Any ideas of nursing schools that will accept a 2.0 gpa :(


I am on average an A and B student but because of some financial reasons i messed up really bad the second semester of college... My 3.25 dropped down to a 1.79.. After that semester i retook all the classes i failed but only raised it up to a 2.0.Ive completed all my core classes but its still low. Any ideas as to what to do next? I know if i got into the nursing program i would do great but i know it would be hard trying to convince the schools that merely because my gpa says otherwise. Please Help! thanks...

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Honestly - I don't really know of any schools right now that would. It would depend on the following:

- their requirements

- other applicants

- degree of difficulty of the program

- which classes you did poorly in and which ones you did well in

- your reason for the low GPA

- if the school itself will accept you (for example at a university you would have to be accepted to the school before the college, and transfers are usually a little harder to get if you have a lower GPA)

My suggestion? go for a CNA or LPN while taking classes to raise your GPA. Nursing school is hard. If you can't handle prereq's even when you're in a tough situation there is little chance any admissions will think you can handle nursing school. Most would not accept an app with a lower than 2.5, some 3.0, so to be completely honest they would not even look at it. I wish you all the luck in the world - if it's meant to be, it will be. How many credits do you have with that GPA? You need to raise it and depending on how many credits you have you can do it by taking more classes.

Good Luck :)


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Just about any of Wisconsin's 16 Technical Colleges would accept a 2.0 BUT they use a waiting lists system so anyone who meets the minimum requirements gets in - eventually. Actual waiting lists vary among the schools for none to 5 years. They will always tell you at least a year but I know lots of people who got in the first semester they applied (I did).


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At the school I teach at, the minimum is a 3.0. We do not even consider anything less. You will need to bring up your GPA for most programs but the GPA is viewed as a "marker" for success in nursing school. For a few years, (we accept 48 students each semester) the lowest GPA held has been 3.4 & above. That is, all 48 students had GPA's of 3.4 and higher in the pre-req courses.

Check with the school/s you are planning to apply at, make an appointment to speak to a faculty/ director of the program to see what guidance they can offer you. They may recommend other courses you might be able to take to bring up your GPA.

Can you take any chem/biology or algebra or anthropology/sociology/psychology/nutrition/health ed/courses to boost your GPA. You may need to find courses at another univesity, perhaps an online course??? But be sure it will transfer to the school you will be applying at.

Be careful that you do not take any mickey-mouse courses to boost your GPA, this is obvious on the transcripts.

Good luck, we need all the future nurses we can get!:nurse:


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Thanks so much for all of your advice


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I just got accepted to a diploma program and I can say that they don't state they have a g.p.a that you need to have to be accepted. I'm not sure if they do have one and just don't tell people but I do know you have to take a test called the PSB and you have to have a certain score on it to be accepted. So maybe look into a school like that.


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try to retake some of the classes... bring it up to at least a 2.5. a lot more schools will take that 2.5 bench mark but not 2.0.. a little too low :(

i personally do not know any colleges that will take 2.0 but i had a 2.5~ gpa going into nursing school and i found a handful of schools that fit ME (so there were more, but they didnt fit ME specifically)

if your gpa is that low i would imagine it's because you've failed a few classes?

seriously consider taking them over, many schools will forgive (and not count in ur gpa) that first failing grade...this is EXTREMELY Helpful! even if you dont get an a, a b with 3 points..certainly helps. good luck!


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In all honesty, no. Most people w/ a 3.0 don't even get in. If you haven't started your nursing pre-reqs such as A&P, micro, etc, I would recommend taking those and trying your hardest to get all A's to boost your chances. Nursing school is very competitive, especially at state schools, and the average student has a gpa > 3.5

Good luck.


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some schools average your gpa from the classes they require... not from your final transcript. Meaning they only look at the classes they need for the program. Anat 1 & 2, Micro, Chem, Eng 1 & 2, psych etc. Find out what the school's are looking for and maybe re-take classes that are relevent. Good Luck

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Each school is different as to what they require. Like another poster said some schools only look at your core classes for the program. When I applied to school I had a 3.25 overall GPA, but the nursing program only counted their pre and cor -reqs to determine the GPA that they looked at, so I choose to list my biology classes A's versus my chemistry classes C's so my GPA went up to 3.5 for my nursing school application.

Retake your classes if you can, one of my A&P grades was a C I took it over again for an A, bulk up on your science and math classes to raise the GPA.


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There are also schools that use the average of your GPA at every school you've gone to. If you have a 2.0 and take a class at two separate schools where you achieve an A at each, your average GPA would be 2 + 4 + 4 = 10 / 3 = 3.3


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I just got accepted to a diploma program and I can say that they don't state they have a g.p.a that you need to have to be accepted. I'm not sure if they do have one and just don't tell people but I do know you have to take a test called the PSB and you have to have a certain score on it to be accepted. So maybe look into a school like that.

What is a diploma program , where and what state? I have a big problem with getting my gpa up and its not due to my nursing course work... My nursing course work is 3.8 its mistakes from trying to get a different degree that has brought my gpa to 2.1 ...

Please tell about the diploma program...