Anyone age 35 and and up and a nursing student? (say hi)

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Hi: Is anyone age 35 plus a student besides me? My classmates are all the age of my children. I am 45.

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I was 36 when I started nursing school. Our class was made up of mostly older students, I think the average age was 30 actually, so I didn't feel so much like somebody's mother. The main disadvantage is, both instructors and patients tend to think you know more than you do, and you have to remind them that you really do need the learning experiences.

Later on, after you've been a Real Nurse (LPN or RN) for a while, it will be different........patients will think you've been one forever! I get this a lot, and I've been an RN for only 6 years. Even other nurses tend to think I've been one for a long time because LIFE experience counts for a lot, especially when you have some solid nursing experience under your belt as well. Trust me, you'll do fine, and you'll be a better patient advocate for having lived those 45 years.

Good luck to you, and please let us know how it's going.


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:chuckle I fit into the ((((coughing)))) "and up" category!! I'm 47 and will be 48 this month.


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I started back to school after I'd been out of high school for 25 years and I just love it. I don't like all the paperwork for clinicals though, but know I will learn from writing the careplans, drug sheets, etc. A lot of the nursing students are in their early 20's, I don't feel like their mother, though. I will graduate in December. :D


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I am 38 years young and in my final year this year. We have a range of people in our class. Most of them are over 20 and we have a couple in their 40's!


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Hi - I'm 36 and there is a range of ages in my class. Thank goodness that I'm not the oldest!!!!


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I'm 48 , been in the ADN program 4 weeks now and will be 50 when I get my RN. Yes, the kids in my class look *REALLY* young, but I guess that I can keep up with them... Since on our first exam in Fundamentals I got the highest score in the whole group.

I was wondering if I made the right decision, then met the oldest student in our group (who is 57) and figured that you will be one year older(God willing) no matter if you are in school or not!

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I am part of the group! 36 and counting :)

I am one of many in my class. We are mostly all well into the 30's or higher in age..........

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Oh I definitely fit in this group and dropping in to say hi!

I am 50 and a freshman at nursing school. Exhaustive work, but I'm enjoying it so far!

Good luck to everyone.


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I'm in my last year of nursing school and just turned 37 - pretty close to the average age in my nursing class.



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Wow!!!!!!!! Keep this going, this is so great, l like to know I am not the only one! I will be 46 when I graduate (LPN). thanks everyone for the encouragment!!!!!

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I'm 41, taking A&P at the cc, and a good portion of the students are my son's age or a little bit older (18). Can't say I feel like their mother, but I definitely notice the age difference. I expect once I'm in nursing school itself the average age of the students will go up.

Good luck to all of us!

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