lit...
  11. A 1-2 cm displacement can cause a preemie to not be ventilated, for a micro-preemie it could be .5 cm. ^^ This -- could it be your unit had a history of unplanned extubations and this 2-person turns was part of a new protocol to avoid them? I would ...
  12. Recommended NICUs?

    I worked at OHSU in Portland and loved it. A good mix of deliveries and high acuity. You could also cross train into the PICU for more cardiac.
  13. Skin care in the NICU

    We use a combo of all that has been mentioned, but I will usually order time open to air - it helps immensely!
  14. To be a Neonatal NP or not?!?

    I am only aware of NNPs working in the hospital setting, since our scope of age is so limited. Maybe do some sort of WCC/lactation consults with a Pediatric office?
  15. How long til you felt comfortable attending high risk deliveries?

    It was 8-12 months for me, now that I'm the NNP and am at the "head of the bed" it's another learning curve. I was lucky that I did have extensive nursing/delivery experience before I became an NNP so I feel fairly comfortable already. It definitel...