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  1. BirkieGirl

    Any FNPs in the Air Force Reserve?

    So at the ripe age of 44, after 20 years with my BSN, I am finally done with FNP school. One dream that I always had as a young girl was to go to the military and serve. I had a chance to play an instrument with the Air Force band and even tossed around the idea of trying for an appointment to the academy. However my parents wouldn't hear of it. ANY of it. I was to go to college like all the other girls, get married, have a family and settle in. Now that I'm my own person and have a skill that could be used even more, I'm tossing around the idea of the reserves. Not sure about any of it, just thinking. I'm married with 2 kids and work in cardiology so reserves would be my preference. We are very stable geographically and moving right now isn't an option. Anyone here in AF reserve? Do you like it, is the pay decent, what is your service commitment, etc. thanks!
  2. BirkieGirl

    Just how busy is an online NP master program?

    Entered MSN as a practicing RN (did my BSN right out of high school) after 20 years in practice. Definitely a little older than the typical student (late 30s/early 40s) took anywhere from 6-9 credits per semester, worked full time, 2 very busy kiddos at home, multiple school committees, wife, daughter to aging parents AND managed to stay sane through it all. Yes it was TOUGH. I am in my last couple semesters right now. I did my MSN in a non-FNP track and am now doing the post master certificate for NP. I will sit for my boards this winter. I have grown accustomed to being so busy that when I have free time I don't know what to do with it. BUT...It is supposed to be hard. after all, we are preparing to become providers. My school expects you to have a pretty strong knowledge base of general medical issues, and the curriculum moved FAST. The reading was absolutely required, not like undergrad where you could peruse the pages. You actually had to read, absorb and be prepared to answer just about anything. If I had it to do again I would make sure I was in a seriously good financial spot so I could either go per diem or just not work. That would have made it a little easier. For me, I generally was doing school stuff at least 20 hours per week, that included studying, being in class or doing assignments. Once the FNP clinical started, add another 25 hours a week for travel and being at clinical....and yes, I'm still working full time with all of that........
  3. BirkieGirl

    FNP Oversaturation

    Depends where you are and where you are WILLING to go! There are many areas that YES, are saturated. However there are plenty of areas that still are underserved and have huge demand for providers.
  4. Hi everyone- can ANYBODY recommend a good post grad PMHNP certificate program for me? Needs to be online and post-grad (already have MSN), I live in a rural area and any uni within driving distance of me doesn't have the program. I started a FNP program late in the summer and family care is not for me. I know that the basic content of 3P is essentially all the same for all providers, but I was fooling myself thinking that I would enjoy learning a lot of content that I have zero plan on practicing someday. I appreciate any input. EKU is sadly not a contender because they require you to have the 3P done before applying, which I do not. USI is on my list, as well as Washburn. I would really appreciate any help anybody can offer. TIA!!!
  5. BirkieGirl

    DNP & FNP concurrent-too much?

    Great, thank you so much for the feedback! I think that going ahead with the DNP is the wisest decision. Since the program is close to me I'm super familiar with the program and school so I feel like it's the best choice. Plus, it will prepare me long term in case the practice standard ever changes, AND give me the option to teach someday if I so choose. Thanks again!
  6. BirkieGirl

    Current Maryville FNP students?

    Just looking for any current MVU students who can shed light on the current program. I have a MSN already, would be FNP-C. I did my MSN online and been a RN 25 years-I'm comfortable doing self-driven learning. I prefer doing work on my own and hate being read to from the readings. I am aware of the group projects and will just deal with those as they happen. A colleague graduated MVU and easily passed boards. She said the program prepared for the board. Preceptors- I have already lined up multiple NP/MDs who have committed to me all of the required hours and several of the agencies already have contract with MVU, 2 agencies would need to complete the contracting process. other than THOSE things...is there anything I need to know about the program? I know what I was quoted for costs, I'm ok with a little more. I am very competent with APA-having written and published my entire Master's thesis at a major university. I appreciate any input.
  7. BirkieGirl

    Advice on how to prepare for FNP program?

    Something that a lot of people told me was to purchase a used set of review CDs to listen to while on the road to/from clinical sites. I have the Barkley set and start my clinical semester in fall! Also, I would suggest seriously deep cleaning your house/apartment because it might be a while...and also maybe do some batch cooking if you have a family and freeze it so they have some decent food. I have already finished my MSN while working full time, and am about to enter a FNP certificate program.
  8. I am heavily considering Graceland for my FNP education. I would be doing the online certificate program, I am aware that there is one required on campus visit for the assessment testing. can anybody give me their opinion/experience etc? I would love to hear the positives and negatives. I have already taken a proactive start in finding preceptors, and I have several NPs and MDs who have committed hours to me, so I am not too intimidated by finding preceptors. Anything else that I need to know about? I have a very solid 3.8 GPA from my MSN degree, have excellent references and was told that for the post grad certificate program there are only 15-25 applicants each semester for 15 spots. Also, I plan on working full time for the majority of the program, and may stop only a few months prior to graduation to prepare for the boards. I am the insurance provider for my family so going per diem or part time, unfortunately, isn't an option. Thanks
  9. BirkieGirl

    DNP & FNP concurrent-too much?

