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  1. Any FNPs in the Air Force Reserve?

    So at the ripe age of 44, after 20 years with my BSN, I am finally done with FNP school. One dream that I always had as a young girl was to go to the military and serve. I had a chance to play an instrument with the Air Force band and even tossed aro...
  2. Side gig/business while NP??

    So I'm literally in the final 2 weeks of school. What a journey. I already have a great gig lined up in a specialty that I'm very familiar and comfortable. At 44, I feel fortunate that I had a great nursing career, and now have the opportunity to hav...
  3. Life after NP...

    I would agree that Epidemiology might be a nice segue into another direction, and Public Health nursing/policy through a local county health department or state level health division. If you haven't already, you might also think about taking a class ...
  4. Just how busy is an online NP master program?

    Entered MSN as a practicing RN (did my BSN right out of high school) after 20 years in practice. Definitely a little older than the typical student (late 30s/early 40s) took anywhere from 6-9 credits per semester, worked full time, 2 very busy kiddos...
  5. Clothes at clinical

    NP students- some days at clinical I will be wearing scrubs due to the nature of the practice, some days I'll be wearing super casual due to that practice, but there is one practice that wear a very mixed bag of attire. Do any of you feel like LuLaRo...
  6. Calling all Psych NPs/PMHNPs

    Hi all- as a PMHNP, what are your favorite go-to academic books or journals for learning? I'm asking the practicing NPs in psych because you have experience and may have some perennial favorites. thanks!
  7. Getting back into hospital nursing

    I was in medical device sales, went back to direct care because I had decided I wanted to further my career and wanted to make sure I 'could' actually do it! turns out I could, I was pretty good at it and now am in a NP program
  8. while working in the content area will always be helpful, there are plenty of NPs in Wound Care, Cardiology, Surgery, Palliative care/Hospice, GI and other content areas that never actually worked in that content area as a RN. If your schedule doesn'...
  9. Pysch nurses, how often do you do these things?

    NO to pretty much all of it except for the occasional skin tear (wound) or help to the bathroom if they are unsteady. Admits to the unit must be pretty much self-care capable (geri psych unit is separate).
  10. Psychiatric nursing interview

    No I wouldn't either. Don't share your personal medical information in an interview. Instead, I would take the approach of "what I think is the most important to the patients or what is a vital skill to caring for this population" type thing.
  11. Getting back into hospital nursing

    I agree with all the above. Buy a 'refresher' book from Amazon and review those things that have gotten a bit dusty: IVs, foleys, wet-to-dry dressings, chest tubes, etc. All the procedural stuff. Also, most hospitals have Staff Development department...
  12. New NP gift?

    A close family member is graduating ahead of me with her FNP and I would like to give her a meaningful gift to recognize her very hard work. Any ideas for something that is both useful and could possibly be displayed in her new office?
  13. Should I pursue an NP degree? I need advice

    Once again I second JulesA response, I agree to take some time. Get to know nursing. Get to know several areas. As a 20+ year vet, I can attest to the fact that there are SO many areas of nursing to learn about and become proficient in. In the end, i...
  14. psych techs working with nurses?

    In my facility the psych techs actually are required to have a BA in Psychology or Social Work. They don't function as nursing assistants in any way (no vitals, no chem-strips, no toileting, etc).
  15. Where do NP clinicals take place at?

    If you're in a FAMILY program, it's likely your sites are in the office. If you are attending an acute care program, your sites will be in-hospital. It is very competitive, the competition has gotten seriously fierce everywhere in the past few years,...