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Hi all- as a PMHNP, what are your favorite go-to academic books or journals for learning? I'm asking the practicing NPs in psych because you have experience and may have some perennial favorites.


I work as a consultant in LTC. I really like Memory loss, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, a practical guide for clinicians by Budson.

This is specific to the population I currently work with.

There are some journals that I used to enjoy, one is Psychiatric Times, also Current Issues in Psychiatry. They usually had interesting and sometimes relevant articles.

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

Stahl's prescriber guide

Maudsley prescribing guidelines - succint, evidence-based, no pharma interference. It's a UK guideline and it is wonderful. I also love the MGH psychiatry texts (hospital psychiatry, they also have a more general book, etc). There's neurology for psychiatrists that's really good as well but dense. Lastly, Kaplan and Saddock are a must have for a great general reference text (the condensed version is plenty thorough).

Lastly, I highly recommend subscribing to the monthly Carlat Report. Really great resource for general updates in psychiatry, comes out monthly. Once again it's highly evidence based w/mechanisms in place for avoiding bias, pharma influence, etc.

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