    Hi all, I have had my MSN and want to go back and get my FNP certification. However, the program nearest me is a program that offers the FNP as a post graduate program that runs concurrent to enrollment in the DNP. So I essentially would take one class per semester in each program. 6.5 semesters (would start mid-semester in summer because the school runs year around and the spring class I've already had, but the summer one is where I need to start) would complete the FNP portion then 4 more semesters (1 class each semester) would finish the DNP. Not sure if this is really too much. I also have the option of doing a post grad certificate online for the FNP certificate. I'm not sure which to choose. I also work full time and have a family. Additionally, I would be starting work as a new FNP while finishing those last few semesters and just not sure if I can balance ALL of that. The online certificate would give me the FNP in 24 months. Just not sure. Anybody taken this road? It's going to be complicated either way, I just don't know if it's smarter to focus on the FNP ALONE then the DNP ALONE (later down the road) vs taking them on together...
  10. BirkieGirl

    DNP vs Post master certificate-FNP

    I have my MSN, want to pursue a FNP certification. Accepted to both a DNP/FNP program and post master certificate program. Both would complete FNP portion of classwork in 20 months, DNP program would require me to go 2-3 semesters more to finish out the DNP. The DNP program is brick & mortar, requires campus visits monthly, the post master program is completely online. The DNP program offers SOME help securing preceptors, certificate program is TOTALLY on your own for finding preceptors. I am familiar with the faculty/program in the DNP, have spoken to 1 gal who finished the certificate-nothing negative said, but seems fairly rigorous and self-directed. I have a decent list of NPs and MDs who have committed some clinical hours to me so I would have a pretty good start and could probably secure the final ones with a bit of footwork. Surprisingly, programs cost almost the same amount due to tuition in the DNP program being modest at this time- DNP would probably be about $5-7k more. Any thoughts??
  11. I am heavily considering Maryville online post master certificate to get my FNP. I'm looking for a program that has a reasonable time line and still allows me to use federal financial aid. There aren't many, but MVU is one. I would love reviews or opinions of the current program. I will be a CERTIFICATE student. I would like to hear about testing- how is it done, do you use web cam, do they allow you to get points back, etc. I am very familiar with Canvas system, no worries there. I appreciate any feedback.
  12. BirkieGirl

    Honest review of EKU PMHNP??

    well...I HAVEN'T decided yet. I'm applying to multiple programs. I have my MSN now and trying to still make the decision. I have an awesome job offer in an area of big interest to me. I also have been accepted into 2 of the 4 programs I've applied to. I still have a big decision to make, but I have about 2 months before I have to make the final decision. I'm still talking to lots of people, praying on it, and looking at all my options.
  13. I will be applying to a few programs in the next month, some DNP programs and some post-MSN certificate programs, but all for FNP preparation. I would love opinions of the Graceland post master's certificate program- specifically how much TIME did you find you had to give to each class/semester, etc? I work full time in a leadership role (but still 3 shifts a week) and want to make sure i'll be able to actually pull this off! Also, how exactly do they do tests and such? I have a lot of years of nursing experience but I am a bit nervous about the whole thing. One program is fairly close to home and will have some on campus component which is ok because you get to meet each other and form some study groups... Any input about the program at Graceland would be great!
  14. BirkieGirl

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    I'm looking for anybody in the POST MSN certificate program. I will start in summer and will need to retake my 3P courses too, because the ones I had were not geared for a provider role and were more of a general overview. I'm wondering how they work financial aid for post MSN??? I have looked at several programs and need a program that will allow me to use federal financial aid (if I had 25k laying around I wouldn't be going to school to better myself).
  15. BirkieGirl

    ARNP or Administration?

    I would also lean toward the NP position. I work on the administrative side of things, and trust me that we likely never work a true 40 hour week. Yes, that's what the contract is, but we work until the work is done. We are also responsible for kicking in when staffing is short or there are multiple call ins. I'm getting my MSN next month and will be starting NP school too, even with the great role that I have. I'm also curious what the OP ended up doing!
  16. I will be graduating with my MSN next month! I'm planning on continuing on for my DNP at my local university, however it will be another 3 year commitment and that's a long haul at this point in my life. I['m in my mid-40s and really would like to get moving on establishing myself in a completely new role. I'm more than willing to do the DNP, but my husband asked me today if just getting a post-masters certificate would be a better option?? My MSN is not in a NP program, so I'll need to continue on regardless of which program I choose, in order to sit for NP boards. Can I get some opinions about WHICH track to travel? I am ok with online programs AND i'm comfortable getting my own preceptors- I know at least a dozen NPs around me who are willing to give some hours. The ONLY issue for me is that I need a program that will allow me to use federal student financial aid. I know that USI and EKU both do. Also I'm thinking frontier does. Can anybody give me their opinion about WHICH path you would choose and WHY, also any recommendations on some online programs, I would really prefer about 18-20 months in length if possible, AND one that's financial aid capable... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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