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sailornurse has 39 years experience and specializes in ER/Tele, Med-Surg, Faculty, Urgent Care.

Education: LPN,ADN, BSN,MSN-FNP Gulf War Vet

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  1. sailornurse

    2 month vaccination question

    What were your clinicals for your practicum for pediatrics consisting of? It's concerning that you're referencing only for case studies for pediatrics. Look at the ACIP (advisory committee on immunization practices) for more information.
  2. sailornurse

    Need help with swallowing Myfortic tablets

    I was searching and it looks like they make a suspension form of this medication. You probably have to see if the pharmacy locally carries it . Nice job as a patient advocate.
  3. sailornurse

    2 month vaccination question

    You do realize they are combination vaccines on the market? Theycombine up to five different ones. For the two months vaccine most of the time it's like Pediarix so you're combining either HepB or Hib With polio & DtaP. and then Rotavirus is oral. No you don't want to have them come back another day they will be delayed will never be on time. You want to give the vaccines at every opportunity that you can you'll never have them up-to-date. Look up pediarix, kinrix, proquad, pentacel.
  4. sailornurse

    FNP to WHNP

    And her first post she says her ultimate goal is to be a WHNP. Then she starts talking about CNM. Of course family nurse practitioners don't deliver babies.
  5. sailornurse

    Nurse Resigns by Sending 'I Quit' Cake to Her Employer

    Stigma is the opposite of respect. What did you mean to say?
  6. sailornurse

    Navy Nurse Candidate Program 2018

    If you post under the government/military forum you'll probably get better responses.
  7. sailornurse

    FNP to WHNP

    But FNP we do women's health, we do the prenatal the postpartum if you want to learn putting in IUDs you can do that so I'm not sure family nurse petitioners need to do women's health as post masters, I think we got it covered.
  8. sailornurse

    about private lvn school??

    Do a search here on Vista college. I have posted about how they were in trouble with the board of nursing in Texas I taught at Las Cruces New Mexico campus and they had to redo the curriculum and start over. During that time they were prevented from admitting for about 10 months because of the problems with the curriculum. And yes $34,000 is more than three times what I paid for my masters degree in nursing. You're better off looking for a community college and get an associate degree some of them allow you to step out and take the LPN exam. What city and state are you looking at? They simply are interested in getting your financial aid but not interested in your education.
  9. sailornurse

    Why join Sigma Theta Tau?

    I've been invited to join three different times and it turned it down because it seems like that's all they want is their money they don't meet they don't do any community service I really don't know what they do. I was invited as a BSN students as a graduate student that is a faculty member still don't see the benefit unless you like those purple cords tomy favorite color but not worth the money.
  10. sailornurse

    To Enroll or Not to Enroll (MedTech)?

    Medical assistant is not part of nursing profession. Is this a for profit school? How much is the cost?
  11. sailornurse

    Moms who pump at work?

    Agree with all the posters. I used on Madella pump that I rented with the Y set up so I could pump both breasts in 10 minutes. To build up your supply, pump after you breast-feed. You can get 1 ounce from each breat & you start freezing up so that you have extra stored. Good luck!
  12. sailornurse

    isn't acetaminophen tylenol? HELP

    Welcome to AN, I see you just joined today. Are you a student? LPN or RN & is this your first semester? Are you taking pharmacology currently? Analgesics can be given ORALLY which is the primary route. Aspirin is contraindicated in children due to Reye's Syndrome but is used in adults in low dose for cardiac reasons to prevent the platelet aggregation. Tylenol is a brand name, acetaminophen is generic name, but APAP is also an abbreviation for same med. There are many NSAIDS, what does your book or google list?
  13. sailornurse

    HM to Any Nursing Program

    Prior enlisted can apply for the navy nurse candidate program. I taught in the BSN program and I had a former Navy enlisted go direct commission through the navy nurse candidate program. Last time I heard from him he was at the airport on his way to Camp Lejeune[emoji41].!
  14. sailornurse

    Navy Medical Enlisted Program

    There is a forum called government and military you could try posting there. Under Specialties. Mods please bump this to that forum.
  15. sailornurse

    Help me understand an Ampule

    Ampules are tamperproof. Some medications in contact with rubber stoppers or plastic can be absorbed by the materials so glass is better. What medication are you getting your mom and why is she not receiving it the office of her provider? And when you invert an ampule the medication will not fall out. One reason for inverting it is so the tip of the filter needle is at the end of the opening so that you get every drop out of the Ampule. In case there were no filter needles if you don't invert it and just place your needle inside at the bottom you could bend the tip if it hits the bottom of the ampule.
  16. sailornurse

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    Former factulty here, locally between the BSN programs (traditional and ABSN, the ADN program & an LPN program) students are there every day of the week except Sunday at 2 hospitals. So-students are there 6 days a day a week. The nurses can not wait for Winter Break & Summer so they can go to work and be nurses without having students there. And as for precepting students in the last semester, usually the managers would give us the list of names, not sure if the nurses were even asked if they wanted a student. I precepted one student after I moved here, it was a ton of work. I was getting out late 1 .5 hours every day he was there. I only reaped the benefit his last week.