anybody ever get pregnant while taking prereqs or in nursing school?

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You are reading page 2 of anybody ever get pregnant while taking prereqs or in nursing school?


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Glad you got the news you were hoping for!


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??anybody ever get pregnant while taking prereqs or in nursing school?

No, I got pregnant after I had sex once.



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Sending {{{{HUGE HUGS}}}} to you.



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I had my daughter back in December 1999 right after finishing up my L&D Rotation. Had to stop school for a while (mom was ill) but now I'm going back and I also have a son who will be 15. My daughter was a suprise!! But I'm glad she's here! She's three now and brings joy. I'm forunate because I have great friends family who support my decision to return to school. They all will be pitching in with regards to sitting for Kristalise.


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Glad things worked out for the best, KATS, I can almost feel your sigh of relief.....!!!!!! I went through exactly what you're describing about five years ago (I'm 43 now). I was two months late, using a diaphrgm forever, but of course there's that one small chance that it didn't work .... I felt the same as you, up and down, another baby would be wonderful and fun, but also a lot fo work, here we go again from scratch with diapers and formula. I have two kids - now 17 and 15, so they would have been helpful, but I was really up in arms over the whole thing. Anyway, turned out it was the beginnings of perimenopause for me and now I'm in the raging middle of it (yikes!), but thanks to a good doctor, the symptoms are pretty much under control and my cycle is regular again. He put me on a low dose birth control pill and the hormones are working wonders for my hot flashes! So now you can concentrate 100% on your studies and your family with a sense of relief in your mind! Good luck with everything!

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Originally posted by AnnasmomRNtobe

I am trying to get pregnant now. I had a son in May, and I did miss a few classes, but went in for the last couple tests and did fine. He died in June, which is why I am trying again so soon.


avimom and annasmomRNtobe,

i just started bawling. :o

i am so sorry for your loss. and i am glad that both fo you are trying again.

i am pregnant and in my last semester. im 33 and the first three months were very rough for me. my grades have suffered. i still have an A in clinical and a B (so far) in theory, but my grades dropped after my second month of pregnancy. 88, 86, 78, and 80. all i want from that final is a 76 to keep my B. if i heard someone saying that last semester, i would have felt sorry for them that they had such low expectations, but it has been VERY hard to concentrate for me.


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Carolanne, thanks for sharing. I think I am starting on menopause too. I am not too worried about it, but will feel better once the test results come back.

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Ok.. I have one to tell you. I became pregnant in nursing school.. continued on the whole way. The ironic thing is baby was born during OB rotation. She was born over our fourth of July break.. Thank goodness. I went back after only 4 days post partum because it was a summer class, had only about 2 weeks left to finish this class. Summer classes are 8 weeks, and to repeat in fall would have been a 16 week class. SO I muddled through it, not doing as well as I wanted on the finals I still made a C, but I did not have to be 16 weeks behind! What an experiance!!


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AnnasmomRNtobe and Avimom

Sorry to hear about your lost. I had a still born at 7 month. He died in utero and then i had to carry him demised for a month( i will rember this for the rest of my life) before my body went into natural labor. It was the midwife whom practice with my ob that made me realize i wanted to be a nurse (after being in school and having one year left to getting my sociology degree; People think i am crazy to start over, but oh well)

Any whoo just wanted to tell u don't give up on getting preg , three month later after my ds death/birth, i got preg with my dd, she is 13 months now:). born the same month her deceased brother was born it:)

Don't give up:)


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A girl in my class got pregnant during our firts med/surg class and delivered right after our L&D class. She's in her mid to late thirties, but she made it through things just fine, including clinicals.

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Glad the news is good for you. I'll just add something about the "older mom" comments. I had my last baby at 43. He is two now. Normal pregnancy but I was working full time and my BP went up a bit towards the end. My doc put me on disability and I was so very grateful. Pregnant or not, I had burned myself out working the two years after graduation.

I now work part-time and my goal is NOT to work at all. I was a stay at home mom with my older kids and I loved it. I'm lucky though - my inlaws take care of my son on their ranch two days a week when I work.

I have a 20 year old in college, an 18 year old just graduated high school (boys), and an almost 14 year old daughter. And then the little redheaded toddler you see to your left.

It is doable . . .but I would never recommend getting preggers on purpose in school.

Best wishes,


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No I certainly did not!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Wife did and had 2 children while I was in school

guess I didnt study all the time

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